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Ellis Grove
Unit 5 provides knowledge about managing classes. The unit helps me to know how to use eyes contact, gesture and voice to control classes. While learning, I can organize the class by grouping them. Ea
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Tenses of past are slightly different. The past tense differs from the the past perfect if we draw a diagram. The past actions take place before the present and are completely finished, so that they b
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In this lesson, I learnt about teaching different types of classes. These types are beginners, children, individual learners and business learners. Teaching beginners require special skills and psycho
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Elmwood Park
The unit had a great overview on the exams that can be taken to assess their English language. In a common learning environment, the diagnostic test, progress test, and practice tests are given throug
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Methodologies of teaching are so different and useful for a specific purpose. Each method is aiming to deal with a learning aspect and area of interest. To remedy the ill of a specific learning proble
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There are four basic skills needed to learn a language: receptive skills that include reading and listening, and productive skills: speaking and writing. This unit focuses on the receptive skills requ
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I have rarely had to consider the abilities and personalities of my "audience." For much of my career I was a professional who communicated as an engineer, an attorney, an editor of legal publications
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I have learned how to incorporate the reading and listening skills in one lesson with the ESA method. How to classify the receptive skills into the two main categories was interested (well, I know it
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Past tense is a vital way to express how an event happened in the past. Some languages don't have it, they simply put the time of occurence, for example yesterday, last night, a year ago, etc at the s
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The main things that I learned from this lesson were the different methodologies that are used in language learning. It makes sense after reading them to recognize how they were used in my own languag
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This unit covered lesson plans. It gave an overview of what should be included in a lesson plan to ensure the lesson is efficient and runs smoothly. I learned what types of activities can be included
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The productive skills aims at helping learners to produce the speech either by speaking or writing so that others can understand.These two skills needs concentration and effort for positive impact.Si
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In this unit, I have really learned the greatest thing that creates a good teacher and a good learning which is motivation. If a teacher's motivation is to see her students learn, then she will do any
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Unit 4 contain Present tenses. The present simple,present continuous,present perfect and the present perfect continuous. Among the four tenses I've been a bit confused with the three. While studying t
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This part of this lesson taught me how i need to organize the class in terms of sitting arrangement, grouping, how to manage my actions words, how to get and maintain students attention throughout the
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Evergreen Park
i think i did better here compared to unit on "past tense".....at least i hope so. confidence is something i do not possess at the moment....anyway, i think the unit reading material is a bit more str
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this unit covers the forms of future tenses: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going+ infinitive, plus two present tenses with meaning implicates the futu
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There are many teaching aids provided in this unit can make lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent of the textbook. Which are whit/ black board, interactive white board, overhead proje
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Fairmont City
Unit 4 talks about the present tenses and I learned that the English language has many more tenses than most other languages do. English has 12! The unit began by explaining the tense system and broke
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In this stage I learned about how to plan a teaching scientifically and methodologically. Each learners in different stage of learning need different approach. I couldn't agree more that on the unit,
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In this unit I learned how to better read and interpret phonetic script. I also learned the importance of intonation, stress, and how they impact a speaker's intended meaning. I also learned about the
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The intonation pattern gives me a general idea that the fall/rise of the tone can imply the speaker’s purposes of communication or their moods. These are the issues I pay little attention to. The st
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This study unit emphasised the present tense and outlined the stems of the present tense. Games or activities were introduced for each of the aspects which really showed me how creative one can be wit
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This unit provided me with a great reference for preparing my own lesson plans in the future by detailing suggested information of what should be included in a plan (i.e. - learner objectives, persona
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This unit summaries the four past tenses: past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. Like mentioned in the unit, in term of system and structure, past tenses share a lot o
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This unit went over the many types of teaching aids that teachers can use in their classroom. There are a variety of teaching aids available, which all have pros and cons depending on what the teacher
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this unit is about past tenses. I have jogged my memory through the different grammar rules and examples. Especially, examples of the common student mistakes have awared me, and gave me the chance to
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This unit discusses various approaches of teaching English. It suggests the use of ESA approach which is the newest of all, and which combines the advantages of all the other approaches. According t
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This unit has stressed not only the multitude of roles of the teacher but also of the students themselves. Becoming a teacher includes having to wear an abundance of different “hats” and learning
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This unit describes reading and listening receptive skills and how these skills are used - for a purpose or for entertainment. We also have different ways of reading or listening to something - and mo
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this chapter forms an important section of getting the business down in the class. It acknowledges the fact that teachers need to be jovial with young learners and employ a practice base learning appr
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Engage, Study and Activate are important elements to follow when teaching English in a classroom. This is a great strategy to learn as it allows flexibility by both the teachers and students. In the e
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I have learnt that both coursebooks and lesson materials can be used in the classroom but they should be well selected in order to meet the need of the learners. Also it is important for the teacher t
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Flat Rock
It is important to realise that there are a number of qualities of a good teacher and a good learner. Teaching for 10 years, it’s incredible that there are always new things to learn and improve fro
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In this Unit, I've learned some theories,methods and techniques which I never heard before. Such as the "Straight Arrow ESA lesson,Boomerang ESA lesson and Patchwork ESA lesson. I've learned here a lo
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Conditional sentences include main clause and if-clause in general. Reflecting upon my teaching experience is helpful in deciphering typical errors. A group of changes needs to be taken into considera
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This unit focuses on teaching, introducing grammatical structures and teaching language functions. It discusses important aspects of each like how to choose which words to introduce to the students an
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Ford Heights
There are different methodoogies. Engange, study and activate is the most common methodology in the ESL world. In the engage phase of the lesson a teacher should set the environment and offer warming
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Forest City
The unit reviews the components of teaching receptive skills. It breaks down the variety of reasons we read and listen, which are for a purpose and for entertainment. Breaking down the ways we read an
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Forest Park
This unit introduced the things about classroom management,which is very practical for teachers. After thoroughly reading through this unit,I understand that classroom management is the skill of organ
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Forest View
Reported speech and direct speech will be a great practice exercise to use the different tenses in the English language. Everyday, we report what somebody else has done or what they will be doing. In
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Unit 3 discussed many different ESL teaching techniques and methods, including their pros and cons. Generally speaking, one's method should ultimately come down to individual circumstance, one's perso
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Overall this Unit was a nice review of previously covered topics/suggestions/units, as well as some really sound advice for specific issues that may, or commonly, arise in a classroom or teaching envi
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This unit contained examples of two lessons in live classroom scenario. The first lesson was a clear example of what not to do. It was painful to watch and I honestly could not make it through the e
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Fort Wayne
In this unit I realized that grammar might be one of the most challenging part for students to master. Nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, gerunds, articles, etc. each has many divisions and
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Fox Lake
There are many parts to this unit that has helped me distinguish between present tenses and past tenses. For example, I thought that when using a verb in the past participle, it was considered an act
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Fox River Grove
In this unit the topic was Teaching new language and what activities can be used to do that. Also various techniques for encouraging new language structures were explained, that may be suitable for di
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The content of this unit explained the importance of student evaluation and the different types of tests that may be given to students at different points in their education. I had read about some of
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Unit 17 dealt with classroom equipment and teaching aids. Some of the things used in modern ESL classrooms include interactive whiteboards, videos and DVDs, video cameras, computers and online resourc
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Franklin Grove
I came to realize that grammar is very important in our daily life as I believe many of us have been using broken English/grammar. There are too many short forms has been use in our daily life. With t
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