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In this unit I learned the difference between authentic and created materials, and I learned the benefits that both of these provide. With authentic materials, my students will be able to interact wit
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in the last few years, there has been an increase in different typologies of courses. for instance, individual lessons are becoming more requested and they have a particular dynamic. for example it is
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This unit was extremely helpful as it laid out the methods of teaching as well as provided a structure for what a class should look like. I believe that this unit will be very helpful for me as a futu
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This unit covers the four present tense, the present simple, present continuous , present perfect and present perfect continuous by this form, circumstance for using and general mistakes student may h
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From the unit i have learnt about the interaction between teachers and learners towards the interesting and understandable lesson. Both teachers and learners possess the very important roles which wor
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On of the points that made me think the most was language problems when teaching receptive skills, specially when it comes to existing difference of amount of chances a learner has to understand a te
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This unit deals with Future tenses which are Future simple, Future continuous,Future perfect and Future perfect continuous. Besides, there are special cases of Prasent Continuous and Present Simple sh
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The confusion the the tenses of verbs reminded me of high school english subjects. It gave me the hardest time in my younger years to love studying grammar. The unit did not remind me those hard days
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This is something that I have never come across or recognize from language courses that I have taken. It seems really simple but when you break it down it becomes a bit harder to understand. I am curi
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This unit discussed basic grammar and rules of the English language including aspects such as nouns, verbs, prepositions, adjectives, adverbs, and the like. While I was already familiar with a great d
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Hanna City
Present simple tense is used to express habitual actions, permanent situations or facts, commentaries, directions or instructions and present stories. Present continuous tense is used to talk about an
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The ‘if’ clause refers to past, present and future possibilities, usually has two clauses, and contains the condition& consequence. Five main conditionals are introduced in form and usage, which a
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Hanover Park
Unit 10 showed two different videos of the same lesson plan, teachers, and students, but donee correctly and incorrectly. It showed the reactions of students when put in an uncomfortable and harsh env
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Today’s unit gave me a wide introduction about all kinds of teachings aids I can use in the classroom. I, personally, prefer to use some modern tools like computers and IWB rather than cassette reco
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Another equally important unit, Equipment and teaching aids. Various equipment that could be used in an ESL classroom - whiteboards, video players, laptops, visual aids, worksheets, and many more. The
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I have learnt quite a lot of different types of activities which are suitable for engage, study and activate stage. I usually use some of them in an appropriate stage. It sometimes causes difficulties
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This final unit starts with the difference between new group and existing group. Further it also provides different types of games teacher can use prior start with course book. Secondly, it gives the
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Hartford City
This unit talks about two main parts in a class, the tacher and the learner. Firstly, According to the qualities that a good teacher usually have, the conclusion is that a good teacher should cares mo
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Phrasal verb must be very difficult for the students to understang; that’s why proper guidance of the teacher is needed when discussing this topic. A list of the types of phrasal verbs in each categ
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From this unit I have learnt that when choosing vocabulary to teach to the students you need to consider that is it appropriate to the task and students,frequency and coverage and teachability. This i
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Harwood Heights
In this unit, I have learnt many aspects involving the future tenses. This has given me better knowledge to teach them. I enjoyed the different teaching ideas for each tense. It was helpful to know
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Hawthorn Woods
In Unit nine, we learned about lesson planning. Although it warned against making a lesson so rigid that there is no flexility, this chapter also gave tips on how to prevent that. The example sheets p
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Hazel Crest
This unit talks about the process of lesson planning and what a good lesson plan will consist of. Lesson planning in my opinion is something that prepares me to teach to the classroom in an organized
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In unit 20 information is given on how to deal with commonly occurring problems, those that one can encounter in first lessons, those that come from teachings students that have different levels of En
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This particular unit was mainly focused on the more technical aspect of being a teacher, in other words, this unit provided information on the different methodologies that exist or have existed in the
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The 3 stages of the ESA lessons can be planned with standard ones or a more creative one as the teachers think would best suit their classes. In the study stage, the methods listed have expanded my li
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This unit covered the science of pronunciation or 'phonology'. I learnt a great deal from this unit, as previously I was unaware how much is involved in the pronunciation of my language, which I simpl
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This unit covers intonation, stress, phonetics, articulation and relative teaching techniques. So far this has been this most complicated unit for me. I have never been exposed to phonetic symbols and
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This is a very technical lessons targeting the correct managmenet of rather big classes in particular. for instance it deals with both classroom and group management within the class. I am personally
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This unit covers conditionals and reported speech. It explains the zero, first, second, third and mixed conditionals. The verb tenses used are explained and also when these conditionals are used. The
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This unit served as a reminder to me of just how many tenses there are and how it might be very confusing for a non-native speaker to speak using the correct tenses. I in fact had completely forgotten
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Classroom management is one of the most complex tasks a teacher carries out in the classroom. With different levels, ages, gender, and language proficiency, the teacher is strongly required to serve a
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This unit introduces the specific teaching methods of Vocabulary, Grammar and Functions. It gives suggestions to what kinds of ESA lessons are appropriate according to the content, providing teaching
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The videos in this study unit were highly informative as to what is accepted and not accepted when teaching. The teaching efforts started with can have a significant impact later on in a lesson. It is
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This unit clarifies the different purposes of each test. The test forms and time can be varied by teachers but finally decided by the schools. The external examinations are more useful and qual ones f
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This unit addressed teaching new language, like vocabulary and grammatical structures, to students. The unit also provides many strategies and activities to teach new language for each section of the
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This unit gave an overview of how to begin teaching students the English language, within the lesson structures introduced in Unit 3. This unit explains different techniques that could be used within
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An ability to manage ones class is crucial. Dealing with students when there is no proper class management can really make your lessons a mess. It is imperative for learners to feel at home with the c
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The unit demonstrated the importance of conducting a test, moreover, it showed that test must fulfill a particular purpose such as placement test to place a student in a particular class group, diagno
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The unit covered a number of issues relevant to classroom management, including seating arrangements, behavior and discipline, establishing rapport, giving instructions and writing on the board, using
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Unit 4 was confusing due to the nature of understanding the 12 tenses TEFL teachers are familiar with. The outline provided at the beginning of the unit was helpful and I referenced it frequently as I
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In this unit I learned several tips for teaching beginners, including potential problems that I may face (such as if I run out of material during a lesson, and if I have weaker students). I also recei
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This unit was very helpful because I learned about the characteristics of being a good teacher, as well as the different roles that every teacher must play when teaching. It is was useful because as a
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I enjoyed learning about this unit. Why? Because it expanded on my knowledge and satisfied my curiosity on certain areas, for example a) why adult students are likely to make the mistake of code-switc
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Hoffman Estates
Unit 12 focused on Writing and Speaking skills. The unit explained the importance of each skill along with suggested tips and activities on how to get students interested in learning each skill. It wa
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Holiday Hills
Phonology is the study and classification of the physical properties of sounds. Stress, rhythm and intonation are very important in English and a teacher should be able t explain the importance to the
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Receptive skills are the source of lexicon students accumulate at school and throughout the learning experiences. However, productive skills reinforce the integration of the receptive skill in order f
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This unit is about parts of speech, specifically looking at how to classify types of words correctly. I have learned the different types of noun - such as common, proper and abstract - as well as how
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Homer Glen
This unit reviewed the basics of grammar and parts of speech. With all of the complex rules and exceptions to this rules it is no wonder English can be such a daunting language to learn. For example,
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In this lesson, I learnt about the listening and reading skills. These skills are known as receptive skills and are very important for overall language development of a student. Reading can be for a p
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