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Language production combined with listening has particulary been the focus of most ESL teachers I know. And that probably is because the requirement for a foreign English has been to improve the oral
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This unit discussed the complexities of creating a lesson plan while teaching English. It discusses the multiple pros and cons to creating a lesson plan, and how teachers address creating them. The un
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In my humble opinion, this has been the most useful unit so far. After studying these contents the ideas I would highlight the most are: first, the importance of keeping simplicity in the classroom, s
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Hopkins Park
The unit reminds me of when I was learning a new language. I habitually dissected a vocabulary word to understand definition, usage, and pronunciation. I used to learn vocabulary words based on themes
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Unit 11: Teaching Receptive Skills offered practical tips for engaging receptive skills in students. The lesson laid out the importance of receptive skills and two main uses of the skills: 1) Reading
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This unit reflected on the usage of materials in the classroom and how the teacher should use them to sustain language learning. Teachers often need to get acquainted with the language materials prior
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I believe these skills might be the most difficult for language learners, regardless of where they come from. Producing becomes the hardest, the moment they have little space for thinking in their nat
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The content of this unit covered ways to teach the productive skills of reading and writing as well as multiple methods, approaches, and games for instruction. I feel that this unit was quite helpful
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This unit covered the important topic of lesson planning and how proper preparation it essential when being an educator. While lesson planning can seem to create a rigid structure to the class, it is
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In this lesson I have learnt about lesson planning and its important functions. The most important is that now, I know different ways of how should a lesson plan be written, and what should be include
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This unit explains the basic rules of using modal verbs and how the meaning of a sentence can change when a different modal verb is used. It also explains the form of a passive voice sentence and the
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This unit introduces the process of teaching productive skills: speaking and writing. For the speaking portion of the lesson, it focuses on the balance between accuracy and fluency, different activiti
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This unit was clear and extremely informative. I found the various techniques and examples useful, and I look forward to utilising these techniques in the classroom. I also found it interesting how ce
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[5/6/2018 11:00 PM] Daniel: Past tenses are related to past time. Past simple which we use it for actions completed at a definite time in the past. it is therefore used for a past action when the time
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This unit delved into the use of the future tense in the English language. The future tense consist of seven different forms, future simple, continuous, perfect, perfect continuous, ‘going to’, p
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Teacher observation during teaching process is the step to take in the teaching setting. This aims at putting the declarative knowledge into procedural knowledge; namely, how a teacher is able to impl
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Indian Creek
In this unit, I learned all about different teaching methodologies. I have a fair amount of teaching experience from my time in the Canadian Forces. But the teaching practices are much stricter, I ver
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Indian Head Park
Similar to the unit on the present tense, this unit introduced many different forms of the past tense such as terms such as past continuous tense, past perfect tense and past simple tense etc. Even th
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The unit was a good refresher for conditionals. It explained each conditional succinctly enough to serve as a quick reference guide that I can use when I teach. The main take away is the probably the
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The unit discusses the qualities of good teachers and good learners, as well as their relationship and roles in a classroom. It offers insights on what to expect when teaching adults and young learne
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The two video demonstration lessons were quite different. In the first video, the teacher comes off as confusing, inexperienced or perhaps ill-prepared, slightly intimidating and not very engaging.
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This chapter focuses on several different aspects of the teaching process including methodologies, mistakes, and feedback. The methodologies given here provide the teacher with different ways to appro
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Three main ways to assess a student’s language level are tutorials, evaluation by students and tests. And there are several ways of evaluating students’ levels and progress, in which some external
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What I found most relevant from this course is the student/teacher relationship or teacher/learner. The different stages of young learners and understanding their interest levels. Adolescent learner
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Unit 10 is about judging a teacher's performance. Two videos are given showing the same teacher with the same class on the same topic teaching with different techniques using different lesson structur
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Teaching writing and speaking as productive skills effectively matters for EFL novice and experienced teachers. That is to say that teaching writing is unlike teaching speaking or reading by dint of n
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This was someone difficult lesson as a native speaker, you never really think about the rules, you kind of just fly. I was very confused with the reported speech and direct speech. I understand the di
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This unit covered modal auxiliary verbs, the passive voice, relative clauses and phrasal verbs. It is hard to believe that in this course we have picked up only the most essential grammar that is comm
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Island Lake
This unit was fascinating. Taught here were the intrinsics of the phonemic alphabet and how to teach sound rather than spelling pronunciation. It covered Place of Articulation and every section includ
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This introductory unit is divided into two sections, teachers and learners. The first portion of the introduction provides a brief overview of the roles and responsibilities of a teacher, as well as i
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This Unit provides information on the various points that a teacher has to bear in mind when managing a classroom, such as appropriate ways to interact with students, through body language, grouping,
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I have taught these grammar tenses many times and it is always useful to review the usage of the tenses. I have noticed that this is a very difficult part of studying grammar. It is not usually diffic
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Unit 15 was excellent for me as an American because it focused in depth on United Kingdom Certifications. Being that I have extensive knowledge of what is required in America, this added value to my k
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Thanks to this unit I have learned how to organize and categorize the many ways to pronounce words. Phonemes were an entirely new topic for me notwithstanding seeing them all my life when I looked up
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This has been my favorite lesson by far. It was extremely useful to see the two different lessons. The differences are far and wide. In the first lesson, the teacher seemed very rushed, disorganized,
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In Unit 13,we came to know about teaching methods and techniques of English pronunciation and phonology.Probably,pronunciation teaching is the most neglected issue of English language teaching,most te
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To describe briefly what I have learned after completing the first unit which describes kinds of teachers and learners. Technically speaking there a dozen things that can define if it is a good teache
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intonation can expressthe completion of a thought and the rise/fall inotniation is typical in communication. The fall/rise can express a surprise or expects a feedback. in order to teach intonation we
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Like I said earlier, each and every student and teacher different, but there are certain things, I would define them as the rules, which suit everyone. I would like to share my opinion when teaching a
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This unit effectively outlines and discusses the 4 present tenses. It notes the sentence patterns, verb forms used and gives ample examples that allows the reader to easily recall the finer details ne
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This section covers management within the classroom setting. This unit gives techniques on the best way to manage a class filled with English language learners. Gestures can be useful in multiple ways
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There are many occasions in our study and life that require us to give a speech. When we present a thing in our speech, the tense in the whole speech changes, and it is very different from the tense w
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This unit deals with present tenses. There are four present tenses in English:Present Simple, Present Continuous,Present Perfect and Present perfect contonuous.Each tense have particular usages. Prese
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The material of unit 5: Managing classes was practical and easy to follow. I appreciated the suggestions given for classroom set-up as class size impacts the way a class room is set up. Classroom disc
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Junction City
This unit focus on the basic skills in any language which are receptive skills -reading and listening. we know about the reasons for reading and listening, it helps us to motivate students participate
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i have been working on these issues for quite a ong time now and I find it fascinating to observe how the conditionals may change from one language to another. In english there are 5 different types o
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I learned a lot from this unit. I hadn't thought about how reported speech changes the structure of sentences to such an extent. I can see how this would create trouble for students trying to learn En
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Unit 19 was a nice overview of the different types of students that may be encountered, and the different, common, areas of English being taught. I especially liked that it focused on the different ty
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This unit discusses the use of a range of teaching equipment that can help make lessons engaging and effective, not overlying on the textbook. It points out what teachers need to consider when using
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speaking and writing may be different but have the same purpose which is to communicate.writing is mostly relegated to the back as a result of being a difficult skill for learners.meanwhile,speaking r
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