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In this unit, I have learned about modals, passive voice, relative clause and phrasal verbs. Modals are words that add meaning to the main verb and is put before other verbs. Modals are used to expres
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This unit reflects the various evaluation techniques that language schools use to evaluate students. It is highly crucial to evaluate students every now and then to check their level of understanding
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The reinforcement of previously taught techniques to assist students further that I found in this unit were a great refresher and allowed me to corroborate my own thinking with regards to troubleshoot
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In Unit 4 for this course, I learned all about materials. I read about the difference between authentic and non-authentic materials including examples and the advantages and disadvantages of each. I f
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After completing Unit 3 I understood that we need to do a needs analysis after some level tests. Needs analysis involves doing some kind of activity with a learner in order to find out what their lear
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This unit has taught me the four aspects of past tense. I have learnt that the structures for past tense are constructed in the same way as those for present tense, and the usages are similar. Past si
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Teaching equipment are a vital aid for teachers to effectively pass on their knowledge to students. However insignificant a tool like chalk or a whiteboard marker may look, it can be the reason for a
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First, this Unit provides an overview of the roles of a teacher and the kinds of learners we may encounter. I learned about the unique problems that are common among adult students. This information c
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This unit was very helpful. I have learnt a lot of grammar: Modals, Phrasal verbs and Passive/Active Voice. I have learnt what kind of modal verbs exist and their correct usage. I have learnt the diff
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Lesson materials and course books are most often provided by schools but a teacher should alo supplement with his or her personal course books and material.Materials can be either authentic(songs,vide
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This unit focused on classroom equipment and teaching aids. Various examples of common equipment and aids were given with descriptions of they're benefits and drawbacks. The items included were; wh
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Unit 16 first discusses the five types of conditional statements, this was a nice review of the different usages for conditional statements that depends on the reality of the condition and consequence
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The last unit of the course is reflecting the brief info about the problems that teacher can face in the teaching profession. This varies from the problems that can arise while listening texts up to t
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In lesson two we are introduced to the basic advantages and problems that we may face while teaching a Business English class that will be obviously oriented towards students that are adults. Apart fr
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I actually learned a lot from this unit, because I personally struggled with my first couple of lessons. I straight went into the lesson without getting to know the students, or getting them to know m
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In my opinion, I feel like this unit should have gone more in depth to the different levels and learners of english and it should have been an earlier unit. It would be helpful knowing how and what to
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Conditionals allow speakers to discuss things cause and consequences, intentions they have for the future, and hypothetical situations. These forms can be confusing, especially the second conditional
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The unit describes the teaching equipment and teaching aids in the teaching process. We are provided with the main equipment as: boards or flipcharts, smartboards, overhead projectors, visual aids, wo
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This was a very helpful lesson, because I could learn about some activities to utilize in a classroom where the Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) are to have students increase their speaking and writ
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There are many classrooms situations and demographics that a TEFL teacher might encounter over their career. To be prepared and adaptive to each context is imperative. The teacher may find themselves
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This unit examines teaching special groups.By special groups,the focus here is on beginners,individuals and children.Beginners can be categorized into absolute,false,adult and or young beginners.Teach
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In this unit, I learned about modal verbs, phrasal verbs, and the passive voice. Modals are used to express obligation, possibility/probability, permission/prohibition, ability, advice, or degrees of
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This unit refreshed my memory and knowledge of basic grammar, specifically parts of speech. Different parts of speech, including nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and articles, serve as the building
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This unit covered a vast collection of special groups. From beginners to business learners. I gave descriptions of what each group is and what they require. It also talked about ways of teaching, pote
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That’s the last unit of the grammar in that course. And there were given a detail information about major usages of modal auxiliary verbs. The most common usage is obligation, that are possibilitiy,
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Its interesting to think that everyone is unique in how they learn and develop their knowledge of a particular subject. You look back at who you were in grade school and the troubles and achievements
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As an educated native speaker from America, this was not a difficult unit to complete and understand. Learning the parts of speech from childhood has impressed upon me proper grammar techniques. The m
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Overall, this unit was on various roles the teacher plays in the classroom and the qualities of both teachers and learners. I learned that a teacher must wear several hats, simultaneously, at times, b
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The final unit focuses on knowing what to do when you come across a bump in the lesson plan, finding ways to get around a problem without interrupting the flow of the class. The section I found the mo
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This lesson taught me about the different lesson approaches when it comes to learning new vocabulary and grammatical structures. Also, I learned about what importance aspects students should learn whe
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This unit is based on some problems\situations teachers encountered in the classroom possible solutions.Some of these problems include having one's first lesson,warmers,a class of students with varyin
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I reviewed basic rules for modal verbs, that they are used for expressing permission, obligation, necessity, possibility etc. Also the structure of passive voice, changes in tenses when we turn active
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Apple River
Teaching phonetics will help students with speaking English more naturally. The lessons can be stand alone or they may be inserted into other lessons. Use of the phonemic symbols will also help the te
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This unit is about conditionals, reported speech, and direct speech. The unit teaches the form and usages of the different types of conditionals: zero, first, second, third, and mixed. It then gives s
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Arbor Vitae
In this Unit, I learned some different methods of motivating a student and keeping them motivated. With so many approaches available, it can be rather difficult in choosing the best one. A lot of it
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In the English language, there are nine true modals auxiliary verbs: will, would, should, shall, might, may, must, can and could. They used before others verbs to express the speaker's feeling or atti
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Teaching Is a great job,it gives a satisfaction knowing that you teach the someone how to speak the language. So how we approach the group is different. Like beginners ,we have to patient because the
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This unit introduces the different types of testings that can be performed in order to determine whether a student is a beginner / intermediate / or skilled with regard to speaking the English languag
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This unit may be seen as helpful in so far as it informs the native speaker regarding the intricacies of reported speech. This unit allows for a clear set of rules to be used when communicating this m
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When it comes to teaching English, it's very easy to find many kinds of groups. Small groups, big ones, several ages, different industries, social and business classes. All of them are aimed to the s
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As I have already taken the online TEFL course, much of this first unit was covered earlier for me. However, given the focus of this course, I was interested to learn about the various possibilities f
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This unit made the astute observation that English learners are not homogenous, even beginners to English fall into different categories that vary in age, prior exposure to English, and motivation to
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Armstrong Creek
It would benefit a teacher to be familiar with modern equipment and teaching aids. Computers and OHPs, although requiring some training and time for setup, can greatly enhance the learning experience.
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The past tense forms are similar to the present forms, but they all take place in the past. The past forms are relative to each other, indicating different points in the past and completion or continu
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In this unit, I learned about the different teaching aids and equipment that can be used to make the lessons more interesting and effective. Some of the resources available in classrooms are the white
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Unit 20 focused on troubleshooting in the classroom. This section taught me how to deal with common problem situations such as how to go about the first lesson with a new group of students versus an e
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This unit focused on teaching equipment and tools. When I started teaching English in a classroom in Mexico, all I had was a whiteboard, markers and a course book. I was able to send word documents to
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Day after day it becomes clear how we need to pay close attention to who our students really are. This unit provides a look on it: we can have, as teachers, students from kindergarten,who have diferen
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Teaching different special groups will comprise of different approaches and methods.There are five categories of special groups.First,will be beginners.Second,individuals or called one to one teaching
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I felt like during this unit, I was unsure about my answers. Although, this unit was quite short and I much preferred that after the last two units. I felt these questions, I could already know the an
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