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future forms can be used for personal plans and arrangements. When we express a plan made before the moment of speaking we can use either present continuous or going to followed by the base form. Otherwise if a personal plan is made spontaneously we use future simple. Future simple can be used to make predicitions based on personal opinions wheras going to +infinitive is used for predicitions based on the evidence. Future simple also expresses future facts and is used when making promises or threats. Future continuous is used to say what will be happening at a particular time in the future especially if it is a part of a natural flow of events like in the following example: i will be sleeping at 3 am tonight. future perfect is used to express an action completed by a certain time in future: i will have left for my holidays by next week, and future continuous to express a duration before a certain moment in the future; I will have been working on this test for 10 min by 5 pm this afternoon.