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Coal Valley
This unit is about the 'part of speech'. literally is about every part to make a sentence. I think i learnt a lot from this unit because this unit shows every part of a speech with example words so i
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In this unit, I have learned that there are more than just two tenses (past and present) that exist, there are in fact twelve. This lesson allowed me to distinguish between the present tenses and gras
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Unit 4 is the introductory unit about Tense system.Tense is a major part of basic English grammar.Non-native speakers very oftenly makes grammatical errors,and Tense is a one kind of correction of it.
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Two key take aways from this section are the irregular verbs and gerunds. As a native English speaker we don't know the rules, only the exceptions, but we don't even have those memorized. The list o
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I think that since I have previous teaching experience this unit mainly pointed out and reminded me of the important characteristics and roles a teacher should have in different moments. I learnt the
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First and foremost, I believe this unit allowed me recognize how proficient I am at grammar. I relation to the difference among the different tenses presented in the unit, I firmly believe as teachers
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I took note of the following suggestion because I have never really took time to think about it and I consider it to be very useful: Don't ask students questions in order - this is predictable and the
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Columbia City
This unit gave me a good description of the forms, usages, common mistakes and errors by students, and sample teaching ideas of all past tenses. Among all the past tenses, I think past perfect and pas
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The English tense system can be a source of confusion for non-native learners. It can be tough for native learners too if not raised in an environment that uses correct English. While there are stan
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This unit attempted to explain the four categories of present tenses of english. This unit was much more confusing than the previous units so far simply by virtue of the nature of the material. This i
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A good lesson is a vital component of the teaching-learning process. Starting each lesson with something short and interesting will going to settle the students and engage them with the lesson. Proper
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This unit utilized video presentations in order to more accurately portray what constitutes effective and ineffective lessons respectively. i thought the second presentation flowed easier and was eas
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This unit allowed me to learn different methods of teaching speaking and writing skills. Something new that I learned was the categorization of teaching speaking methods. It makes sense to teach accur
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This unit introduces methodology of teaching. These is no definitely conclusion of which method is the best as each method has its pluses and minuses. Just make sure that to give students as much ex
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This unit talks about teaching pronunciations and phonology. I found this unit a little bit difficult since it is my first time being exposed to phonology scripts. It is interesting to learn about the
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To be a good teacher should always care more about how the students learnt than his teaching, and change different roles according to what we want the students to be. For learner’s making, given sev
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This first unit helped me becoming more aware not only of the different roles I should have as teacher, but also aware of the different factors that make our students unique. Additionally, obtaining
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This unit provided information on speaking and writing skills. It discussed the importance and relevance of both and gave examples of activities that will enable the students to effectively learn thes
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So here we have a detailed ESA lesson plan where students are engaged and also are able to work on their own. I really like to use an ESA lesson planning system, that helps to design a good lesson. A
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Unit 14 was talked about two different kinds of materials (authentic and created) and gave several examples of both. Unit 14 also covered course books for teaching English and gave some positive and n
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The tips provided in this unit were made clear and understandable for the teachers to have the clear pathway in guiding the students. It is also great that they give us heads up as to how to resolve t
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Crescent City
This unit talks about the present tenses mainly. I benefit a lot from this unit. Especially about all the sentence structures of all present tenses. In this way i can summrize all the sentence structu
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The content of this unit covered general tips and tricks in regards to common teaching problems, especially those encountered during the first lesson. The unit also discussed other ways of managing la
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At first, several methodologies on how people learn and teach language have been listed, then an effective and logical method put forward by Jeremy Harmer called ESA is the key point of this unit. Exa
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This is the first time I get to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using a course book. When I was a language student, I did not understand why the teacher would use extra material than t
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Creve Coeur
In this unit we will look at different ways of evaluating students' levels and progress, as well as some of the common external exams that you may need to prepare your students for.These can take pl
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This unit discusses usage, the advantages and disadvantages of authentic and created materials. It offers some good templates of created materials including a crossword puzzle, a word search game, ro
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Crown Point
It is important to plan out the curriculum throughout the course because materials to be used in the lesson should be diverse and varied. A good teacher will use both the course book and other creati
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This unit seems has a unique challenge both on teacher and students. While I am reading this topic, I've come to think that developing receptive skills can be particularly challenging especially when
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This unit goes into detail about English intonation and pronunciation, as well as the techniques of teaching them. It teaches how the different placement of stress in English sentences change the mea
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The topic of future tense is quite confusing to teachers, let alone to students and learners. Further readings and relevant exercises are to remedy and consolidate profound comprehension of the subjec
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As for my past teaching experience, classroom management is on of the hardest thing that I am challenged on the first few days of the school year. It involves understanding to each students individual
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The unit cautions teachers on how they select materials for students. It emphasized that most books are for general purpose therefore may not be suitable for certain group of students. However a teach
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A basic understanding of English grammar and the rules that apply are necessary to teach English to almost any level. A simple sentence must consist of a subject and a verb, but will typically contain
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Dalton City
As can be seen from the unit.the relationship between learners and teachers is a very important and compex problem.If you want to be a good teacher,you should be kind and patient,and also really love
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Teaching a new language "Foreign language" as a second language has come as a challenge to most foreign teacher, however there are three major components of every language vocabulary, Grammar and func
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The CD/Video lessons unit was very helpful. I learned the correct way to teach and the incorrect way to teach. There was a difference in attitude when comparing the teaching in the first lesson to the
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This study unit consisted of receptive skilled also known as reading and listening skills. Reading and listening in any language is part of our daily lives thus this lesson has to be one of the most i
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Teaching methodologies are not one in the same and sometimes a teacher can find themselves in a situation in which a methodology or lesson will work well on one class and not fit the needs of another.
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The unit gives an overview and summary of most of the equipment found in classrooms and various teaching aids that teachers can use in their lessons, as well as a bit of advice about each. As I, like
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From the unit i have learnt how to spot out problems facing the students and how to solve them in order to have an interesting class and to ensure full participation in the class. Problems may vary fr
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Lesson-planning should be made fairly in favor of both parties- the students ans the teacher. The students are guided by the teacher in the best way possible depending on their language level and comp
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Davis Junction
Many different teaching aids can be used to make lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on the textbook. Different schools, of course, have different resources available to teachers.
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I am actually not new to subject of parts of speech. Notwithstanding, I read through the entire 24-paged document also considering the tasks. It was really refreshing for me. I probably expected to re
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De Land
Unit 10 uses contrasting videos of a teacher teaching the same material to a group of students first in an ineffective way, and then, in a much more professional and effective manner. The first video
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De Pue
I enjoyed learning and looking at the phonetic alphabet as I have never even looked at it before. I found it tricky to grasp some of the words in the test but I think I managed to figure it out. I don
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De Soto
From unit two I have learned a lot of valuable skills about introduction grammar and parts of speech, it includes nouns,adjectives, articles,verbs,adverbs,gerunds,pronouns,prepositions and conjunction
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I found this unit to be quite challenging especially since a lot of the content in this unit are areas that I have not spent a lot of time looking at and/or studying. It shows that there's a fundament
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Deer Creek
This unit talks about how to maintain the interests of students learning English. It’s really hard for us to maintain our interests in learning second-language especially when the teacher is dull an
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Deer Grove
There can be different theories, techniques and methods used to teach students ESL. This unit covers the importance and ways in which we can become facilitators and help the student thrive by providi
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