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Unit 12 concentrated on the two productive skills: speaking and writing. It is important that a teacher creates the need and desire for the students to communicate. One should use a combination of acc
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Prairie City
This unit covers Evauation and Testing of students. The written material and the video essentially cover the same ground. The various forms of tests are described. These are: Placement tests, Progress
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Prairie du Rocher
I really enjoyed this section because it was very carefully organized. There was so much information that I was actually missing from the Future Tense that I just recently realized. I hope that the ne
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Prairie Grove
This unit talked about the past tense mainly. Actually to English-speakers it is hard to say what, why and how about the grammar which we are using. So this unit gave me idea of all past tense grammar
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This unit focused on the future tense. The future tense can seem to overlap with the present tense, thus one must be aware of the rules provided in this study unit. This unit seemed fairly easy at fir
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This unit introduces the present tenses in the English language: Present Simple Tense, Present Continuous Tense, Present Perfect Tense and Present Perfect Continuous Tense, elaborating on their form,
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In this unit we have learned basic English grammars. And, the lesson mostly covered the sentences structure and its linguistic side following by: The sentences structures, some grammar terms and most
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Unit-2 is where real learning of the English language begins.This unit is the base,the ground or foundation to the English language, and the key to constructing a sentence that would even make sense
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What is interesting about this unit is how how teacher feel about course books.Authentic material which can be used as course books are unlimited,creative and in my opinion, interactive.I think teache
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first lessons can be carried out with new groupr or already existing groups and in case of new groups it is important to establish a rapport, engage students and find out about their individual needs.
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evaluation can be carries out in the form of tutorials, by students or tests. tutorials can be group based and they give an idea of the progress. finding out what the students like or dislike can be u
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This unit introduces the past tenses which include past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. It gives the forms of each tense, the usage and also some mistakes and errors
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Teaching aids are very instrumental in the effectiveness of teaching-learning processes. Speaking of technological devices and equipment has become a must for teachers to familiarize with and make use
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Rapids City
This unit covered the various characteristics that make a good teacher, many different roles that a teacher will take in the classroom, characteristics of a good student and differences between certai
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The tense system is probably different in a lot of countries. So learners who come from countries which are not from the environment of the English language will probably have some difficulties to lea
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The teaching-learning process is contingent upon two paramount elements: teacher and students. The teacher should play his or her roles in appropriate and beneficial way. The teacher is, in fact, a le
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There is no doubt that studying this unit helped me tremendously to retake certain contents, specifically modal verbs. Despite the fact that I was able to understand and teach them, there very several
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I wrote about the European Portfolio for Student Teachers of Languages (and translated it to Chinese) for my thesis, where it also closely related to The Common European Framework of Reference for Lan
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There are two productive skills that require thorough preparation:speaking and writing.I have personally found teaching writing skills to be much more demanding as the Italian students have a differen
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The unit ' Teaching New Language' covered three major components in teaching a foreign language, which are the teaching and the selection of the new vocabulary to the students, the introduction of new
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In the teaching career of every English teacher, it is inevitable to teach special groups. For example: English learning and promotion of in-service personnel in the company. In this process, we need
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Richton Park
Unit 9 focused on how to properly create and use a lesson plan for the classroom. First was explained when it is relevant or not to use a lesson plan and that it is recommended for inexperienced teach
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The future tense is one of the important tense whenever you want to speak or write about future plans; however, the future tense is a complex tense because of the similarties and differences between e
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Ridge Farm
The final unit lists and defines potential problems that can arouse in the beginning and throughout the English lessons. It shows good examples on how to tackle the problems, such as reluctant student
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This unit was a great refresher for me as I took a phonetics and phonology course in college for my linguistics major. A couple of points were covered which I did not previously learn about in depth s
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This unit gives an introduction of grammar. It tells how to organize a simplest basic sentence by subject, verb and object. And each word in a sentence shall be classified according to its purpose and
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The unit discussed the two fundamental classroom roles, those of teachers and of learners, and not only covered general qualities of each, but also went into specific sub-roles that an effective teach
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This chapter was a good exposure for me regarding productive skills: speaking and writing. In order to teach these skills. The book mentions accuracy and fluency activities. Accuracy activities are us
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This unit is mainly about the teaching equipment and teaching aids which teachers should know how to use them to make lessons more interesting,effective,and less dependent on the text book. It illust
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Rising Sun
When teaching new language you are teaching vocabulary, grammar and different functions. According to the textbook. there are four things that students need to do with new language; be exposed to it,
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River Forest
This unit provides a good overview of the uses of the present tense in English. These are the Present Simple, the Present Continuous (also known as Present Progressive), the Present Perfect and the Pr
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River Grove
As a fluent English speaker, the unit was very difficult because I never thought about pronunciation and articulation with this much emphasis. Through conversations, the sentences just fall of our mou
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In school we are taught the concept of cause and effect, "if>then" but until this course I didn't realize it has some many conditions and complexities. There are five conditional forms of grammar. E
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In this lesson I have learnt about Engage-study-Activate methodology of teaching. I have read a lot of examples in which detailed explanation of minuses and pluses of every approach is included. Moreo
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I learned about the qualities of a good learner and a good teacher, which is important because I want to succeed in my position as an English teacher. The more that I know about students and the more
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While I already knew all of these basic grammar concepts, it has been a while since I visited them from an educational perspective. It gave me a good refresher and help put me in the perspective of a
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This was a very useful lesson to look at how a real class might look. I found myself becoming almost angry when watching the first video because the teacher was so rude and intimidating to the student
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This unit was very helpful as I was able to learn different methods of reading and listening. One important aspect that I gained from this lesson is that it is important to integrate different topics
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The future tenses are all about the timeline much like the past and present tenses. However usages can also be determined by certainty and the time in which a decision was made. Although some of the
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This unit covered quite a number of topics. Modal verbs can express different ideas such as obligation, probability, prohibition, ability and advice. It can also control the formality of the statemen
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Rock City
The unit summarized many basic communication techniques of the teacher, such as eye contact, gestures, and voice. By using the techniques, teachers can make the classroom environment more comforting a
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This unit was helpful as I was able to see the difference between a successful lesson and a non-successful lesson. Many aspects of planning and holding a lesson are important, and without being thorou
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An effective teacher knows how to motivate students while also being sensitive and patient. Both young learners and adult Learners should be willing to learn. Teachers should asses learning ability ba
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This unit allowed me to focus on my knowledge of teaching productive skills and alert me to the common issues students may face while learning this skill (i.e. - punctuation, spelling, handwriting, or
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It will be an easier ride for the students to learn effectively with the schools using the tests in this unit to organize the types of learners in accordance to their language levels (placement); in t
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This unit deals with productive skill which are writing and speaking. They both are important. However, very often writing is neglected by both students and teachers. Students want to focus on speakin
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The subject of unit 9 is the planning of lessons. Notes are given on why to write a lesson plan, how to write it and what should be included. An example plan is given as well as empty forms for a less
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Unit one provided an overview of the roles of a teacher and a learner, as well as, the descriptions of personalities and qualities of both. The Unit also explained and compared the different types of
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Rose Hill
This unit is focused on teaching the receptive skills: reading and listening. Reading through this unit reminds me a lot of my personal experience of learning foreign languages. Although listening, re
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This Unit titled "Parts of Speech" provides an excellent template to expedite a clear infrastructure for the learner's understanding. A thorough comprehension of this material will definitely enable
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