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This unit explains the relationship between students and teachers in a classroom setting. It showed the characteristics of a model student teacher, along with many of the roles a teacher may assume. S
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This unit made me nervous because i scored very low on unit 6. However, when i was watching the video on future tense i became a more confident. With the support of the video, i could actually underst
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Barrington Hills
In this unit, the discussion topic was classroom management, and was presented as a skill, how to organise and manage class, while having friendly relaxed manner. And at the same time maintaining disc
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Assessment is an umbrella term referring to different concepts with different functions. Placement test's function differs from progress test's. So, the criteria of testing and evaluating students sho
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The five forms of the Future Tense have many rules, which I find interesting, mostly based on a point in time in the future. Future Simple rules however are based more on how concrete the statement i
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Unit 7 deals with techniques for teaching new language whether this is grammar, vocabulary or functions. The unit provides different ways of teaching new language with sample lesson plans and suitable
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This was another great insight on how to prepare lesson plans. As a aspiring English Teacher, I had no clue how a lesson is formally prepared. My experience with preparing lessons and/activities is ve
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This unit served as a needed refresher on different parts of speech. I had almost forgotten that there were quite so many and it served me well to be reminded of them. As a native speaker I never stud
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This unit discusses how teachers develop students' reading and writing skills effectively. It suggests a range of accuracy activities and fluency activities, as well as games that teachers can incorp
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Communication plays a vital role in our daily life. To acquire good communication, command on four language skills is important; Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Language is a tool for commu
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Bay View Gardens
This unit is about the future tenses, which is a bit different from the present tenses and the past tenses. So many different tenses and ideas can be used with future meanings. Besides the future sim
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In this lesson I have learned brief introduction into the English grammar. I have freshen up my memory of English grammar, and think that this unit was extremely helpful. Because, the old Latin maxim
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Beach Park
This unit covered the different types of troubleshooting for problems that may arise. The teachers first lesson is a challenge for any teacher, it would be ideal to built a good rapport with the class
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The usages of different present types have helped me to clarify and classify every single type. This unit makes it easier for teachers to give examples when we offer the study stage. Those errors stud
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This unit expounded upon the previous unit on present tenses and incorporated past tenses into the process of teaching english as a second language. I enjoyed this unit much more than the previous ten
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This unit is mainly about the troubleshooting. It can be seen that there are lots of common problem situations like first lesson,warmers,different levels,larger classes,use of native language,reluctan
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Bedford Park
The two videos of this unit are quite enlightening as they showcase an effective teaching from a not so good one. The second video showed me how teacher's positive attitude could greatly increasing st
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Beech Grove
So far, we have looked at teaching groups of adult students of general English. Sooner or later however, you are likely to come across other forms of teaching which may require slightly different ski
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This unit covered more grammar items which are significantly more difficult than the last grammar items. These specific grammar lessons are overall quite difficult to learn and approach. The passive v
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Beecher City
This unit is talk about pronunciation and phonology,First ,Pronunciation is very important for communication.pronunciation is probably the most neglected aspect of english language teaching.confidence
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This was the unit where most of the teaching skills regarding specific topics were covered. Before this, we had only seen the contents and the ways to structure a class. Now I will be able to correctl
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This unit covered reported speech and conditionals. Conditionals can make some fun story games and are quite entertaining grammar skills to study. Reported speech is a very useful everyday language sk
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Belle Rive
Teaching equipment is an important tool for teachers to have access to. Different equipment can provide the class with ways to have fun and also stay engaged, as watching a DVD or using and overhead p
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The effectiveness of any teacher is largely dependent on classroom management. Generally, this is the skill of organizing and managing the class, having a friendly, relaxed manner, and maintaining dis
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To minimalize problems that may arise in the classroom is to establish rapport with the students during the first lesson. To deal with a class where the students are on different levels can be a 'nig
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Designing a superb lesson plan is not easy. if it is too detailed, we may feel frustrated when something goes out of our expectation and we would keep thinking about what the next step is rather than
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Even though there is not a must-followed procedure in the lesson plan it is quite useful when you lose your directions or targets during the classroom discuss. The planned activities for different phr
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Modal verbs or auxiliary verbs such as will, shall, may, might, can, could, must, ought to, should, would, used to, need to, have to are used in conjunction with main verbs to express shades of time a
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Phonology is used to deal with stress, rhythm and intonation, concentrating on the International Phonetic Alphabet. Intonation is widely considered as the variation in volume and pitch in a whole sent
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In this unit, I still learnt a little bit about grammar, modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. Different modals express various ideas: obligation (must), possibility/ probablity (might), permission
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This unit once again reminded me of all the different forms of tense. It provided further insight as to which form of past tense should be used for specific situations and helped me differentiate betw
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Just like unit 4 which elobarated English tenses ( preset tense ) , this Unit also gives an elaborate knowledge on another tense Past tense .The simple past tense form for regular verbs: (add -ed/-d t
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Receptive and productive skills in learning are equally an essential as the unit's notes puts it. And it is very important for each learner to be introducted to all these in the learning of a new lang
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This unit offered a more visual understanding on how classes take place and what happens during them. There were two videos for this unit, that had some significant differences in how the teacher talk
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This unit is about future tenses. And there are 7 tenses are included. The future simple, the future continuous, be going + infinitive, the present simple are more common than the future perfect, the
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This unit is about teaching new language. In this unit we can know the teaching techniques for vocabulary, grammar, functions. Also we got the chance to review what we had learnt in Unit 3,the ESA app
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Time again to review again everyone’s favorite subject—grammar. The unit covers modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice, and not only provides a decent review of the grammar but offers suggestion
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Big Rock
This unit discussed different teaching techniques and strategies to use in the classroom. There was a range of strategies presented with brief descriptions as well as some pros/cons to the type of str
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Unit 12 discussed teaching productive skills which include speaking and writing. These skills are both very different but with the same outcome: to communicate. It was very interesting to see the cont
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every lesson should be adapted to students' needs and due to this, using course book material can sometimes turn out to be unsatisfying. Course books are designed for general audience and they can fai
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Bishop Hill
These were helpful lessons to watch. The same instructor shows what positive attitude via the instructor can do for the classroom environment and effectiveness of the lesson. In the first lesson, th
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In learning a new language, whatever the level of the class, and however the teacher arranges the study phase of the lesson, students need to be exposed to it, understand its meaning and how it’s co
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The two key points of this unit were vocabulary and grammar. When introducing new vocabulary I agree that it is important for it to be appropriate to the students and relevant to them. While the Cob
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Unit six discusses the past tenses of English grammar. I did not learn very much from this unit as I am already very familiar with the grammar in the past tense. What I did enjoy very much were the sa
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Unit 17 was one of the largest units, as it covered many commonly used teaching aids, as well as equipment for the classrooms. It was especially nice to see the various examples and uses of each. I li
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Blue Mound
This unit covers the teaching of productive skills. These are: speaking and writing. Speaking activities in the classroom may be: controlled, guided or creative. Controlled activities include drilling
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This unit conveyed the frequent problems TEFL teachers are faced with. Many of the problems can be fixed if they are fixed when they occur using the correct technique/s. TEFL teachers need to be aware
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This unit mostly covered the context which grammatical structure, vocabulary and functions of the language are to be taught in. The factors in each of these three categories entail when and how to tea
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This unit had a practical focus and went into more depth on how a teacher might structure and conduct an English class. Various types of teaching methodologies were mentioned, and how they have influe
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Percebi que para que um curso funcione o bom professor deve ter várias características que tornem a aula interessante, envolvente, dinâmica, participativa, abrangente e organizada. Dar atenção e
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