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Practical strategies for classroom management where discussed in some detail in this unit. The importance of eye contact, appropriate gestures, use of the voice and using students' names were covered,
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In this unit, I learned more about the appropriate approach to teaching a student a new language, focussing on vocabulary, structures, and functions following the ESA teaching method. This unit allowe
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Camp Point
If the students wants to learn a new language,they need to do four things: be exposed to it, understand its meaning,understand how it's constructed and be able to practise and produce it.Some lessons
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Campbell Hill
Unit 20 covers the area of troubleshooting related to TEFL and TESOL training and begins by making suggestions about how teachers should approach the first class lesson and the differences that there
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Campton Hills
Different course book and materials are a very valuable teaching aid. However they all come with their own pros and cons. Authentic materials are valuable in keeping student motivated, as the topics a
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Again, looking into my own language is so curious and informational! I did not realize that in English, there are 12 different tenses that we can use to speak with one another while other languages on
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5.classroom management is the skill of organizing and managing the the class , having a friendly , relaxed manner and maintaining discipline in the classroom . Thus in this unit i have learnt the diff
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In this topic about Past Tenses,I've spotted that there are certain similarities in usage and structure to Present Tenses. In order to recognize which one is the Past Tense is that it relates to past
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Reading ans listening are receptive skills that need to be taught in the room. Although one with no experience might believe that reading and listening are easy things to bring to the classroom (becau
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Carbon Cliff
The unit focuses on many characteristics of both teachers and learners. The teacher's roles include manager/controller, organizer, assessor, prompter, participant, tutor, resource/facilitator, model,
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Carbon Hill
This unit talks about teaching language productive skills like speaking and writing skills. Like mentioned in the beginning of the unit, previously i haven't considered teaching writing skills would b
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Unit 7 is about teaching new language where the unit divided into 3 sections of teaching vocabulary, grammar and teaching language function. For the vocabulary, the criteria to be considered for selec
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Unit 15 was about different types of exams and when and how to implement them at school. I learned the difference between placement and diagnostic exams; while they are fairly similar in use, they are
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Carol Stream
From this unit, I learned about the advantages and disadvantage of using a course book. While a course book defiantly has its uses and can help plan out lessons, you cannot rely on it all the time, si
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In this Unit Coursebook and Lesson Materials, I am informed that finding the right coursebook is one of the most important tasks a teacher needs to undertake.Both authentic and created materials are u
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Carrier Mills
The productive skills are speaking and writing.We have accuracy activities and fluency activities to arrange class when we do speaking part,like controlled activities ,guided activities.There are four
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Reference to this topic, it broke down the various parts of a sentence structure for a better understanding. I appreciate the sections for articles, especially when articles should be put before names
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This Unit teaching New Language, I find this difficult while I'm reading along the lesson. But as I read them over and over again it's very satisfying to know that there are four things that is crucia
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Unit 13 is about the teaching of pronounciation and phonology .This unit treats detailly English phonology like intonation, stress , rythmn. Intonation is generally considered to be the variation in
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There are four basic skills in any language-reading,listening,speaking and writing.Reading and listening is known as receptive skills whereas writing and speaking is known as productive skills onward.
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Cedar Lake
In this unit the different behaviors that make a "good teacher" and a "good learner" are explored in depth. In general teachers need to be patient and kind with their students while guiding them in th
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Cedar Point
In this unit the topic and the learning was about the past tenses, and examples were given about past simple, past continuous, past perfect etc. Also what I feel it was very important for me is the in
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This unit covered the receptive skills of language that are listening and reading. I really enjoyed the lessons and activities presented in this unit--they made sense and were very logical to the lear
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Central City
This unit focused on the present tense of verbs and the four aspects: present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. The sections regarding the usages of present p
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Cerro Gordo
In this unit we covered the specifics behind teaching the vocabulary behind a new language. We learned the importance of exposing students to the new language they will be learning, the meaning behind
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A crucial and intricate part of English grammar involves tense. In English, there are 12 tenses (i.e. times) related to verbs. The PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE are each divided into 4 aspects: simple, co
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Teachers use different teaching aids to make their lessons more interesting and effective. Different schools have different teaching aids which can be available to teachers. The usage of teaching aids
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In this unit, the two video shows the same lesson being taught to Thai students in very different ways. The first lesson is deliberately making a number of errors and it clearly shows that the lesson
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The subject of this unit is how to manage a class. Information is given on how to use eye contact, gestures and voice, what work groupings fit to which situations, possible classroom arrangements and
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For every kind of activity, a form of evaluation or feedback is necessary to know what is being learned and how it is being learned and whether it is beneficial and needful. It is a good review for la
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Today I have learnt how to choose the course books for my students - I need to notice what level of language the book offers, does it have good balance between receptive and productive skills, does it
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This is a video-centered unit. Two videos are shown, bearing examples of an unsuccessful lesson and a successful lesson. In the videos, the same teacher teaches the same grammar points, but does so wi
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In this unit, I learnt teaching receptive skills, reading and listening, which are equally important. When we have a class, it's better to incorporate receptive skills and productive skills into one l
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Cherry Valley
Writing and speaking are the two productive skills. These skills are important because they will be what the students use to interact with others while using English. We want, in the study phase, to
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The unit focused on knowledge that teachers should have to effectively teach pronunciation and phonology, and provided a number of techniques for teaching pronunciation, as well as guidelines for when
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Since teachers and students focus more on the speaking than on the writing part. It is vital for teachers to create fun and useful activities to ensure adequate opportunities for students to practice
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Chicago Ridge
This unit covers modal verbs, passive voice and phrasal verbs among which i think the passive voice is the most difficult for students. i really like the way this unit uses to put all the modal verb
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unit 1 examines the qualities , role and responsibilties of both teachers and students in a classroom .I learnt that a good teacher should be kind and patients, really love teaching , lively and enter
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Unit 4 is about the present tenses of the English language, and how to teach them. The tenses are simple, simple continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. In teaching them the form for the affirmati
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Cissna Park
This unit is about different types of classes with specialized groups. It offers us the ideas and tips about teaching all types of classes. There is class with beginners which is the most rewarding an
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THis unit we learn about modals, phrasal verb and voices. In modals, there are 5 basic rules which are obligations, possibility, permission, ability, and advice. With these verbs they define an action
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Clarendon Hills
Unit 11 covers the area of language instruction referred to as 'receptive skills'; listening and reading. The unit begins by separating the motives for reading and listening into two fairly broad cate
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A good refresher on what a good teacher and a good learner is most welcoming for me. These are things I think reflecting on would help to guide the teacher to know what is generally makes a good teach
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Clay City
A good teaching and learning experience goes both ways. The teacher needs to be able to motivate, encourage, and keep things interesting for the learners. While the learners need to be willing, and in
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It’s essential for teachers to plan lessons whether it may create a more fixed, teacher centred lesson or not. For an inexperienced teacher, it’s not hard to find out that some of the language pro
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Clear Lake
Grammar is one of the building blocks to the English language. Without the basic understandings of grammar, we cannot fully grasp a language. Using proper tenses can make a drastic difference in how
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This unit is about evaluation and testing in an English language class. Evaluations allows teachers to see progress within the classroom. Placement tests allow students to be placed in the correct cla
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In the process of learning, there are numerous things that play a significant role towards making it a smooth, pleasurable and constructive process. The relationship between learners and teachers is a
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This unit discusses how to teach receptive skills. Receptive skills includes the reading and listening part of language learning. The unit introduces motives, modes and general problems with reading a
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Coal City
This unit introduced the things about classroom management,which is very practical for teachers. After thoroughly reading through this unit,I understand that classroom management is the skill of organ
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