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Deer Park
After watched this video,this unit is based around the two ESA demonstration videos that available via the video tab of pur online training system.during this video,at the first lesson,the students mo
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I liked this particular unit because now, I can imagine myself in these classroom scenarios teaching what I have learned in the previous units. Looking back, I can now see how these skills were implem
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The content of this unit covered both conditional statements and reported speech. There are five different forms of conditionals, some being explicit result/consequence constructions and others being
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Managing a classroom can be a difficult task however it is your responsibility as a teacher. There are many methods to use in order to maintain control of the classroom. These methods are more about b
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This unit delved into the use of the past tense of the English language. Though this unit, I was presented with three different tenses commonly used and one although uncommon, still as important. The
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This unit introduces the Future Tenses: Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, and Future Perfect Continuous. Elaborating in detail their structures, usage, as well as teaching methods. St
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This unit was a great refresher on parts of speech. This was covered throughout my Linguistics courses in college, but I still feel that getting more information and practice on it was quite helpful.
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This section briefly describes the foundation of the English language pertaining to parts of speech. In this section all of the most important areas of parts of speech are covered which shows how each
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This unit has been rather brief but thought inviting. I feel invited to explore further in the attempt to teach my learners new language. New language by this unit emcompasses teaching vocabulary, gra
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From reading this unit i have learned that there are many different methods for teaching a language. Many of these methods are outdated or have some drawbacks. ESA teaching is a combination of many of
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Unit fourteen is about course books and lesson materials. Course books have both advantages and disadvantages. Advantages includes having a syllabus that is suitable to the grade level of the students
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The content of this unit summarizes all the teaching aids used in the teaching for our system. They taught us their strengths, weaknesses, uses, usages and precautions. In particular, the tape teachin
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By far this has been the hardest chapter yet. Sentence structure has always been difficult for me to visualize. This Chapter or unit has helped me understand the difference between perfect and simple.
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The unit on teaching receptive skills covers reading and listening, which are very important. It also covers the different steps for teaching receptive skills like the engage and study and activate st
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Unit 5 is about managing classes where all the tips about about managing classroom from the gestures to dealing with the behavioral problems has been explained. It started with basic terms of eye cont
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This unit discusses how conditionals and reported speech are used in the English language. There are four main types of conditionals, including mixed conditionals. I had totally forgotten these rules,
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receptive skills include listening and reading. and the difficult part students may encounter is the vocab which students have difficulty understand and in the end students may struggle with the passa
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Downers Grove
This unirt is talk about Grammar,especialy the conditionals tense. These are sentences containing 'if' (or similar expressions such as 'when') which refer to past, present and futurepossibilities.fir
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This unit is a brief and concise introduction of the basic grammatical points in the English language. Divided into eight sections, each section is focused on different parts of speech: Nouns, Adjecti
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Du Bois
Evaluating students is a very important part of teacher's work. Teachers will give students feedback,students can improve their weak spots.It is often appropriate to give tests at different stages in
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In this first unit we deal with the relationship between learners and teachers. The different roles of a teacher are manager or controller, organizer, assessor, prompter, participant, tutor, facilitat
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Lesson planning is an important and powerful tool. It can be used to help guide your lesson but should never be rigid. It seems that it is more important for new teachers to be prepared in their lesso
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This unit was great and was observing the teacher differently. Normally i would observe a teacher from a student point of view, but this time i observed the teachers from a teaching point of view. The
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This section gave great insight into the approaches to teaching English and other foreign languages to non-native speakers. I appreciate the history lesson and it was interesting to see how as we lea
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In this lesson, I learnt about the ways for evaluating students' level and progress. Some of the methods of evaluation are tutorials, evaluation by the students and tests. Tests are the most widely us
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I loved this unit and learnt many new things. Firstly, I learnt lots of new teaching approaches.For example, community method, silent teaching, suggestaepedia. Before starting this course, I mainly us
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In Unit 8 we deal with Future tenses There are different ways of referring to the future in English. It is important to remember that we are expressing more than simply the time of the action or event
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In this unit conditionals and reported speech are explained very well. Students can understand easily how they are formed. Students whose native language isn't English can have some difficulties espec
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East Alton
I found this unit very helpful in aiding my students to understand why and when we use the past tenses in the English language. Knowing the form and structure is important but explaining its usages i
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East Brooklyn
In this unit, I have learnt many aspects of the methods, theories and techniques for teaching to TEFL students. I enjoyed the many examples given for the ESA method used in today’s ESL classroom.
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East Cape Girardeau
As I have attempted to come up with my lesson plan prior to this unit, I could make comparisons between mine and what has been suggested in this unit. The suggested lesson plan is clearly very structu
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East Carondelet
This is a complex unit which deals with pronunciation and phonology. Pronunciation is stated to be an area that can be under-prioritized. This unit provides a wealth of stimulating material that certa
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East Chicago
This unit is talk about the reading and listening,and listening and readings are eaqully important .we will focus on receptive skill-reading and listening. this is shorter unit than most but is still
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East Dundee
This unit has provided information on several topics and has pressed upon some very critical points for teachers. Firstly, this unit teaches different methods of teaching along with the pros and cons
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East Galesburg
I personally believe this one of the most complex units. This unit covers the importance of teaching pronunciation and phonology. Human language is something that till this day linguistic is still stu
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East Gillespie
As a teacher, you must know how to organize the class.Classroom Management is the skill of organising and managing the class,having a friendly,relaxed manner and maintaining discipline.The teacher nee
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East Hazel Crest
I personally feel that this unit is very helpful because it can be applied not just to teaching English as a foreign language, but to all languages and subjects. The only part which may be applied to
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It is very necessary to have something to refer to while teaching. The lesson plan provides that reference point. It comes necessarily to bring some organization in the teaching schedule of the teache
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There are indeed a wide variety of course books for English learning on the market today. For most or some of the books, you would find that there are possible duplication of efforts. One would also
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Teaching English language presents a large number of unique challenges and difficulties. It means that you will be dealing with an array of cultures, types of classes, learning styles, educational bac
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future forms can be used for personal plans and arrangements. When we express a plan made before the moment of speaking we can use either present continuous or going to followed by the base form. Othe
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El Dara
As we can seen from the above,Grammar is an area of english that strikes fear into the hearts of both students and teachers,No teacher is expected to be a walking grammar reference book and know absol
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The provided insightful information on teaching methodologies, it prompts teachers not to always adopt one method of teaching which they think worked in two or three lessons because, the nature of the
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This unit discusses the teaching of special groups, such as beginners, individual students, children, as well as teaching business English. It goes into detail about what these specific groups need, t
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This lesson was the first lesson in which it dives into student and classroom management which is crucial. It describes class tempo and motivation of the class. Touching on things as simple as seating
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What a difficult chapter to understand. The confusion began with understanding the differences between third and mixed conditional sentences. I had to read that section a few times to fully see what m
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Elk Grove Village
Before embarking on this unit, I have always thought that the teachers usually play the role of the manager, supervisor, facilitator, expert and sometimes, peer. I did not know that teachers can play
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First of all, I would like say that I really appreciate being able to review these contents, which I studied in college; therefore, studying and reinforcing aspects related to phonological is always p
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This unit covered the basics of lesson plan writing; it included aspects such as lesson plan components, characteristics of a good lesson plan, and implementation of the lesson plan. I actually thorou
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I found out that the level of students’ participation depends on the teacher’s attitude towards the class. The lesson should be interesting and lively so that thes students will give back effort w
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