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This unit was about the core functions of the language teacher. Most of the items presented about what a teacher should be are what I consider basic knowledge, that most have from their time in school
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Bone Gap
From unit two I have learned a lot of valuable skills about introduction grammar and parts of speech, it includes nouns,adjectives, articles,verbs,adverbs,gerunds,pronouns,prepositions and conjunction
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Preparation and planning alone are not enough to be an effective teacher. Presentation rules. Be respectful by introducing yourself and acknowledging each student. Start with an upbeat discussion to l
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Unit 6 is the second unit of learning tense system.Previously we have been taught about present tense,and now about past tense and its four elements,which are (1) Simple,(2)Continuous,(3)perfect and (
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Zero, first, second, third and mixed conditionals, wow! I have really learned this terms newly in this unit. I don't really remember if I did learn conditional clauses in this way. I remember if my st
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I feel what I have learned from this unit it to have a better understanding about the type of teacher I would like to be with my students. It is important to always be sensitive to your students feeli
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this unit talks about the types of classes a teacher will face and this unit gives pointers or tips on how to handle each type of class.this unit also talks of the problems a teacher might face in the
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The materials and course books are usually the base of what I teach in the class. Flash cards are always used during the word study stage. Very occasionally I will look for the up to date materials fr
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THis tends to be very confusing forn English learner, specially the phasal verbs, since most other languages do not have anything similar, and sometimes it is even difficult to understand sentences th
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Unit 3: Theories, Methods, and Techniques contained valuable insight regarding class structures. I appreciated examples given for "straight arrow" "boomerang' and "patchwork" class structures. I found
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In this unit I learned of the "if" conditionals (zero, first, second, third, and mixed), as well as several different teaching ideas to help students better understand them (such as split sentences, c
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I found this unit really useful as it demonstrated an unsuccessful and a successful ESL lesson in practice. I found it especially interesting to note that the most significant change from the first to
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This unit provided me with an overview of the different materials I can use or create as a teacher. It was helpful to read about the pros and cons of using a textbook, as I realized as a student that
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In this unit, I learned different teaching methodologies. They have been used at different time by different teachers. The most motivated method is ESA. ESA stands for Engage, Study and Activate. Enga
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This unit provided me with helpful tips for when I begin teaching in a classroom. From gestures to grouping students, it all plays a very important role in determining the environment of the classroom
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When the present and past tenses come to me at the same time. It is easy for me make the right sentences but hard to tell the exact reasons why I use such tense to form the sentence. The usages for pa
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In this unit we learn about classroom management. We look at different ways one can arrange a classroom. How to group students according to the needs of the lesson you are going to teach. This unit al
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In this unit some of the most important qualities that a good teacher and learner have been shown. Also, the importance of the teacher and learners relationship has been noted. Lastly, the internation
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The focus of the unit was to provide teachers with as much information as possible regarding lesson planning. Furthermore, it states how vital it is for teachers to plan ahead their lessons, why they
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Unit 3 is an overview about teaching techniques and methodologies As an English teacher,everybody has his/her own technique or choice for teaching.Techniques also varies by the learners catching abili
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This unit looked at materials that teachers may use in their courses, particularly course books, authentic materials and created materials. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and these were di
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This unit discusses the multiple theories, lessons, and techniques that can be applied while teaching English. The unit begins with discussing the multiple theories/methodologies that have been create
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Conditionals and reported speech might become very confusing if we dont organize our thoughts. It’s a great thing that this unit provided us a creal explanation as to how they work especially for co
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The past tense is quite similar to present tense, that's why it is much easier to understand once we have completed learning the present tense. The only difficulty in this unit is the usage of past pe
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Unit 16 was about conditionals and reported speech. Unit 16 listed the five most common conditionals, listed their forms and gave their most common usages as well as gave a few ideas to help a teacher
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In this unit, I was challenged to slow down and listen to my speech to discover new sounds in the words I speak every day. I was able to listen to where I hear my voice rise and fall, where stress is
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This was the first unit to bring together the subject material the course has covered so far and bring it into a product of the job. A lesson plan is crucial especially for a new teacher as it helps t
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The unit covered different types of tests, both used by the teacher and by the school, and also common external tests that students may need to take to study or settle abroad or some such reason. Bas
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This unit introduces how to write a structured lesson plan. A structured lesson plan will include general information of a lesson, such as the teacher’s name, dates, class level, etc. It will also i
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wow! this tense thing is hard ...... It is amazing how we use these forms and tenses every day and have little knowledge of why or what they imply in our language. For me the most difficult part is re
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In this unit I learned strategies for teaching both vocabulary and language structures. I learned concerning both vocabulary and grammatical structures that I must take appropriateness into considerat
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17. Your answer: Many different teaching aids can be used to make lessons more inetresting , effectibe and less dependent on the textbooks. Unit 17 eloborate on the aspects of teaching aids and equi
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Buffalo Grove
A good teacher should be patient and kind, a good teacher should really love teaching and know the students' weaknesses and try to give atention and help to each and every student. A teacher has seve
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Bull Valley
With a lot of similarities to the Theories, Methods and Techniques unit this unit seemed to build upon existing ideas. I would have like to read more on the the grammar and functions topics instead of
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This unit was very vital for me to learn. I have been exposed how to set up a lesson plan. Since i have no prior experience as a licensed teacher, i feel a little more confident when preparing a lesso
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This unit was helpful as it provided me with resources I can use as a teacher to aid my students in their learning. I hadn't thought about the pros and cons of using various resources to teach, so it
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Bureau Junction
In unit one what I have learned is mainly to differentiate between different types of a good Teacher,and how I can describe these roles. Also the important learning was different stages of language le
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Unit 10 is the practical lesson of the course where we find two videos of demonstrating an ESA class and comparing some significant differences between both of them.These two video lessons varies in a
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In this unit, the form, usages, and teaching ideas of the four present tenses are covered. We use the present tense to talk about something that is going on now or that is true now and any time. The
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Burnt Prairie
In this unit I learned the various different parts of the english speech. It had been a very long time since I had put any real thought into the matter and I found the unit very educational for myself
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Burr Ridge
As teachers,we need use right teaching equipments to teach students.The right equipments can make lessons more interesting,effective and less dependent on the textbook.Most of the time we use whiteboa
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This unit presents what a successful lesson and an unsuccessful lesson would look like. It sheds light on how a teacher's tone, attitude, clarity of instructions and lesson planning techniques could
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Even though each and every lesson should not include using a course book, course books and other lesson materials are very crucial in learning a language. Also, I have to highlight that course books a
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Grammar learning is the most basic part of the learning process of each language, and the most important part. When we are a native speaker, we don’t pay attention to grammar problems, but for a sec
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A very positive aspect of reviewing grammar (specaially tenses) has been increasing my confidence about my knowledge. In my opinion, teachers must always avoid making students learn irregular verbs b
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This unit provided me with the knowledge and framework of how to plan a lesson based on my student's needs. The ESA method is one I believe will be very successful in the classroom, as I have experien
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Recently I had the opportunity to administer a Young English Learner's mock test to Kindergartners. I noted that it tested their Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills. Now in this section
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Calumet Park
Unit 17 covers information regarding equipment and teaching aids and begins by going through a comprehensive list of various resources from white boards to computers and other online resources. Then t
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From unit two, I learnt that there is no uniformity in placing prepositions in a sentence and that they can be classified as date//time, place/position and also as movement prepositions. The differen
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past and simple tenses are similar in their structures. for instance present continuous and past continuos are both form with auxiliary be and ing only that verb to be is conjugated in the appropriate
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