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This final unit detailed some common situations that can cause problems in the classroom, and explains strategies for dealing with these problem situations. I gained some insights into starting a new
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I am looking forward to teaching my first class some time soon and putting all of this in to practice. After reading this chapter i am almost wanting to use a multilingual class and having everyone le
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A good teacher is one who is kind and patient, has a good understanding of the material, can build rapport with students, and has a good understanding of his or her students' strengths and weaknesses.
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This unit talked about the importance of equipment and teaching aids in a classroom. It talked about multiple equipment and their purpose or usage. It even talked about potential problems and disadvan
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This unit is a good insight into which group a person will be teaching English. There are a lot of different groups who are learning English. I personally teach English to children so this unit was in
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I really appreciate this unit as it allowed me to take a moment to consider what types of class I would be most interested in teaching. The unit was very clear and concise in what all needs to be take
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This unit was focused on evaluation and assessment. In all fields and walks of life assessment is generally stressed and yet underutilized and underused! This unit again stressed that we must know o
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Baileys Harbor
The two productive skills are writing and speaking. The rules for writing English can be especially difficult. It may be different in many ways for non-native English writers. Examples of the diffe
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This chapter looks deeply into the modal auxiliary verbs , the separable and inseparable phrasal verbs, the active and passive voice, as well as how these knowledge could be passed on to the student
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Balsam Lake
There are multiple measures of students language levels such as tests, tutorials, and student evaluations. Teachers often use short periodic progress tests to gather information on how the students ar
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Unit 5 was helpful in the sense that it explained the importance of non verbal communication. Although teaching english should involve verbal communication, it is also important to remember that our n
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This unit covered the different conditionals and their differences, spanning from zero to first to second, third and mixed conditionals. It helped inspire with ideas on exercises that a teacher could
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This unit we learned about the different types of tests for students to take before during and after a language class and the different purposes they serve. I always knew that there were different typ
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Unit 20 talks about the different types of troubleshoot you can run into. There can be common problem situations that can arise at any given time. The unit covers way in which you can tackle this prob
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This unit provided a general overview of English grammar without going into too much detail about the numerous exceptions to the general rules of English grammar. The most basic element of grammar is
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This unit covered teaching special groups of students, ranging from the workforce with students who are 40-50+ years old who need it for business, to multilingual classes. I appreciated that although
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We basically have 2 types of evaluation and testings. The first type is the internal testing, which contains progress tests, diagnostic tests, placements tests, the second type is the external testing
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As I have mentioned in the last submission, I will keep drilling my skills to create new examples with the Past simple, past continuous, past perfect and the past perfect continuous, we might have c
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This unit is about using the passive voice, phrasal verbs, and modals. There is a handy list of modal verbs that has the usages of each as well as examples in both the present and past tense. The unit
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This unit allowed me to focus on a variety of circumstances I may encounter while teaching certain groups of students. After reading this material, I feel more confident in my ability to produce a sol
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Bass Lake
Expose students to as much of the language as possible is perhaps the most effective way of learning a new language. ESA techniques may help the teacher to reach this objective by offering an intuitiv
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This unit provides a useful overview of classroom management. As in previous units, it points out the importance of teachers balancing being friendly and relaxed while still maintaining discipline and
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The array of resources we have available as future teachers makes me super happy. I'm glad I was born in a very resourceful era, where computers and internet are evolving everyday. Furthermore, the wa
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Bear Bluff
This got to be one of the most interesting chapters. As a native speaker myself, I speak without giving stresses or intonation a careful thought as it came so naturally. I also didn't know about the e
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Bear Creek
There are four types of past tenses. Each tense can be affirmative, negative, or a question Past Simple is the first. The basic sentence structure looks like this: subject + verb-ed. Past Simple is u
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Bear Lake
The conditionals are one of the most difficult topics when I started to learn English. Beside three basic conditioning sentences, there are Zero conditionals and mixed one. Learners rarely use mixed c
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I learned the variety of teaching methods for EFL. It was very interesting for me, and I think every teacher should learn about teaching methods (specifically thinking of college professors). I also w
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Beaver Brook
Unit 15 describes the need and the different kinds of examination and tests. There are 5 kinds of tests – placement tests, progress tests, diagnostic tests, practice tests and external examinations.
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Beaver Dam
In this unit, I learned about the different parts of speech, including nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, pronouns, and conjunctions. Nouns denote people, places, and things. Adjective
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This section focused on teaching the two receptive skills in language; reading and listening. The unit explains that both skills are of equal importance to each other and the productive language skil
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Having previously taught in Japan, I can understand the importance of cultural understanding when teaching. However, I didn't receive "formal" teaching training when I went to Japan, so it was importa
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In this unit I learned about modal auxiliary verbs and their usages. I also learned passive voice and how to form passive sentences in regards to previously studied tenses. Something I learned this un
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Compared to the TEFL course, I learned more about the advantages and disadvantages of teaching adults. I find this more appropriate for my situation, as I aim to teach adults in the future because of
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Belle Plaine
This unit focuses on the use of coursebooks, created materials, and authentic materials in the classroom. By stating clear advantages and disadvantages and providing examples, it is implied that teach
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This unit was very interesting. The topic under the light was "present tenses". I learned about different types of tenses and their affirmation, negative and question form. Types of tenses that were l
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In this section we learned about the different types of equipment and teaching aids to that are used in a classroom. The most effective aid teachers have found is a cassette recorder/CDs, for the stud
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It's actually the most difficult unit but it's the most informative. All the things mentioned in this unit are all new to me. I have learned a lot. The samples of lesson plans in Business English will
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On this unit..i learnt that resource are everywhere this days and knowing how to use the resource is important for ESL lesson planning.. for example a projector the display it in the class and show me
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In this unit, I learned about different techniques for teaching different themes. Macroscopic techniques fit different situations depending on what the learning objectives are--each one has its own ad
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This unit was one of my favorites because it covers the many different contexts' when it comes to teaching a language. There are many students that come from various backgrounds, varying in their age.
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This unit on conditionals, direct, and reported speech was very clearly presented. Working with second language speakers conditionals can be tricky for them to understand based on their level. This un
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When teaching beginners we have to take into consideration in which group they belong: absolute or false beginners, young or adult students or even beginners without Roman alphabet. Absolute beginners
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After completing this unit I have known about the cultural issues we should be aware when teaching. Fostering global awareness and international collaboration in classrooms are so beneficial to studen
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UNIT 11 focuses on teaching receptive skills, which are reading and listening. By working through this unit, I learned that listening activities might be more challenging to some students because the
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Big Bend
There are many resources, equipment and teaching aids that can be used in the classroom. Not all of them are available at all times, but is good to know which ones can be incorporated to have an effec
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Big Falls
When we teach/learn a language we should pay attention to all four skills – listening, speaking, writing and reading. Unit 11 paid close attention to listening and reading – so-called receptive sk
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Big Flats
Unit 17 outlined various teaching aids and equipment that can be used inside and outside the classroom. Teaching aids are important to enhance lessons, making them more interesting, effective, and all
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This unit provided excellent information on resources to use in the classroom. I appreciated the listed advantages and disadvantages of using something as familiar as a whiteboard to an overhead proje
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Birch Creek
There are many different methods and techniques a teacher can use to teach a foreign language. The method that a teacher chooses will depend on the culture and ability of the class and the personality
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This unit gives us an overview of the different specialized groups of people that an EFL teacher would commonly come across during his or her career. This requires different teaching skills to suit th
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