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In this unit, I have learned alot of useful information about how I am going to react/teach differently according to my students. Prior to this unit, i did not really think about ever teaching Busines
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Elk Rapids
Writing and speaking are the parts in a language that prove to others that one has learnt the language. When it comes to applying teaching skills for better writing and speaking of the Language by lea
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In this unit I have learned how important both grammar and vocabulary really are.From selecting the right grammar and vocabulary based on the Level of my students.For example the Knowledge my students
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In this unit I learned: usage and main types of nouns, how adjectives are used (describe either a noun or a place), differences between indefinite and definite articles. What a Zero article is. Verbs
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UNIT 16 brings reference to conditionals and reported speech. Here a clear outline is made on the various conditionals(zero conditional, first, second, third conditionals and mixed conditional) which
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Writing and speaking are the productive skills; writing is often overlooked in teaching language and relegated to homework time. Speaking requires more fluency, but writing requires more accuracy. Spe
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This unit is so important to remember because ESL-students will continue to compare the new language (English) to their native language. It is vital to remember that selecting vocabulary will have a l
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Elm Hall
This revisited the ESA structures this lesson, and I think it was a good thing that it was reviewed, because I had almost forgotten about the different structures. I also am glad that this section had
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Elm River
I learned in this unit how important that it was for a teacher to write out a proper lesson plan. The advantages of doing a lesson plan to not doing one are way higher. I learnt that a good lesson pl
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There are different aspects in the English Language which could be considered as hard to be internalized or better expressed learnt by students. However when talking about Phrasal Verbs - Modals and P
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This unit was a bit confusion and required a lot of revision on my part, especially for the usages. I think that it is difficult to teach this if you are a native English speaker because you never con
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Modal verbs like might,could and must, expresses the speakers attitude or feeling. It can change the meaning and formality of the main verb. Modal verbs has no tens and followed by a verb in the infi
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Once again, my understanding of the English language has been fortified and expanded upon. There are many languages that don't use tenses in the way that native English speakers do and I can imagine i
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The two differing styles of teaching in the two videos were miles apart. Watched consecutively, they gave a real insight into how the attitude and mindset of the teacher influences students and their
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The future tense is dependent on on whether you are discussing how the present relates to the future, what will occur in the future, with or without present knowledge and what will occur in the future
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Both formal and informal assessments can provide teachers with information about how individual students as well as the class is performing as a whole. It was interesting to learn about the various ty
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The videos for unit 10 and 11 are a great compare and contrast view into an English teacher actually working with students in a classroom. This is a great demonstration for teachers. Some teachers do
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the difference in tenses most languages have 1 ti 3 tenses whereas English has 12 tenses which leads to a little confusion .There are are 3 times in in English ,Tense means time. the past ,the present
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The unit dealt with future tenses: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, Be going plus infinitive, present simple and the present continuous. For each tense the
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This unit just like in unit 4 on Present tenses talks about the simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous forms of the past tense. The rules for these tenses don't differ so much for the pre
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This unit talks about conditionals and reported speech. Proper usage of reported speech is so much important to know especially that we often need to tell others what someone else said,so in order to
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This unit covers the ability to teach receptive skills (listening and reading) to students. It covers the motivation/purpose for reading and listening, specialist skills in reading or listening and va
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Unit two went through the different parts of speech, such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, definite and indefinite articles etc. There are four types of pronouns; personal, possessive, reflective
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This section reviewed productive skills as a follow up to the previous units discussing integrated skills. These skills are speaking and writing. Speaking in front of a class is always difficult for s
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The content in this unit details the various qualities of a good teacher as well as the different roles a teacher plays. It talks about the qualities a learner may have and the differences between you
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This unit has learned various parts of speech, as well as the concepts and properties of different parts of speech, as well as the use of methods and special cases.For example, some words can be both
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Estral Beach
This lesson covered methods and techniques in which to engage, study, and activate participation with students during a lesson. It was very helpful to learn how to understand which methods to use in w
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Unit 19 Teaching Special Groups discusses the types of student groups who usually study English as a foreign language. Teaching children is often a TEFL teachers most rewarding type of class as the st
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This unit talks about the different types and techniques of evaluating students. It talks about specific tests we can use before starting to teach, while teaching or on progress and after the teaching
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In this unit I learnt about the importance of managing a class for the benefit of students. Ultimate aim of the class is to enable learning in students by encouraging them to stay positive and willing
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Proper pronunciation and correspondingly effective instruction of it is something that I have no doubt is a greatly undervalued aspect in English language instruction. In my own experience of teachi
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The unit «theories, methods and techniques» is extremely informative, it starts with the brief explanation of methodologies of teaching English students. It is difficult to choose one of them, but o
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Unit 2 goes into the development of Grammar and categorising types of words, their meaning, their purpose and how the fit into sentences. This is quite a comprehensive topic, it goes into not just Nou
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Books and materials are useful in teaching EFL students if the teacher has the knowledge how to use it favourably as presented in this unit. The authentic materials when use intelligibly can give c
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This unit tackles about course book and materials. What I have learned in this unit are the importance of course book and materials in the learning process. As a teacher we should always find or use w
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The unit gave me a lot in terms of the class management and therefore increasing the effectivity.It's difficult to say which clause of the unit is the most helpful and essential ,since every single
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This unit mainly covers the roles of teachers and learners.There are nine roles of a teacher: monitor,resource,prompter,eluvator,participant,tutor,organizer,assessor,model.The unit also covers servera
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Fair Haven
Unit number 18 summarized the grammar concepts related to Modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. The concepts of obligation, permission, etc. are very difficult for English learners to master, and t
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Fair Plain
This unit gives good explanations of the four main types of past tense which are past simple,past continuous,past perfect and past perfect continuous tense.The subtext on ‘form’ and ‘usage’ ex
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In this unit, we learned the important aspects the students need to know in learning a new language that is to be exposed to it, understanding its meaning, understand how its instructed and be able to
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It has been the most difficult unit till now. Using the right intonation with rise and fall won't be evr easy. But at leats the set of useful rules how to apply intonation will be a great way out. The
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Yeah of course this was a very short unit but very helpful. I have learnt that receptive skills are equally important. I have also managed to get a clear understanding of the differences between liste
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This unit talks about management specifically classroom management. Having a good classroom management is very important because every behavior and attitude of students would rely to it. Based from my
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The way that you begin a class will greatly affect how the lesson goes. Students ultimately look to the teacher to set the tone for a particular class and follow the lead of the instructor. Doing thin
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Unit 18 is the last unit to coverage of the English grammar. The unit explores the importance of modal verbs in English communication and covers phrasal verbs, passive voices and relative clauses. I f
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In this unit I have learned about the basis and methodologies of various types of teaching styles, but in particular, the ESA method, and its implementation in a classroom setting. There can be many v
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Farmington Hills
Natural language acquisition is impossible to replicate in the classroom The method we choose to use depends on the teacher’s personality, the student’s needs, as well as their culture. Each metho
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The relationship between a learner and teacher is a very important part of a teaching career. Teachers must be able to adapt to any situation in the classroom and teachers must teach with enthusiasm a
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Fawn River
This unit helps the teachers structure the 4 forms of the past tenses (past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous) in a simple, coherent manner, so that they can further te
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This unit was very helpful to see what how the techniques we've learned in previous units play out in a classroom. Seeing the two different videos of teaching, I was able to notice how the student att
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