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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

Unit 10 was based on two videos of a teacher teaching the same lesson to students two different ways. The first video showed the teacher being unorganized, rude, confusing all of the students and teaching the lesson in a very ineffective way. The second video showed the teacher being positive, engaging, organized and teaching the lesson in a very effective manner. It was very easy to distinguish which video demonstrated a good lesson and a bad lesson. It was honestly difficult for me to watch the first video because the teacher was being so disrespectful and rude to the students. He was late to class, completely unorganized, never gave any clear direction and made all the students feel extremely confused and uncomfortable. He jumped into the lesson with no engage activity and no one knew what was going on. He talked way to fast the entire lesson and rushed students on the worksheet. During the game at the end, he yelled at students for being wrong and called them losers. He also never bothered to learn all the students' names and only called on one or two students the whole lesson, so not everyone got the equal chance to participate. Although it was difficult to watch, I definitely have a clear idea of what a teacher should never do in a classroom. The second video demonstrated a much better lesson. Right away you see the teacher is organized; he has everything written on the board before the students enter the classroom and he gets to know everyone's names. He engages students in the lesson right away and everyone is interested and participating. He calls on students at random so everyone is paying attention. I really liked how clear he was during the lesson. He made sure everyone understood the lesson and gave clear directions for all the activities. He was friendly, positive and engaging and he continued to encourage and compliment students during the lesson, which I believe is very important. It was obvious he cared about teaching the students. While I watched the second video, I could easily pick out the engage, study and activate stage of the lesson. I also noticed that he was talking slowly and clearly and wasn't using any advanced vocabulary and that is a skill I would like to use while teaching beginner students. Overall the second lesson was much more structured and effective than the first and that is how I hope to teach.