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This unit is very informative and interesting.It provides knowledge of a good classroom relationship between teachers and students.It points out the duties of both teachers and learners which will mak
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This unit included both authentic and created resources in order to teach English. It also discussed the advantages and disadvantages involved with authentic materials including textbooks. The unit al
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This unit focused on the main language-learning methodologies used throughout history up until today. It explained how exactly to apply the given methodology as well as the advantages and disadvantag
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Unit 17 covered modals, phrasal verbs and usage of the passive voice. The unit gave many examples of modal auxiliary verbs and also gave their meanings and when they should be used in a sentence. It a
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Uni 19 discussed the various special groups involved in teaching English. I particularly learned a lot in this course as I don't have a lot of experience with the many diversified types of learners. I
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Lily Lake
When teaching a class yo must consider the appropriate coursebooks and lesson materials that will engage students. Coursebooks are great for guidance and for teachers who are new and need a lesson pla
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tenses are very necessary and important in every sentence constructed in the English language,there are sentences without tenses in them,regardless of what tense it is,present,past,future.this unit pr
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This study unit entails the production of the English language. Students need to fundamentally understand the language aspects in order to produce correct English whether it is in writing or speech. O
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In this unit, we learned one of the tense system in English- the Present tense. It is only possible to use the tense accurately if you have a deeper understanding of the tense. One difference between
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This unit focuses on several aspects of both teachers and learners. Teachers can play many roles in their teaching method including being a model and a tutor. Being a model is important because it sho
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I learned many different methods and techniques for lesson presentations in this unit. I learned that I should not continuously correct students, that I should be careful to be consistent with my own
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From this unit i have learnt how pronunciation and phonology are important to English learners but i have seen also some complications that a teacher is likely to face during this class.The technique
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This unit discusses the different groups of students you may handle in teaching English. For each group, it provided tips, suggestions for teaching strategies and activities and some things to avoid w
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The chapter showed how verbs combining with other forms of verbs brings out different meanings to certain sentences, the rules goes with a separable and inseparable to produce the exact meaning of the
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Little York
INthisunit the topic covered was the induction of grammar, and partsof the speech. For example, the theory focused on nouns,adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds,pronouns and prepositions. Det
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Different kinds of teaching require different skills. This unit explains teaching special groups- teaching beginners, teaching Individual Students and teaching business English(English for specific Pu
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After watching the videos about the two different demonstration classes, I think what great difference the attitude of a teacher could make to the students. It really matters, cuz when a teacher creat
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This unit gave a good summary of the future tenses. It discussed the different kinds of future tenses and also how they intersect with present tense. It provided brief descriptions of forms, uses and
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This unit is the penultimate unit of the course,highlighting how to teach special groups-beginners,young learners and business English, and maintaining classroom scenarios.All special groups may have
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I was acquainted with the existance of these sorts of tests, having myself taken some external tests. Having taugh, thus having placed in the correct level and evaluated the progress of every student,
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This unit provided me with some useful ideas with regards to classroom management. It helped me determine where I should find myself during certain activities. I often found myself standing during all
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I have learnt on the uses of Present tenses together with their categories. Tenses are all about the relationship between verbs and time, since verbs describe action and actions can relate to past act
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I am already familiar with the differences among present tenses and I have particularly appreciated the part related to the usage of present simple tense for the commentaries or headlines. I haven't b
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London Mills
This unit helps us look at different ways of evaluating students'level and progress, as well as some of the common external exams that we may need to prepare for our students for. At the beginning,We
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Long Creek
This unit focuses on the productive skills in English speaking and writing. If I want to introduce a more communicative activity to students, I need to make sure that they have some communicative purp
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Long Grove
Course books are a very emotive issue for many teachers. Some teachers swear by them, while other teachers despise them. Almost every published course book has its fans and its detractors. The choice
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Long Point
Those two videos show two typical English teaching classes. The first video shows all kinds of typical mistakes an inexperienced teacher can make on his/her first class. And the second class was very
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In general terms, I believe this used offer various techniques that will tremendously ease my future performance when teaching beginners;among them, showing visual elements to students, which was som
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Tenses in English language are very important so that grammar is a basic element to master by teachers. To teach grammar is to teach it in partnership and coordination with other components of the lan
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The unit covered a number of general teaching methodologies as well as specific classroom activities that teachers can use during various phases of the lesson. In particular the unit focused on the s
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the unit educates teachers on how to select materials for the lessons, it categorized them into course books, authentic materials and created materials. it cautioned that the course books are usually
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Unit 8 outlined the 7 aspects of the Future Tenses, their forms, usages, common mistakes, and helpful teaching ideas. The 7 sub-tenses are: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future per
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The two video lessons portrays two different kinds of delivering a lesson in the classroom. The first one is poor and confusing and the second one is effective and successful. I found it very interest
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This unit deals with two of the four basic skills in a language: reading and listening. These are otherwise known as 'receptive' skills (presumably so-called because the language student is 'receiving
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the unit educates teachers on the use of teaching and learning equipments used in the class. it also mentions that teachers must exercise cautions when using these equipments to make sure that it is s
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I think good class management is a big deal to ensure positive quality outcome of the teaching lesson by making use of correct eye contact, gesture and voice; grouping of students and the correct clas
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This unit discusses a number of areas that teachers should be aware of when managing classes. They include using eye contact, gesture and the voice; grouping students; arranging seats in a classroom;
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First and foremost, studying this unit was very valuable not only to reinforce detailes about present tense and its aspects that I may have forgotten, but also to realized that a keep a very accepta
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This unit really showed two different styles of teaching. The first video is a prime example of a teacher that is not helping his/her students. He often seemed like he was not interested in helping th
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*Please note with copy and pasting from word document the bold and cursive seem to not show here Overview on Unit 2: Grammar parts of speech This unit explores the different parts of speech that make
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Machesney Park
After studying this unit I got to know effective classroom management can be done in a friendly, relaxed manner. Various skills could be used by a teacher in the class, such as eye contact, gestures a
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Unit 1 offers insight with regards to what a teacher ought to be aware of in order to maximize the best results possible. Some of what is covered seems common sense, for example "a good teacher shoul
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There are many methods to teach English as a second language. Some are more effective than others, but a structured blend of techniques using the Engage, Study, and Activate methodology is a great op
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This lesson was jam packed with awesome information! I learned a lot including the definition of phonology, intonation, the different patterns of intonation. The techniques for indication and teaching
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This unit went over the past tense and the different forms that can be used in English. I really took note of the example activity for Past Continuous being a detective game. It is always good to come
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In any language learning, these four parts are included: reading, listening, speaking and writing. In this unit, we divide them into two categories: receptive skills ( reading, listening); and product
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I think this lesson does an excellent job of showing what multi-tasking in teaching is really like. As a teacher, you play many roles. Sometimes you will be seen more as a confidant than as an instruc
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Productive skills are the foundation of effective communication; these skills should never be neglected. Writing skill can easily be corrected with a consistent communication between the teacher and t
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Through the unit, I get to know more about a teacher 's role in the class. teachers are playing the role of a manager, tutor, assessor, monitor, model, facilitator, participant, prompter and organizer
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This unit offers a lot of useful tips on teaching beginners (which can be further categorised into the absolute beginner, the false beginner, the adult beginner, the young beginner and the beginner wi
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