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Franklin Park
Learning the different methods is interesting and get me to think about the best way I learn. Language is tricky though, I am currently trying to learn dutch and having a hard time so thinking on thes
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This unit on teaching pronuction and phonics has been another interesting unit. Trying to read the phonetic scripts has equally been fun. I didn't really think it was that easy. Apparently, teaching p
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Freeman Spur
For many of the lessons that will be covered through ESL, a student will have to have some new vocabulary to implement into their known language. The more vocabulary that a student is able to interna
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Unit 18 covered modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice - with many useful examples and tables. Again, grammar not being my strong point, really made me double guess many of my answers. Thus, I was ha
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This unit was very exciting. It introduced a number of new topics to me and allowed me to reflect and classify my past work experiences teaching ESL. I was intrigued with the number of methodologies a
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This unit was quite difficult this time round. With English having 12 present tenses it is certainly easy to over-complicate the situation and for students to become confused. It is important to take
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Language skills can be divided into the four basic categories of reading, listening, writing and speaking, all of which are equally important. The first two are considered passive language skills, be
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This unit is mainly about classroom management which is very vital for teachers to learn. Different teachers have different teaching styles, but they all need to know how to manage class effectively.
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Gas City
We can use exams and assessments regularly in our class to see: where students should be place, what the students already know, how much they are retaining as we progress through a lesson, and what th
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This unit kept asking about likely and least outcome questions which was good and bad. It was good because it keep me engaged, but because not engaged enough because it felt like i was looking for neg
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German Valley
This unit is about the future tenses. In general, the future has many different tenses and ideas can be used with future meanings.There are seven most common future tenses, which are the future simple
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As a teacher, you need to effectively and actively switch between roles as determined by the activities being conducted in the classroom, the lessons being conveyed, and the goals of the day. There ar
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Germantown Hills
From what I have noticed from being around none English speaking people is that accents play a big part in understanding what someone is saying. At least for people new to a language and that don't ha
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We have already learnt all these kinds of words. In this unit we can meet them again given through a sentence which contains eight kinds of words. In this way we can simply see each word in its place
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This unit has clearly given me an in-depth understanding of both teachers and learners. I'm a teacher and a learner at the same time. Somehow this unit works well for me. I would like to include punct
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This unit focuses on pronunciation and phonology. It explained the importance of pronunciation and how it helps build the students’ confidence in the long run. It also outlines the different aspects
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In English there is a total of twelve tenses, there are three main categories of tenses ( past, present, and future), in each of these we can find another four tenses that once learnt, they are used b
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This unit about troubleshooting is of great importance to novice teachers. Dealing with large classes and reluctant students dictates specific tested techniques to manage the classroom successfully an
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Glen Carbon
From this unit ,i know that i still need spend a lot of time to learn the tense, the system and structure of past tense is not too different from present tense, except that past tense obviously relate
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Glen Ellyn
There are five main conditions?zero conditional,first conditional,second conditional,third conditional and mixed conditional .We should pay more attention on details of tense. All the sentences are a
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Classroom arrangement helps me to create different classroom ambience. These seatings can imply information for the teachers which would like to be delivered to students. This also helps teachers to m
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Glendale Heights
In this unit I've learned what makes a good teacher and a good student, and I've got a good understanding of different roles and responsibilities of a teacher and a student in the classroom. Besides,
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This section introduced basically parts of speech including nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, pronouns, and conjunctions etc, which allows me to review the basic English grammar. Howeve
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To build and maintain all the students', especially the teenagers, motivation to study English language has always been a big challenge for teachers. Since adults have got some purposes for learning,
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Here is an overview of the present tenses in English. In English there are four present tenses: simple present, present perfect, present continuous, and present perfect continuous.
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This unit is on evaluation and testing. It covers different types of tests and there are extensive descriptions for each type of test. There are diagnostic tests and placement tests and progress tests
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In this unit, I learned about the right attitude, correct behavior, essential qualities, roles and responsibilities of teachers and students. In addition, I have gained knowledge of student-centered l
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Golden Gate
This unit covers means of test that are usually used by teacher to evaluate student's language level and progresses. In the content of this unit, there is a very important point mentioned which is no
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In this unit, I learned a few types of methodologies which I had never heard of before. But most important, I get to know the concept of ESA, and more details about how students can involve in each st
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Good Hope
For me, the most useful part is all the ideas of practicing games. I can be pretty creative but all the activities gave me ideas and thoughts to make my activities during the class more productive and
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This unit shows the importance of speaking and writing skills when learning English as a language. Accuracy and fluency activities should be included in lessons since both are equally important. Both
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I have learnt that in teaching new language , a teacher needs to make sure that students understands the vocabularies well including how they are pronounced, written, meaning and how they are supposed
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Unit one was based on getting to know all the qualities , roles and responsibilities of both teachers and students in the classroom. It is important to know how a 'good' teacher should think and act i
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This unit explains various types of tests conducted by language schools and external institutions. They include placement tests for placing students in an appropriate level, diagnostic tests given at
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Grand Ridge
The two videos this unit provided us show us bad and good example of a lesson. If the lesson is well planned the students should be able to understand the key language points and won’t get confused
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This unit is mainly about the teaching pronunciation and phonology.Pronunciation tends to concentrate on individual sounds, which although the most obvious , is not necessarily the most important part
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Grant Park
I found this chapter very complex but very important. Most of this information is completely new for me. I found really important to include phonetics into my lessons but the challenge will come in ma
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This unit underlines the differences and important aspects to take into consideration when teaching and practicing speaking and writing skills. When practicing speaking skills it is important to diffe
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This unit allowed me to learn about the different forms of the future tense. As there are many of them, it is important to learn the different usages for each form. It can be tricky and complicated, t
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Many of these suggestions around Equipment Aids and their usages have already been covered in previous sections. However there were a few points I found most interesting. First around the Interactiv
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Green Oaks
This unit introduced many different teaching aids to make teachers’ lessons more interesting, such as white board, overhead projector, worksheets and cards, CD player, videos and DVDs, video camera,
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Green Valley
The tense system is probably the area of the english language that causes students and (ofen teachers) the greatest amount of difficulty .linguists can create a very solid argument that only two tense
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The topic cleared some confusions that often arise with present continuous tenses and future continuous tenses. sometimes when time is used in a statement such as "the next bus leaves at 9:45pm" there
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the lesson has given me useful informations about teachers and learners, such as the qualities of a good teacher, it's interesting that how teachers personality and their relationship with students ar
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Lesson planning is the name of this unit. It includes the Engage, Study and Activate parts of the lesson. This unit focuses on the ‘Straight Arrow’ lesson plan which also includes different phases
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Productive skills are an important part of teaching and there are many methods used to convey these skills. It is important to get students speaking so having a comfortable a judge free environment is
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This unit gave me useful information with regards to the productive aspects of language as well as outlined some differences between spoken and written English. It also provided me with some useful li
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This unit provided a good overview of what to expect form both yourself as a teacher and your students as learners. In order to be a good teacher it it important to fill many different roles and relat
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The unit is very important in the training. Lessons about Theories, Methodologies and Techniques gave me broader knowledge on how to ba a more effective teacher. The activites on the unit are very hel
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Unit two thoroughly describes the parts of speech in English. The simplest form of structure is the basic sentence. A sentence must consist of a subject and verb (often times, with additional words).
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