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This last unit discusses troubleshooting. This covered a variety of areas from gaining the students attention and building rapport in an initial lesson, to encouraging students to participate who mi
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Black Brook
I have the learned the roles of both a good student and a good teacher. The good student is motivated, asks questions, and is willing to be corrected, among other things. The good teacher has a good p
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Black Creek
This unit highlighted the importance of creating a simple, easy to follow outline of each lesson and upcoming lessons. Each lesson should allow for some flexibility, but this will enable me as the te
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Black Earth
This unit outlined that there are a variety of ways to express future ideas including by using some of the present tenses with a future meaning. As with the present and past tenses, the future tense
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Black River Falls
In this Unit I have gained knowledge concerning pronunciation and phonology. I learned about different forms of intonation and stress depending on a purpose of a sentence, and what a person really mea
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Black Wolf
This unit was very challenging. It truly can be very confusing to understand the differences between how and when to use each of the 2nd, 3rd and mixed conditional. I think I understand now that the 3
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This unit was the most difficult and a bit confusing. I never realized the different modal verbs until now. I now have a better understanding of modal verbs. I also found the topic off active and p
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In this unit, I have learned the different types of equipment and teaching aids that a teacher could use as a tool to make a creative, encouraging and productive lesson less dependent on the textbook.
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In this unit I have learnt how to effectively manage a classroom. I have learnt the importance of eye contact and gesturing and what not to do - do not stare at students and do not point! I have learn
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This unit talks about conditionals and report speech. Conditionals are sentences expressions such as "if". There are five main conditionals. The zero conditional ( If/when + present tense, present ten
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Unit six served as a review of the past tenses. It reminded me how there are exceptions to most grammar rules in english because there are a large number of verbs that have regular past tense conjugat
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I felt like this unit was a very nice wrap up of the entire course. It kind of anticipated any common issues that might and probably will pop up during teaching that wasn't covered in the previous uni
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I found this unit to be rather insightful. While I knew a few teaching approaches, several of them were new. I found the Engage, Study, and Activate (ESA) method to be incredibly use for my lesson pla
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Blooming Grove
This is the last unit of this programme and it covered some of the common problematic situations that may potentially arise no matter how prepared the teacher is. Hence, I find it especially useful an
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The first video and the second video were to be compared in terms of efficacy of teaching. In the first the teacher started too abruptly, did not portray a positive demeanor, didn't explain the object
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Blue Mounds
There are different types of groups: begginers, individuals, young learners, business English, monolingual groups and multilingual groups. Each group has to be taught and treated according to their ag
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Bone Lake
I learned that course books are helpful and can enhance teaching. However, they should not be solely relied on. Course books are generalized and might not be useful for specific students. Therefore te
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well, the content of unit 1 is quiet simple and understandable honestly i love it because it has been very useful to me as teacher and trainee.for example the first part of this unit briefly explains
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Boulder Junction
The unit is about the equipment and teaching aids. Where it teaches that through what equipment and teaching aids a teacher can teach his/her students and to what maximum effects. Where they are, whit
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This unit focused on lesson planning and teaching methods. I really appreciated the section on the Engage-Study-Activate structure of lesson planning. Before reading this unit, I did not realize that
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three very importante topics were brought by this unit. Modal verbs are also social verbs. Furthermore, it is worthy to consider they are very used in all types of speech. Modals can be taught in many
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This unit introduced the core of the English language grammar. Without grammar language would just be an endless jumble of words. However the many types of nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and so o
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In this unit, I have learned the differences between defining and non-defining relative clauses. I have also come across the types of phrasal verbs, which I still confusing to identify and differentia
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This unit briefly discussed teaching resources to be used in the classroom. The unit covered some positive and negative aspects of various resources such as whiteboards, overhead projectors, interacti
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Bridge Creek
This built on the information for present tenses. The general structure of the simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous is the same. There are activities using pictures, questions, and mi
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This was a simple unit covering the different types of specified groups I might have as an ESL teacher. The reading discussed different teaching approaches according to varied beginner classes, indivi
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This unit I learned about the past tense in the past simple form, the past continuous, past perfect and the past perfect continuous. This was an eye opener of the complexities of the English language.
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In this unit, I learned about the productive skills, writing and speaking, as well as how games can be utilized in the classroom. Writing is one of the most difficult skills, as it requires correct ha
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In Unit 6 I have learnt the system and structure of past tenses. I have learnt that all continuous forms feature some form of the verb 'to be' plus the 'ing' form of the verb. I have learnt that all p
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The second unit helped me to refresh my knowledge in the parts of the speech I can't say that the information was potentially new for me but i really like the way of explaining the terms It is very e
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In Unit 4 - Materials, It was really interesting and knowledgeable regarding lesson planning, materials to use, target language to teach and objectives and aim of the lessons. In my case, I had an exp
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The teaching ideas offered in this unit were very helpful in spicing up grammar topics that are often difficult to teach and learn. Here are some examples of conditional sentences: When students play
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In this unit, I learned about some of the most common problems a teacher might encounter in a classroom and potential solutions. The first lesson can vary between a new group of students and an existi
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It was interesting to engage in more detail about the difference between teaching vocabulary versus grammar. It is important to remember that there is a difference between the two, and that the activi
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This unit is important to help determine how to approach different levels of students. There are many different types of students we might have. From students to adults who are learning for their busi
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This unit covered some of the resources that are often found in the classroom. Examples of them are: the board, interactive whiteboards (IWBs), overhead projector (OHP), the cassette recorder, the CD
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This unit covered the various special groups that one can encounter in the ESL field. The range is from individual students to a more formalized setting like business. Teaching children comes with its
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This unit discusses how various technologies can be used to aid classroom learning. Some of the more applicable technologies include DVDs, CDs, video camera, projector, and computers. I think in this
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Focusing on some of the more nuanced aspects of English grammar, this unit discusses modal verbs and the passive voice. Auxiliary verbs express different forms of modality, conveying different ideas d
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This unit is on teaching aids and equipment teachers can use in a classroom. There is a wealth of resources to bring to students to help them learn and it is important to know how to distribute or pro
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This unit talks about future tense, which in my opinion is one of the more structurally easy but conceptually challenging part of grammar. As the unit has demonstrated, the topic does not involve diff
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Buena Vista
This unit helped me to mentally prepare how to approach teaching different kinds of groups. Teaching young learners and beginners has its rewards and challenges. While generally eager to learn, young
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This unit introduced me to various conditionals and reported speech. Since the conditionals made use of both present and past tenses, they are reasonably confusing, and required greater effort to unde
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Buffalo City
This unit touches on both formative and summative assessments, as well as provided learners with some examples on how a typical placement test looks like. I do know that some teachers get their studen
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From this unit i have learned what kind of equipment and teaching aids could be in the classroom and how to use every of them, to make your lessons and styding proccess more interesting and fruitful f
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In this unit we have covered the different types of students we will likely teach. All the way from a beginner with no knowledge of the language to business people who require certain types of teachin
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The importance of receptive skills can be easily underrated by people who believe that language production is the most important part of learning a new language. It is however, the first skill truly
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Choosing the right teaching aid is very important and we are lucky that we have on hand a multitude of teaching aids to help us bring across an idea or language point . During these last ten or fifte
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There are a few categories of beginner students: The absolute beginner (students have no English at all); The false beginner (students may have studied or been exposed to English before but didn't ret
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Really enjoyed this unit. I have been working in human resources for over 10 years and have found similarities in managing adults in the office. Although the content of this unit may seem like common
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