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In this unit I have learned what makes a good teacher and what makes good learners. I also learned that it is very important to distinguish between different levels of teaching as well as taking cultu
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This unit was helpful, it reminded me the roles of the teacher that I think are very important to keep in mind . As a teacher I don't teach, I provide the the environment , I facilitate the students
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At the moment the tenses are a bit hard for me. I did notice however that when I talk out loud in general I make use of the correct tenses and their forms but trying to understand how it comes about s
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Gull Lake
In this unit, we have learned common problems situation that teachers can have in the classroom. Firstly, it introduced First Lessons, including two types-new group and existing group. Meanwhile, alre
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A very short and informative unit. I learned good techniques on how to engage a new class and understand their english learning needs. Warmers were also a good topic that gave me techniques to engage
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Classroom management is the skill of organising and managing a class in a friendly and relaxed manner while maintaining discipline.In establishing a good rapport with the students,one has to consider
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In Unit 2 I have learnt the rules of grammar. Nouns - Name people, animals, places, things, qualities, states. Adjectives - Used to describe nouns such as people and things. Articles - Indefinite - A
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This unit shows how to learn conditionals and reported speech and learning conditionals well base on the tense learning above. There are 4 basic conditionals and a mixed one, our teachers can use vari
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Brushing up on grammar is always important for native English speakers. We take for granted our grammar knowledge, because we use grammar every day, and never really think twice about it. However, whe
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I think that this will be a very difficult thing to teach. The conditionals are sentences that tell if "this" then "that". So in this way the first sentence is the "conditional" of the second. I find
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Lesson planning is an important part of learning how to teach. Having a guide can help you run your class smoothly and anticipate any problems that may happen during your lesson. I like how the lesson
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This unit covers the concept of lessons plans, their usefulness and reasons for teachers to use them. The three main reasons for their implementation or "functions" are that they are an aid to plann
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I haven't had to study the parts of speech since high school. This is a unit that I will be constantly referring to and acquiring extra materials on. I have ordered some of the suggested grammar books
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Both authentic and non-authentic materials can be of value in the classroom. Authentic materials have been produced for purposes other than the classroom, whereas non-authentic ones are produced for t
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After completing the unit on past tenses, I have realized there are some similarities in the tense forms and this should make trying to remember them all easier. I am really worried my students will
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We are very much in a privileged time when it comes of providing adequate learning tools in the classroom. With a plethora of digital resources at finger tips as well as digital/internet compatible c
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Unit 8 covered all the basic information about future tense: structure, usage, common mistakes students make while learning it etc. The future really is one of the most complex areas of English langua
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This unit talks about introductions to classes and the mixing of ability levels or groups. Impressions are lasting and first impression especially in ESL is very important. The teacher should be frien
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The content of this unit is evaluation end testing.There are several ways for testing and evaluating the students ability with the language: tutorials, evaluation by the students and tests. Among the
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In this unit, we went over some of the potential problems a new ESL teacher may have in the classroom, such as encouraging students who are reluctant to participate, issues based on classroom size, an
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Focus on receptives being reading and listening for various reasons but can be grouped into two main categories either be for a purpose or(and) for entertainment.How to read and listen is a matter of
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I feel that this unit has allowed me to deepen my understanding of the responsibility of a teacher and all considerations that need to be taken into account. For example even something like how simila
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I had many experiences about teaching beginners in my former teaching career. However, I had never teach different groups. In this unit, I learned a lot which can help me with my future teaching area.
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Modals such as should, could, might, can, would and many others have many different usages and help to vary degrees on certainty and the formality of a sentence. Passive voice is used to indicate that
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The parts of speech explain how a word is used in a sentence. In this Unit we have different parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, pronouns and conjunctions, their meaning
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Hay River
This unit has helped me to see the positive points and negative points of some of the teaching methodologies that have been used to develop the ESA method. It is important to encourage the students t
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Assessing students take severals forms.It can be done through tutorials,evaluation and\or test.Thi unit is focus on evaluation and test.Evaluating students is often done by means of a questionaire or
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Hazel Green
Reading and listening skills are the two receptive skills which are necessary to understanding in any language. Within these skills are things like scanning, predictive listening or reading, etc. whi
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Testing and evaluation of students is complex. Not only how to evaluate students, whether formally or informally, internally or externally but how to assess their understanding and their proficiency a
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This unit has taught me about the ways of managing classes. The teacher has to vary his/her postion (standing/sitting, in front of the class or otherwise) depending on the activity, and also his/her v
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A rather small unit that was filled with useful information about what you might run into when in the class room. The different types of students that might be there weather it is different skill leve
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Modal verbs used a lot in normal english conversation. It is very important not only study them but aslo study the differences and how they work towards each other. Another not easy part of English l
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The major takeaway from this lesson is expanding on a teacher's knowledge of appropriate tools to use in the classroom. There are many different techniques to stimulate the learning experience for stu
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After completing this unit, I feel more confident in my ability to teach various groups of students and I have a better understanding of the requirements and behaviors they may portray. The material c
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This unit covers qualities of a "good" teacher as well as important roles of a teacher. It also covers qualities of a "good" learner and motivation of learners. There are several factors listed about
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In this unit we talked about teaching special groups. we have the beginners, the children group and the business group. the beginners and children's group are the most encountered levels but the busin
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Hickory Grove
This unit elaborated on the different ways, particularly testing methods, to evaluate students. By working through this unit, I have learned that many teachers use shorter tests throughout the course
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There are different levels and/or groups of students that will require the teacher to be conscientious and adapt to his/her class. Some examples include: teaching individual students, teaching young b
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Before applying for positions in foreign countries one should familiarize themselves with the customs and cultural differences of the specific country. There are many resource books available for this
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This unit mainly covers conditionals, which are not only very difficult to learn (especially as a non-native speaker), but also to teach. This topic requires quite a lot of thought and preparation in
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Tutorials, evaluations by the students, and tests are only three of the main ways to asses a student’s language level. Among them, Tests are the main instrument used to evaluate the student’s lear
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This unit focused on the different problems a teacher may encounter in the classroom and how to deal with them, for example the number of students in a class, different levels and reluctance to learn
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In this Unit we have covered important information regarding testing and evaluation of the English language in class. Certainly, there are different ways of evaluating the students’ progress as well
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This unit was about different parts of English grammar, the passive voice, transitive and intransitive verbs, and modal verbs. I think this was a good review because things can get really complicated
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The unit explains a varied category of learners any English teacher will probably meet during their time as an ESL teacher. The most important thing which can be learned from the lesson is - Young lea
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This unit was probably one of the more difficult units, yet it was very helpful. This unit helps to re-inforce the different grammatical speeches. More specifically, I could learn about the direct spe
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This Unit incited me to think critically about lesson planning. I was unaware that there were so many teaching methodologies. I gleaned that one should adopt specific methodologies and facilitate cert
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There are lots of tools that teachers could have at their disposal depending on their school’s resources. It is good to use a variety of teaching aids to keep things varied and interesting. A teache
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Honey Creek
In the last unit of the ITTT course, we see troubleshooting which is very important for all teachers. Here, there are many basic troubleshooting techniques we can use in the classroom in case of first
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This discusses about the reinforcing agent in a 21st century classroom. I learned that equipment and teaching aids are important for two reasons. First, they help the learning process become easier fo
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