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As a native English speaker it is easy to speak properly without remembering the rules to various parts of speech. This unit was a nice refresher and very informative. I must admit that I do find geru
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This unit lists various scenarios which could affect the development/progress of my class and it provides creative ideas to help me tackle or cope with some of these situations. It has helped me to un
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This unit gave many useful examples of how to implement different ESA lesson planning structures in real-time. I appreciate the flexibility and versatility of the different ESA lesson plan formats bec
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Learning about the materials and designing a lesson is the only way to have an affective and a meaningful lesson assuring that the students will benefit and learn English from you as their teacher. Pl
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La Crosse
In unit 8 we learned about the forms, usage, common mistakes made by students of English and we also looked at some ideas for activities when teaching Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect,
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La Follette
Evaluation and testing enable teachers and students reflect the level of acquiring new language, and change teaching or learning methods if needed. It is common for students to take some certificates
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La Grange
In this unit I learned a lot about proper equipment and teaching aids to be used for most effective student learning. For example, the usage of overhead projectors and interactive whiteboards, but to
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La Pointe
I've learnt more specifically about what makes a good learner and a good teacher, and how these two can interact to create a productive, healthy class-room environment. I think the unit explained very
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La Prairie
This unit describes the types of the supplimental materials that a teacher might use during the course. The main idea is that every kind of equipment needs to be tried out by the teacher beforehand an
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La Valle
this unit focused on teaching special groups. There are one-on-one groups in which the teacher has only one student. These have many benefits as it drastically increases the amount of engagement of th
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Lac du Flambeau
In this unit, I have gained knowledge concerning conditionals and reported speech. I learned about different conditionals, zero, first, second, third and mixed conditional. I learned about correct usa
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I have learnt from this unit how better and more productive use books and teaching materials, especially course books. Because using course books has it`s own advantages and disadvantages. Course book
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The conditional and indirect speech pattern can be problematic for foreign students seeing the different intricacies of the sentence structure .Practice makes perfect and using it in class in role pl
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In this unit I have learned the levels of testing, the needs analysis, syllabus, testing and evaluation. The importance of each stage of the process of teaching for both teacher and students that allo
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Lake Geneva
This unit covered many grammatical points which are quite fundamental in the learning of English as a foreign language. It includes many terms which I did not know in the past such as "modal auxiliary
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Lake Holcombe
Evaluation and testing are important part of learning. It helps the teacher to determine if the goals of the lesson are met. The test gives the teacher information about the students’ strengths and
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Lake Mills
This unit focused on modal verbs, relative clauses, passive voice, and phrasal verbs. Although I was really familiar with passive voice and relative clauses, I was not as comfortable with phrasal verb
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Lake Tomahawk
This unit was very helpful for me. I learned important grammar on this unit. Model Auxiliary Verbs with Its usages. Teaching ideas, Active and passive voice with its forms and usages, Relative Clauses
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A good teacher can have a lot of various qualities. The qualities that really stand out to me is a teacher that is patient, loves to teach, can motivate the learners, and have strong subject knowledge
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This unit offers many examples of the various uses of phrasel verbs and the charts will be useful in creating lessons to help students distinguish between the many uses. The unit may be complicated f
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Teaching special groups does sound intimidating at first but it really isn’t. In my experience, teaching business English is just as fun and rewarding as teaching groups of adult students of general
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There is many issues in a classroom that would need the teacher to solve a problem. Large classes need are a bit more difficult to deal with than small classes. Having a new group can be difficult a
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This unit reviewed the different learners that you can encounter when teaching English in the field. Reading about the different needs of different age groups reinforced the guidance to approach each
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In this unit, I have been refreshed on how to identify the learner's level of proficiency, conduct a needs analysis, effectively design a course syllabus based on the needs and goals of the learner, a
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The Unit Covering future tenses were much different than the other units so far. This unit dealt with the future tenses. Its coverage was good like the other units. What made it different is that some
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This unit covers some of the most common problems we as teachers can find in our classes and what we can do in these situations where we can, for example, use activities that can help us create a low
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Land O' Lakes
In this unit i have gained knowledge concerning the coursebooks and teaching material. I have learned about the advantages and disadvantages of authentic material, created material, and course books.
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This unit focused on conditionals and reported speech. For conditionals we reviewed the zero, first, second, third, and mixed conditional forms along with their basic usage, form and a few examples fo
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I took a look at past tenses one more time, the past simple, past perfect, past continues and past perfect continues. The unit was very short though, but it covered all the basic information about tho
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The last unit of this course gives an overview of some of the most common problem situations that teachers can encounter when in classroom, as well as ways of dealing with them. When meeting students
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Very encouraging and well explained unit  .  From a psychological  point of view , all the  technics and other methods listed above are as practical as they can be . For the teachers who jus
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This unit was able to provide clear and concise descriptions of the different types of tests and syllabuses that business English trainers can use. The sample needs analysis questionnaire was also qui
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This was a fairly straightforward unit overall, highlighting the pros and cons of the myriad of different types of materials and teaching aids available. I found it extremely useful in determining whi
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Teaching a class involves incorporating a variety of methods. In the beginning it is important to engage the students, get them warmed up to using the language. That could be followed by a sequence wh
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This unit was a pretty good overview of the conditional, and went into the different types of conditional statements and reporting speech. I'm just slightly disappointed because the subjunctive wasn't
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It can be difficult to consider all your options when developing a course. There are so many options to not only organize your lesson plans, but also present it. You can use smart, touch screen boards
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This Unit has really given me an in depth view of the two perspectives in the classroom. The teacher & the student. I truly believe a lot of your motivation as a student has a lot to do with the ty
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This unit has helped me to brush upon upon the various tests offered at many different institutions. There are many different tests utilized in different contexts, such as an ESL or an EFL context. De
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This unit was effective as it allowed me to gain some concrete ideas for each stage of the lesson when using the ESA model. It was beneficial to learn about what sort of activities are more suited to
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The present tense is an important part of the English language. Knowing the difference between the simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous and how to teach it is ess
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Thanks to this unit I have been guided how to teach different sorts of groups, from the very beginners to the business English students. I have learnt methodology and techniques for teaching special g
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In my opinion, I found the future tenses a challenge to be teach to students, their similarity is almost the same and I have to take in count that their are more of the seven stages in the Future tens
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I have learned that the mission of this course is to train teachers to a high standard of knowledge and awareness. Most of the business courses approach the subject in the same way.In unit one they br
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Conditionals are sentences that contain the 'if' clause.A conditional sentence has two clauses;the 'if' and the 'main' clause. There are five main conditionals;zero conditional(if\when + present tense
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Liberty Grove
During this unit I learned that giving ongoing and continuous feedback to the students will not only give the teacher the information needed to evaluate the students progress, but will also give the s
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In this unit I learned the types of classes that I could possibly be managing. With the fellowship I am going on, I now know that I will be teaching in a monolingual classroom. It was also interesting
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This unit discussed the use of conditionals and reported speech. It was a good chance to refresh this information from when I was studying English at the Institute. Conditionals are usually used to ta
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This unit effectively encapsulated the opportunities that English teachers can have should they choose to teach Business English. It also provided a relatively realistic picture of the industry. It is
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Teachers play many roles in the classroom, including instructor, facilitator, mentor, psychologist, counselor, and policeman. Business English can be taught one-on-one or in groups, and are, by defini
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This was an interesting unit to discuss some of the formalities of testing and evaluation. This process is very important for the students. As a teacher, I dread the idea of these tests. Although they
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