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This unit was helpful to read as it covered important concepts such as modals, phrasal verbs, and the passive voice. I have come to realize that knowing the underlying semantics is extremely important
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This unit introduces how to manage classes. Classroom Management is the skill of organizing and managing the class, having a friendly, relaxed manner and maintaining discipline. Managing the class in
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In this lesson I learnt about how to give a lesson in class. The important thing that matters alot is the attitude of the teacher with which he comes into class has a profound impact on the students.
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This unit covered the future tenses of English. I never gave thought to the fact that the perfect simple and perfect continuous were ways of expressing future meaning. As I read the material, I realiz
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This unit goes through the future verb tenses, how they are formed, when they are used and common mistakes students make. Some verbs are more common than others, and this is underlined. The only form
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This unit provided a great deal of information regarding classroom management. It discusses the ways different things that will help ensure a well-managed class. It also gave examples and explanations
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Course book and materials provided by teachers are both important sources for teaching EFL students. Several advantages and disadvantages of the course book are presented, how can we use the course bo
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This unit helped me understand the roles of the teacher and students in the classroom better. It helped me envision on how I would want to run my class in the future and some ideas as to how best appr
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This unit introduces the concept of a lesson plan, and takes the reader through the advantages and disadvantages of using a lesson plan. Suggestions for what teachers should include in a lesson plan a
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This unit outline what is expected from both the teacher and students in classes. It observes the main key components and skills a teacher should have, and addressed them in short detail. The unit als
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In this Unit 15, I've informed the importance of evaluating and testing of students levels and progress of learning. Teachers must know which type of evaluation may use to determine students' level of
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this unit is based on a number of ways or methods teachers make use of to evaluate the progress of their students.this helps teachers to gather feedback and even evaluate themselves to check their own
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From the unit i have learnt how important is evaluation and testing in an English class. As an English teacher evaluation and testing will help to know how far the lessons and materials provided to le
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The different approaches and methods to a lesson give me a variety of methods to use to build on but I will definitely make use of the ESA method in the future because I want my students to be involve
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it is indeed difficult to fully understand the difference between these few types of future tense and memorise in a short time. the present tense meaning future confused me alot. now i have better und
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This unit was very eye-opening in regards to proper teaching strategies and skills. Even though there were many things blatantly wrong in the first video, there were also some more subtle aspects such
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Pronunciation is a very important part of English learning. Especially in oral English, most foreigners are accustomed to their native pronunciation habits, and it is difficult to master the pronuncia
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Kingston Mines
A teacher often faces different situations with different groups of students. Teaching beginners can be challenging but also enjoyable. Teaching beginners requires special skills and psychology, chora
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In Unit 17,we explore a wide variety of teaching equipment, materials and online resources necessary for the teachers.Different teaching aids can be used to make lessons more effective,interesting and
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In this unit I have learnt about Modal verbs, Passive voice and Phrasal verbs, as well as I got some ideas how to teach these grammar points. The tables provided are quite useful, will save them for f
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There is no doubt that preparing created material could be such a time demanding acitity;fortunately, reading this unit helped me realize that good and effective activities can be elaborated from simp
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In this unit I have learned Teaching methodologies and how to appropriately adapt them to situations based on culture, personality and students themselves. I have also learned the ESA model and how it
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The first video was quite painful to watch as the teacher made mistakes and continued to confuse the students throughout the lesson. The teacher’s attitude towards the class was not particularly hel
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La Fayette
There are many different methodologies to teaching, what's best is based on one's experience, style and students. There is also a method referred to as ESA; which can be used in tandem with the variou
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La Grange
Classroom management is an important skill of organizing and managing the classroom. There are many different elements, and factors; which all depends on the type of class and students you have. Subje
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La Grange Park
Essentially, both videos illustrated a very important point - the attitude of the teacher plays a very critical role towards the success of any lesson because it can have a profound effect on the stud
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La Moille
This unit explained the importance of a lesson plan and what we should include in a lesson plan and how we could make a standard lesson plan. Before studying this unit I may not include teacher's pers
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La Porte
The unit outlined the creative ways to use each lesson stage. The engage, study, and activate stages of lessons are directions that I can apply to my future lesson plans. The thorough examples help me
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La Rose
Productive skills are speaking and writing. The teacher should introduce many different communicative activities to the students in order for them to practice their speaking skills. Speaking activitie
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By looking at the title of this unit, i thought it will be focusing on maintaining discipline and handling difficult situations, but it covers way more than that. It talks about the soft/presentation
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Unit 19 talked about teaching special classes such as young children, multicultural people and business English classes. I learned that when teaching business English, it is not necessary to know anyt
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Lake Barrington
This Unit focuses on one small section of grammar, the present tense. Taught here are the four forms of present tense, simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. The Unit not only explains e
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Lake Bluff
Unit thirteen gives information about pronunciation, phonology and how to teach them properly. Reading through this chapter made me more aware of the importance of intonation—the rise, fall and flat
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Lake Ka-ho
The Tense system is considered to be one of the most difficult areas of the English language. Some lingquistics even argue that there are only 2 tenses. The most important elements are form, and usage
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Lake Station
Classroom management is the skill of organising and managing the class, having a friendly relaxed manner and maintaining discipline. Rapport between a teacher and students plays an important part in d
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Lake Villa
In this unit we discussed pronunciation and the phonology chart. As a native english speaker the intricacies in our language have lost their challenge over our lives. A quick look at the phonology cha
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Lake Zurich
I've got a better understanding of various teaching methods and techniques after the study of this unit. I noted that ESA is the most effective and most logical among all the methodologies, which is v
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Unit 9 provided the purpose of making a lesson plan. It discussed that although it is an outline of the lesson, it should not inhibit the flexibility of the teacher. I think this is important to note
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There are a multitude of teaching styles that depend on the personality and experience of the to be teacher. This unit emphasis the basics of how teachers first present them selves and how to set up t
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i have learnt that in future tenses we describe the verbs as not having happened yet, but expected to happen in the future. i also realized that future tenses have very little differences which needs
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In this unit, I learned the various characteristics of both learners and teachers, and what makes them successful in that role. (i.e- a good teacher should really care about her teaching, but cares ev
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This unit is based around two ESA demonstration videos. One lesson is taught twice in the two videos. In the first video, the teacher made several mistakes and the student seems confused during the st
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Lesson planning requires great prowess in teaching process. A good lesson plan is a tangible reflection of a good teacher, catering for different learning styles and experiences. By tailoring a flexib
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Leaf River
The unit covers how to be a good teacher and student as well as the different levels of learners ability and age. I enjoyed reading and thinking on the 9 roles as a teacher that were specified in the
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In this unit of the program, we have been presented with an overview of teaching ESL. We have learned what makes a good student as well as a good teacher and some examples of what might motivate a stu
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. Planning a lesson is very essential for a teacher because it acts like an aid to planning ,a working document (a lesson plan helps you to keep the target and gives you something to refer to during l
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I have learnt the importance of using teaching aids as it increase the interests of the learners on a particular lesson and also improves the teaching-learning process. Since there are different teach
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The special groups considered in this lesson included beginners, on-to-one students, children, and business English learners. Obviously each of these groups differs greatly in their needs and classroo
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Unit 1 provided helpful insight of what it means to be a good teacher and a good learner. It is important to learn the fundamentals of a good learner because being a good teacher only comes if an indi
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In unit 19 different techniques, methods and considerations are given for teaching beginners, individuals, children, English for specific purposes and multilingual classes. I found the information on
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