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Deer Creek
There are seven different ways to speak or write in a future tense or to talk about the future. Future Simple looks like this: Subject + will + verb. This is used to make predictions, promises, and s
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After i studied this course i realised the difference between modal auxiliary verbs.Also after i studied this course,i understand the degrees of certanity and formality.I understand the mistakes which
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This unit was exceptionally boring. There was again a really fabulous list of resources, but this unit does not deserve to stand alone as a unit. It would be rather better suited to an appendix of res
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In this unit, I learned about some of the more subtle aspects of English grammar - for instance, the passive voice, phrasal verbs, and modal verbs such as may, might, need to, must, have to, have got
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This unit describes some of the materials we could use to resource authentic and non-authentic materials for the class. A few links are provided but that is of course very fluid since new sites can al
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Dell Prairie
certain problems may arise in the classroom, however, skillfully using a variety of techniques will help control most issues. Building rapport and warming exercises will help with first lessons and pr
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In the unit covering all forms of Future Tenses, the seven methods for expressing the future are detailed. Some of these tenses are repeated from the lesson on Present Tenses, but with good reason, a
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In the last unit of my TEFL course I took a look at some of the most common problem situations teachers can encounter in the classroom. One of them is the first lesson, how to establish rapport on the
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This unit went over modal verbs, phrasal verbs, and the passive voice, which are the last (but certainly not the least) of the basic grammar concepts that I would expect to encounter in the curriculum
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From this unit, I've learnt different teaching equipment and aids. There are 15 teaching aids we can use in different classes in order to make lessons more interesting. Usually in my classes, I use co
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Teaching a variety of students can lead to many unique situations that will force the teacher to adapt to a changing classroom. Each student will be at a different level and have different motivation.
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This unit covers modal verbs more in depth, explaining their uses and differences more clearly. Modal verbs like “should” and “have to” may seem very similar, but have subtle differences in me
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This unit served as a resource to learn about all the different types of test that can be utilized to gage the progress of students. It also gave useful information on english exams students may have
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Diamond Bluff
The activities in class should be kept various, so that learners will not get bored. Base on the characteristics of a class, teachers may choose different ways to approach students and achieve a lesso
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This chapter dealt with the modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice section and was the last grammar section of this course. It was very difficult to understand the subtle differences in meanings vers
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Being a teacher means meeting different situations everyday. You need to face different groups of people, different charecters and different nationalities. It is a small chalange everyday, especially
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After studying this unit I have known about the importance of teaching methods (approaches) for ideal results in education. Every teacher develops a particular way of going about the complex task of t
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This unit was tricky for me because writing and speaking always seemed to go hand and hand in my mind, but they are two different beasts that are simultaneously intertwined. I never thought about how
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In this last section we learned about ways to troubleshoot problems that may and most likely will arise when teaching a class. First, there are some benefits and disadvantages to teaching either a new
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The unit is talking about special groups like beginners (that I am dealing with them now), individual students and children. For children part we should be completely a different person even more like
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This unit covered common problem situations in the classroom. It includes the two categories for the first time classes: new group and existing group. It also some suggestions of activities to do du
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the content of this study unit has been so helpful to as a trainee and it helps me to get a better understanding of english grammar.however i have learnt a lot about parts of speech and now i am confi
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The unit introduces the different roles and teaching methods necessary to be successful in a business English classroom. Discussed are the benefits and challenges of teaching adults vs. kids and 1:1 v
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The past tense was the focus of this unit. All four of the forms were expounded upon. The past simple tense is primarily used for completed past actions. Past continuous is used for actions in prog
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Unit six went over proessional employment and development for teaching business English. It began by going over the general do’s and don’t’s of ESL teaching, such as being conservative and not g
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Successfully utilizing a continuing series of authentic materials in the English language learning classroom is simply a matter of adapting those materials to suit the students’ needs. Authentic lan
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This lesson is all about being able to plan a lesson.A lesson plan act as an aid to planning,a working document and as a record to a teacher.Lesson plan can be formal as well as informal.This unit exp
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Grammars are the tools that we use daily in our communications. Despite these, when it comes to teaching grammars to others - especially students who may not have adequate exposure to English language
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That was a very useful unit. It made me review and consolidate many aspects of TEFL methodology and attitudes. For example, info on adult learners specifics like having to study after the working hour
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This unit discussed some methods for teaching the receptive skills reading and listening, and the productive skills speaking and writing. Emphasis was placed on a balanced approach, where each compone
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Eagle Point
In this unit I learned that there are different types of new classes namely; New groups and Exiting groups. New groups consist of students who are new to the class and do not know each other and is no
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Eagle River
The topic that was discussed in unit 18 was “Modals, Phrasal Verbs, and Passive Voice”. Model verbs in the English language are may, might, shall, should, can, could, will, would, must, have to, h
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East Troy
This unit emphasized the importance of testing at all stages of language learning. Initially testing is done to gauge a student's starting language level and needs. Continuous testing will allow a t
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This unit reflects on how to teach special group of students which could be individual, multilingual or business class English so that they are able to understand and help improve their skills, it als
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This unit listed many possible teaching aids available to the ESL teacher including computers, video cameras, visual aids, photocopiers, and many others. There was even mention of cassette tapes being
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This was a very practical chapter that focused on how to teach pronunciation and proper speech. The components of proper stress within words and intonation within sentences were discussed. Of particul
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Eau Claire
This unit taught me a lot regarding the use and effectiveness of teaching materials such as course books and other lesson materials. I've learned the differentiation between authentic material teachin
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Eau Galle
In this unit I learnt about the system and structure of past tenses is not too different from present tenses, except that past tenses obviously relate to past time periods. I began to see certain simi
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Eau Pleine
This unit was very educational and although it seemed overwhelming at first, I thoroughly enjoyed the mental challenge. The video was exceptionally helpful, it gave clear and concise information that
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Speaking and writing are known as the productive skills because they involve producing words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs. Apart from the obvious differences in grammar, vocabulary and sentence
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For me,as a teacher it is important to understand the various methods and techniques so that you are able to navigate the studying process, make educated choices, so your students boost enjoyment of l
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26. I feel that I now have the skills to create activities that are suited for a business environment relating to specific topics rather than general notions.I understand how to use these activities t
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The future tene is a complex area in the english language with many different tenses and ideas used with future meaning.This unit is however,focus on the ones which are most commonly used.These includ
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Egg Harbor
This unit focused on teaching methods for different age groups, as well as groups with different motivations to learn English, such as ESP. Further, this unit briefly touched on teaching English one-o
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There are many different methods for teaching. Different methods may be more useful and applicable depending on the situation, culture, and skill level of the students. The ESA model for a lesson is v
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This unit covered quite a lot of difficult information. From modals and use of passive voice to phrasal verbs. By far, I found the use of passive voice the most complicated and quite difficult to get
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El Paso
Being able to use correct verb tense and being able to teach it are very different skills. This unit emphasized to me the importance of learning the different uses for each verb tense and knowing how
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This unit was very helpful in that it covered several teaching situations that I envision myself in in the future. Specifically, I desire to tutor students one on one and to help students with specifi
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Modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice, phrasal verbs and relative clauses are examined in this unit. Modal auxiliary verbs express the speaker’s feeling or attitude to a particular verb such as abil
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In this unit I learned the different kinds of being a teacher. From the manager to role model. Every role of teaching is important in different situations. The first unit was also about the different
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