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When reading about this I found it really helpful to draw from my own experiences and how some of these problems have come up. I find that a lot of good teachers are more able to adapt and handle the
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As I have worked in educational college for many years helping tutors with the use of audio-visual materials within their classes on many different subjects and themes this unit has been an easier com
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Elk Grove
In this unit I have learnt about the right ways of examination the students. We have many type of tests and for each type there’re a right time to apply it, for example a diagnostic test is usually
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Elk Mound
This unit outlined how to deal with some potential trouble areas. It is important to build rapport between the students and teacher and amongst the students themselves. This can be done through get
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Unit 1 gives us an overview of the course, showing us what we may look forward to as well as clarifying certain details regarding teaching business English in different countries. It is especially imp
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This unit was quite interesting for me as it went into detail and explained how often and when you should use the different teaching materials. One never realizes that there are so many teaching tools
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In my point of view, grammar is the most complicated part of studying the English Language. In this unit; I was given the change to review the lesson about the conditional clause and reported speech i
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This unit faces the topic of teaching to different types of classes: teaching beginners (absolute, false, adult, young and beginner without Roman alphabet), teaching individual students, teaching chi
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This unit was about teaching different types of students other than the "general" one. In other words things like business English, as well as the variations in approach between teaching chidlren, adu
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It's very important for the teacher to revise basic English grammar points once in a while, because grammar is something we use everyday without even thinking about it, but when teaching kids it's vi
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I have struggled to teach new grammar with students before, but after reading this unit I understand how to teach grammar step by step with ESA lesson plans. There are so many factors when considering
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I found this unit really helpful. The information on first lessons is helpful with getting to know students and their levels and needs so I can plan ahead for the course and meet the students needs .
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In this unit about troubleshooting, I have learnt about different types of problems that may occur in an English classroom and how to solve them. I have understood the solutions required in order to h
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I have learned different types of conditionals, as like zero, first, second, third and mixed conditional and the difference between them. Now, i feel myself more confident in this area. And of course
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Unit 19 focuses on how to teach special groups of learners, namely, young and individual learners, clients, and beginners (who can be divided into several categories: absolute and false beginners, adu
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Erin Prairie
There are a variety of materials that can be used by a teacher. From this unit, I learned the importance of using a variety of materials. Authentic and non-authentic material both have advantages an
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The way a class is managed, including how the teacher interacts with students and how the desks/chairs/tables are arranged, is important in attaining maximum effectiveness in teaching and learning. Fo
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I took a day or so off to think about the units to this point and to catch up with the units in the Harmer text. I enjoy the units involving the nuts and bolts of teaching such as the classroom manage
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In this unit we look a little deeper at structuring a lesson. There are different methodologies, activities and learning approaches that can be used at various stages of the lesson like frame working,
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In Unit 2, My knowledge increased regarding the teaching methodology that I can apply to my teaching job as of now. Knowing the role and set of responsibilities in different situation dealing with the
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This unit has created a great amount of curiosity in me as to how to begin my teaching career from a technology and its usage perspective. The resources and devices available now are truly incredible.
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The unit deals generally with the different teaching materials like OHPs(overhead projection), cassetes, video recorders, boards, dictionaries, cards, among others both the ones that will enhance teac
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Through this unit I took a look at types of classes English teacher might come across and learnt some techniques and useful tips for any kind of special groups. Types of beginners that are: absolute b
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This unit accesses the teaching of diffferent group of learners;ranging from the young learners who are good at capturing languages easily though with a short attention span of which the teacher needs
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On a holistic level, during this unit, I learned about teachers and learners. In particular, this unit discussed the various roles of teachers within the classroom and the characteristics of different
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This unit focuses again on grammar and phrases. Specifically, the passive and active voice. This has been combined with other grammar like future simple & past participles. Transitive voice also u
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Teachers may encounter many common problem situations but how do we properly deal with the problems? This unit gave us some good ideas. For example, when teaching a large class, we may like to use wor
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This unit served as a reminder of all that goes into reading, listening, and interpreting material. I hadn't thought much about the different contexts in which people read and listen to information. I
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Unit 1 of this course provides an overview of each unit, introduces the different settings, topics, and conditions in which one might teach business English, and explains some professional terminology
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Unit 12 enumerated the techniques of teaching the productive skills, which are speaking and writing. Speaking is usually more focused upon than writing, even though it is an equally important skill.
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This unit concentrated on teaching various special groups of students, including teaching beginners, teaching children, teaching individual students, teaching business people, and teaching monolingual
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This unit covers how a teacher should handle different classroom environments, situations, and dynamics. While each type of classroom has its charms, teachers should be able to adapt to all of the typ
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This unit discusses the common situations and problems one might encounter as a ESL teacher and offers methods for coping with the situations as they arise, in addition to giving general info on what
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This unit did not comprise much new learning for me. Once again it was useful to have the resources given in the course work-book. It is very true that coursebooks are a dividing topic among language
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This unit gave an examination of modal auxiliary verbs phrasal verbs, relative clauses and full description of the meaning of passive voice. Basic rules imply there are applications to the meanings of
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This final unit gives tips how to manage the first lesson with a new class. An introduction is of course important and an establishment of a rapport between the teacher and class (and possibly also be
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Fond du Lac
The success of the teaching and learning process rests on how the teacher employs methods, strategies, or techniques in teaching. The most common methodologies used in teaching English are discussed i
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This unit focused on teaching special groups. When teaching students its important to identify if they are an absolute beginner, the false beginner, the adult beginner, the young beginner, or the begi
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It can be difficult to remember the different structures for grammar tenses. This unit was helpful in that it gave good examples and structures for use with the different present tenses. The small dif
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As a teacher, you may be teaching a variety of groups. Beginners students include people with a range of skills and will have different needs in terms of teaching. Teaching an individual student can a
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Fort Atkinson
This unit provides an overview on troubleshooting common problem situations in the classroom. It begins with building rapport on the very first day of class so as to prevent such problems. Using 'warm
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Fort Winnebago
We see Coursebooks and lesson materials in this unit. Thanks to this unit, we realise the advantages and disadvantages of the coursebooks. On the other hand, wee learn what authentic and created mate
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This was a short unit, but that belies the difficulty in thinking of grammar usage and when the specific forms are used. I wrote previously about how all the grammar sections are important and I will
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This unit gave the most practical knowledge so far, as it allowed for a first hand look into the actual incorporation of the skills taught thus far. The difference between the first and second video i
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Fountain City
This unit was a good overview of how to work with reluctant students, work with large groups and work through the first lesson with a new group. I agree that establishing rapport with students is supe
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Fountain Prairie
In Unit 2 we discussed the parts of speech. The unit gave a simple but very clear explanation of each part of speech from nouns and verbs to conjunctions. The unit also gave an explanation and some e
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Fox Lake
This unit covered problem areas that all teachers face and how to deal with them. Problem areas include such things as designing first lessons and building rapport with students, warmer activities to
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A variety of teaching aids and equipment are used in the classroom/study center to make lessons more interesting. Most have the following: a board, an Interactive Whiteboard, an overhead projector, wo
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Unit 1 Overview Unit 1 has taught me the personality traits and the relationship skills needed to be able to fully engage with his/her students. For example a good teacher needs to be empathetic towa
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In this unit, I learned about different strategies teachers should use when establishing their classroom. Teachers should take into account the different personalities, ages, and nationalities of stud
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