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New Lisbon
Engage, Study and Activate are elements which are present in a language classroom to help students to learn effectively. Engage is the point in a teaching sequence where teachers try to arouse the stu
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New London
Pronunciation is one of the most important parts of studying English language especially, if you want to improve your speaking skills. Most students are not aware of the use of the phonetics symbols,
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New Lyme
In this unit, I learned every course should have books and teaching materials. The two kind of authentic materials and Created materials. Authentic materials are programs, magazines, newspapers, songs
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New Richmond
In this unit I've learned the importance of various evaluations and testing of students through both internal testing and external. For example, I've learned placement tests are to be done first to de
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This has been such an exciting course to take. Personally, my own English language ability has always been decent. I never struggled to learn English in school. I have always wondered, though, how I w
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Conditionals and reported speech are really difficult to learn for the students. It doesn’t come automatically and has has lots of rules and exactions to it. It should be learned slowly and been tak
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This unit is about trouble shooting. And the importance of building a rapport with the students. There are a few things the help build that rapport with students. This includes asking questions, playi
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Lesson planning is unique to each teacher’s style, but it is important to come to the classroom prepared and organized. Even if you want to have a looser, more freeform style, having some kind of st
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This unit provided information that spanned from multicultural faucets of teaching to important developmental differences between the different ages and types of students. I learned that my approach t
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This unit looked at different kinds of material (authentic vs non-authentic) used in the classroom, their advantages and disadvantages and what to consider when designing non-authentic material. It al
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Classroom management is an aspect of teaching I have no experience with. When teaching in Japan, I was at a conversation school with my largest "class" being 4 students. The greatest management issue
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North Bend
These days, the variance of equipment that can be used to assist teachers and learners is becoming significant. The concentration level of students is now lower due to the attraction of TVs, games, an
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North Lancaster
Defining the types of class enables teachers to adjust their teaching methods. Although teaching young learners can be a great challenge for inexperienced teachers, they still get several tips to get
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I felt that this was one of the most helpful unit throughout the course as in every class you will have some form of issues with students arise. Every student is unique and may have trouble with atten
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Unit 2 was a review of the basic grammar rules and sentence structure. It covered nouns, adjectives, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, articles, gerund, and conjunctions. Although I have learne
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There are many different methodologies for teaching. The one I believe to be the most effective for teaching business English is the ESA method. However, one will need to adapt any method given the si
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Oak Creek
In this unit, we learn so much about teaching pronunciation and phonology such as definition, intonation, stress, the phonemic alphabet, phonemic symbols, articulation and teaching techniques for the
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Oak Grove
Teaching Language can sometimes be boring and challenging it depends on the teacher and sometimes students. This matter can resolved by using course book or creating some materials to make a lesson mo
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This units coverage of pronunciation and Phonology was interesting and in-depth. For second language learners, this will be important to be able to stress so they can properly say the words. The unit
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This unit gives a comprehensive knowledge of a good teacher/learner.From this unit,the teacher/learner roles,qualities and responsibilities are well explained giving one the opportunity to better unde
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Unit 19 clearly explains that different kinds of students need different approach. It concerns not only the age or type of English lesson, but also whether this class is one-by-one or full class. Youn
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This unit breakdown of the present tense serves as a reminder that the present tenses include the present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. The present simpl
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In this unit, I've learned how to assemble materials for an effective lesson. It has allowed me to differentiate between authentic vs. non-authentic materials, while identifying the advantages and dis
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This unit discussed the forms of future tenses. The structure of future tense is also similar to past and present tense; however, “will” (in the appropriate form and place) is added to sentences t
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Oconto Falls
This unit explained possible uses for various equipment and teaching aids. There were also a number of resources, which were listed for future use. As with many of the other lessons, this lesson emp
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This unit focused on conditional and reported speech. The conditionals were zero, first, second, third and mixed. These all had their own meaning. I have never experienced this type of language before
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This unit focused on conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals use the words if and when and are broken into two clauses the if claus and main clause. Depending on which verb tenses are used, t
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Unit 7 discussed teaching vocabulary, grammar and function to English language learners. The portion of the lesson that provided the most clarity to me was how in each section the needs of the studen
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This final unit on grammar is another tricky one. I learned about many thing new about modal verbs, passive voices, and phrasal verbs, while learning about various ways to employ these grammars. The p
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I have learned the correct order of the sentences and the grammar from each word that takes part in the sentence. I will keep practicing each part of the grammar to be able to find the best way to tea
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Learning English as a second language can be an overwhelming and time-consuming endeavor but isn’t impossible. Using outside resources to better help the learning process is often necessary. The mos
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I really enjoyed reading about the suggested activities when teaching the Past Continuous. I feel those activities would be enjoyable for the students, as well as provide a good understanding for them
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This unit discusses differences in lesson implementation between different groups and reasons for learning English. It is particularly important to be aware of the techniques and strategies specific
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In this unit we have learned the kind of materials we can work with during the class. We can use authentic materials, which were not created for the students (newspapers, books, poems, brochures, menu
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Effective lessons follow the Engage, Study, Activate (ESA) structure. The engage stage should arouse students’ interest and involve methods of stimulation such as games (i.e. pictionary, alphabet r
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This unit provides a generalized comparison between authentic materials and created materials, while offering insights ways that such materials can be used. In addition, it provides me with opinions o
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This unit has taught me multiple roles of a teacher should play during class. For example. I feel its good to be a manager when the class is chaotic or out of control. But once this role has been acco
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The content of this unit included good qualities of a teacher, roles of a teacher, good qualities of a student, language levels, and motivation for learning a language. I learned that there are many f
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I've learned that course books are not always the best way to go. Students need variety, material that keeps the interested and motivated on a constant basis. They desire challenges, and not the same
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In this unit I have learnt what kind of the most common problems English teachers usually face in the class. I have learnt how to deal with different sorts of problems, like level difference, reluctan
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I have found a number of things very useful. First, the sample of needs analysis, which I am going to use in my work. Second, the sample of a 10-hour syllable - well-structured and concise. The functi
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Otter Creek
The unit touches on the equipment and teaching aids which are likely to be found or used in any typical EFL/ESL classroom. The uses, advantages, disadvantages and things to note were given a detailed
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It is very important to understand that evaluating students is necessary to help them to progress in their language learning. The evaluations help us see if they understood the content of the lessons,
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In this unit, I learned there are many, many forms and methodologies of teaching, and that each have their pros and cons. Learning about Engage, Study, Activate, I found a lot of positive points such
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This unit focused on learning resources in the classroom. The unit specifically focused on resources such as CD players, OHP, video cameras, photocopiers, resource books, computers, & worksheets, et
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Pronunciation is often overlooked by teachers, but students often struggle with it. While modeling through immersion does help, it can be helpful to specifically focus on pronunciation to some extent,
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The final unit talks about various difficult situation that a teacher may face in a classroom. Students face many challenges when learning English, and these challenges become the teacher's challenges
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After i studied this course i learned the techniques and methods and the ways of motivations for teaching English to beginners.Also i learned that there are differents types of beginners which will he
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This unit broke down various different types of groups a teacher may face when teaching english. The section on young learners was the most interesting to me because I know I'll mostly be teaching ele
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This unit has been very helpful for me. In the situation I'm going into, I expect to be teaching business English, young learners, monolingual groups, and multilingual groups! So all of these sections
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