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This unit discusses the two receptive skills of language - reading and listening. The unit recognizes an important point on listening - listening does not capture the language like reading does and th
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This unit looks at specialized groups including: teaching beginners, individual students, children, English for specific purposes, monolingual and multilingual class. In terms of teaching beginners,
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i have learnt a lot in this study unity and i found it very useful to me especially when it comes to selecting of course books or teaching materials that could be suitable to class i believe this less
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This lesson was very basic and taught about some warm-up activities and some problems that may arise within the classroom. The most important element I was reminded of from this lesson is that there w
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This unit focuses on teaching English to special goups. How to handle teaching beginners or what to consider teaching multi-language versus mono-language classes. Major parts of the unit are concerned
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I was able to identify the many roles of the teacher an the learner. I have learned the different roles that a teacher has in a classroom and how each one is used when interacting with the students. I
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The unit generally talks about the different conditional statements in English language, ranging form zero condition, first condition, second condition and the third condition. It also goes ahead to t
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Case studies are a valuable, realistic tool in the Business English teaching realm, when appropriately chosen. It might be wise to choose non-authentic case studies, to ensure specific outcomes can be
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The main takeaway of this unit on theories, methods, and techniques revolves around the introduction of the ESA method, engage, study, activate. First, engage the students such as through an interacti
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Cold Spring
This grammar unit focuses on conditionals and reported speech. Prior to this unit, I studied conditionals, the typical if/when statements, but I never learned this terminology of the different types o
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This unit covers different techniques for troubleshooting various scenarios that can arise in a classroom. While a teacher may not run into all of these problems immediately, it is important that when
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This one will take a while to sink in. When I look at the sample sentences, they all make sense to me, because I am a native English speaker. But I can see how they would be incredibly difficult to le
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This unit teaches to use different methods of learning to keep a class engaged. There are multiple teaching methods that have been used through the years that have rendered successful students. It is
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I really enjoyed this unit. It gave great tips and advise on different types of classes/students to expect. It also gave really good tips on how to handle situations that may arise within the classroo
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This was a good activity for a few reasons. One, I sometimes feel myself letting my personal feelings dictate the way that I run a classroom. I must ensure that I avoid my personal feelings dominate m
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In this unit we went over the types of classroom tools and aids a teacher and students could potentially have access to and how to use them effectively. The IWB (Interactive Whiteboard) for example co
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this unit covered 4 major grammar points that learners usually have difficulty with. The first point covered was Auxiliary verbs, a list with common usage(s) and examples was given as well as how/if t
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Cooks Valley
Lesson planning is important for a new teacher because it helps the teacher come to class ready and prepared for the day. Teachers can use lesson planning to create and determine the basic structure o
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This lesson I got to brush up on my knowledge about many past verbs. When it comes to simple past, or past perfect, and also the past continuous verbs, I could remember which ones goes into which cate
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Throughout my scholastic carrier, I have seen all of these methods used. Personally, I found white/chalk board and visuals best. This is because the taking of notes can easily keep pace with the teach
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In this unit, I learned that modal verbs are important in expressing the degree of certainty of any thoughts you are to express whether it is spoken or written. Another important part of speech is phr
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This unit helped me understand the different roles a teacher can take on in a classroom and gave a clearer outline of the different levels of proficiency for language learners. Understanding the varie
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Cottage Grove
There are so many resources available to us as teachers now. We have to be informed and prepared to use many different resources, some of which require training in order to be used successfully. When
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Phonology is the study,science,analysis and classification of the physical properties of sounds.Intonation is the variation in volume and pitch in a whole sentence and carries the message in a sentenc
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In teaching a new language,one needs to enure that the students are introduced to it in a balanced manageable way.This unit therefore drills us on principles such as grammar,vocabulary and functions.T
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Unit two is a fairly extensive breakdown of the parts of speech. It goes over the most basic and commonly known sections of proper speech, such as nouns, adjectives, verbs, pronouns, and adverbs. This
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This unit has given detailed approach to the use of various modal auxiliary verbs such as can ,could ,shall,should,must,might etc.These can be used for expressing attitude like ability,request,obligat
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In this lesson we discussed different issues that come up throughout different lessons; issues such as first-time classes, reluctant students, large groups, etc. The review of different games that hav
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Overall, I thought this unit was very instructive and important in terms of learning to understand appropriate conditionals and grammatical influences towards speech. In the English language, how you
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Cross Plains
In this lesson I have learned that there are 9 true modal auxiliary verbs: can, could, might, may, must, should, shall, will and would. They can be used for different purposes, such as: ability, advic
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This unit is yet another technical unit as it covers grammar. Unit 18 teaches modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice, relative clauses and phrasal verbs. Modals seems to be one of the easier grammar to
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Crystal Lake
Evaluating students' level and progress, as well as some of the common external exams is important to assess students growth. giving students feedback help them to prepare, practice more in the area i
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Cuba City
Unit 20 focused on potential challenges that may arise while teaching an ESL/EFL class. A lot of this unit was review as many of these sections were discussed in previous units. For example, previous
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In unit 3 I leaerned how to assess the students skills and needs to design a syllabus that is relevant to them. This unit further explained how to evaluate students whith different kinds of tests dur
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Again, there are a lot of aspects of the English language that we do not consider as native speakers. Breaking it down, there are many different ways to say the same thing with different implications.
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In this chapter, I have learned about the 46 groups when teaching English and the ways to approach them. The 4 groups are Beginner, 1 on 1, Business/Company, Monolingual, Multilingual and Children. In
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This unit showed just how complex the english language can be. Being able to effectively learn all of the different modal verbs will be a challenging task for english learners, but it will also be a c
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Productive skills(speaking and writing) as well as receptive skills are both important in the classroom.So as a good teacher,one should be able to integrate both skills in the classroom.This is becaus
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I found the part introducing what kind of vocabulary to teach to be very useful. I really enjoy the part where I'm briefed on criterions for choosing correct vocabulary to teach to students, as well a
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Conditional grammar rules can be very complicated as there are many forms a sentence can take when dealing with metaphorical questions. There are 'Zero Conditionals' where the facts are irrefutable, a
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From this unit, student will be able to understand the different usage of conditionals and correct usage of words enable to achieved a correct grammar of the sentence. From the First conditional shoul
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In this lesson, I learned about coursebooks and lesson materials. When it comes to materials, there are two different types. The first type is called authentic materials which are real world materials
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i have learnt a lot in this study unity and i found it very useful to me especially when it comes to selecting of teaching materials and resources that could be suitable to class i believe this lesso
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Course materials include books, authentic materials, and teacher created materials. Authentic materials can be magazines, newspaper, music, video and menus. Teacher created materials can be crosswords
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The last unit is about common problem situations. For example the first lesson we shouldn't teach or even go through the book instead we can play an activity to know each other better and break the ic
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From this unit, I learned that a teacher must play many roles and become adept at switching between then. Great teachers know how to facilitate, monitor, assess, inspire, and motivate their students b
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Lesson plans are important because it provides structure, which shows confidence to the students. If a teacher didnt have lesson plans, they would seem unorganised and potentially the students may not
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I think the English grammar presented in this Unit is essentially a description of Standard English. Standard English is what we were taught in schools, and the English used in the mainstream media. T
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De Pere
I really enjoyed this unit because it helped me organize my brain when using the different forms of the conditional. There are 5 types: zero (present simple), first (present simple+future simple), s
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The two videos in this unit displayed the effect a teacher’s attitude can have in the classroom. When teaching I must remember that negative gestures, even as small as not smiling, can make student
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