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This unit covered the fundamental interaction points between the Teacher and Learner roles in the classroom. It elaborated on the different roles a Teacher may assume during their time as instructor w
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In Unit 3, I really gained my knowledge regarding development of the course because it specifies what students should be able to do as result of their taking a course. It also provide a starting point
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Well, I am disappointed in the fact that the video didn't address the phrasal verbs for I find it a little confusing, but it's ok, I realized that not everything can be giving and for that reason, th
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Within the teaching of English for the foreigners there are several types of groups of learners that one might involve in. There are five classifications of special groups: 1- Beginners. 2- One to
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This unit has taught me the difference between authentic and non-authentic materials, and how to use them effectively. As a Corporate English Trainer, I've always used both authentic (materials from r
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Frog Creek
The demonstration videos clearly show the effectiveness of having a well thought out lesson plan and positive attitude. Also, they showed how different the results will be if the teacher clearly expla
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Today I have learnt how to teach different groups of students and what the differences between them. I also have learnt some dos and don’ts while teaching young learners - like not to use only one a
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Chapter 19 focused on teaching special groups such as beginners, individual students, children, business people and monolingual and multilingual classes. This was an extremely helpful lesson because I
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This unit reviews two important grammar elements: conditionals and reported speech. Conditional tenses are used to speculate about what could happen, what might have happened, and what we wish would h
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Garden Valley
In this unit I learned that modals can be used to expressed different ideas. The modal "must" expresses obligation, the modal "might" expresses possibility/probability, the modal "may" expresses permi
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The successful learning presses in the class the teacher must not only have good subject knowledge but also effective pedagogical skills. That’s about psychological, metadological, motivation in dif
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This unit reviewed various possible issues that may arise in the classroom from different activities or trying to teach certain things. As always I really appreciate all of the examples the unit provi
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This unit is very exciting! It allows me to visualize what running an actual classroom with an awesome lesson plan would look like. In addition of providing knots and bolts to formulating a good lesso
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I made it, it felt a little long, but I made it. In this unit I loved learning about how to cope with students on different levels, because it's so common, because everybody is different and therefore
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i have learnt a lot in this study unity and i found it very useful to me especially when it comes to selecting of conditionals and reported speech that could be suitable to class i believe this lesso
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This unit gave me a general idea about the beginning of the teaching process How to be a good teacher, how to detect language levels, how to find an approach to different age learners how to detect a
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I realize this is the last unit..i had fun doing it but i mess up some..haha..never mind What i learnt on this unit is that you have to be prepared for the class,you might have good student or bad
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I wasn't surprised to learn that a complete knowledge of grammar would take four years to learn as I have struggled with the terminology throughout the unit and only feel a slight grasp on the subject
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Teaching ESL to children is challenging but also very rewarding. Children have a short attention span, and so It is necessary for the teacher to slow right down before starting to teach. Teaching chil
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This unit is beneficial in that it ensures a comprehension of terminology which native speakers may not be aware of. This is is necessary as it improves the ability to research materials as well as sh
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This was a good unit. It had a lot of text and all of it was interesting and useful. When I first started reading the part of teaching business english I thought to myself "Well I will never teach thi
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In this unit I learned about the methods of evaluating students levels and progress. Some ways to evaluate a students language level are through tutorials, evaluation by the students, and tests or exa
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Words or phrases play the roles of various parts of speech depending on their position and meaning in relation to other words or phrases in a sentence. Parts of speech include nouns, verbs, adjective
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This unit was both very useful and slightly difficult for me. As a native English speaker I don't often consider the technical elements of speech. I picked up most of my language ability from reading
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Glen Haven
I've learned a great deal about the importance of proper pronunciation training to students in this lesson, as well as was introduced to the Phonemic Alphabet. I had seen certain symbols in this alpha
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This unit dealt with the many types of equipment and teaching aids that can be used in the various ESL classrooms. The golden rule is to always remember to have a back up plan in regards to using tech
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Even though the introduction states that it doesn't complete coverage of the whole grammatical system, it most certainly includes all of the most common areas that i am likely to find myself teaching
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There are many obstacles that teachers may have to face, but they can be overcome by being adaptable and paying attention to where students struggle. It is essential that teachers establish a rapport
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In this unit we tackle potential problems a teacher may face in a classroom. On the first day, one may be faced with a class of students who know each other vs. don't know each other. There could be m
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Glenwood City
In this unit I learnt about many more components of the English langauage, namely auxiliary verbs and relative clauses. As with all this units I think it's lacking a part where the unit could have a s
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This unit explores some of the features of the materials and the course books used to deliver the lessons. I learned the ways to used them according to their differences, advantages and disadvantages.
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This unit will help you to think to categorize your students specially if you don't have experience in teaching yet. Whether you want to teach adults or children this unit covers the important points
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Course books are a valuable tool and should be utilised as a base for the lessons but not as the only tool. The percentage of use should be at the teacher discretion. The inclusion of authentic materi
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In this unit, I have a better understand of Modal Auxiliary Verbs, such as can, could, have to, may, might, shall, should and so on. All of them can use to express different ideas. For "could, may and
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Here we learn how to work with vocabulary correctly and what aspects we shoud to know to teach our students(for example,teachability - beginners students need very clear and visual language).Also, we
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Grand Chute
Unit 1 gave me an understanding of not only the things that make a good teacher but spelled out to me the types of students I may have in my English class. A teacher should be kind and patient, love
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Grand Rapids
This unit explained a very clear and consistent way to help students better understand how to make the sounds we use in the English language through the use of the International Phonemic Alphabet. In
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From this unit i have learned about modal, phrasal verbs and passive voice.So, i wanna say that it was the most diffucult unit for me. All this verbs have a lot of rules and features and only more pra
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Normally, the tense in reported speech is one tense back in time from the tense in direct speech: She said, "I am tired." = She said that she was tired. You do not need to change the tense if the repo
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This unit looked at different techniques (case studies, frameworking ect.)that can be applied to various business contexts to teach BE. I learned how to incorporate different websites into my lessons
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In this unit, I learned about modal verbs, phrasal verb, and passive voice. The lesson went over why they are used, and there were examples of how they are used. These verbs are used in conjunction wi
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I learned some General Terminology related to English Teaching, some of them I was familiar to. I also read about how English has become so important in business since now business are Global, and com
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Green Bay
Lesson planning is important for the teacher and the students. The lesson plan provides objectives and structure to the lessons. It should include timing for the objectives and phases but it should al
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Green Grove
There are so many different testing options but they should all be used for certain things. through testing, you see where your students are in the language you are teaching, how fluent they are and a
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Green Lake
This unit helped me to better understand the basic parts of speech. The lists and examples of different parts of speech as well as clarification of certain exceptions to these lists helped me to unde
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Green Valley
In this lesson I have learnes that there are two types of materials: authentic (not designed for EFL students, not graded by level, real, interesting)and non-authentic (designed by the teacher, crossw
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Even though this was a short chapter, I think it was one of the most useful. Rarely will a teacher get a perfect dynamic in the classroom, filled with motivated students at about the same level and a
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In this unit I learned some common challenges that teachers face in their first lessons and methods to help overcome these challenges. I learned that it is not useful to use the book in the first less
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Unit 5 covered a wide variety of teaching themes for the business English classroom. First it covered case studies, which are good for working on language skills and opportunities. Case studies work b
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This is the type of information and training I wish I had when I was teaching in Japan. Teachers were given a lot of freedom on how they wanted to teach (within the framework of the NOVA method) so li
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