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Unit seventeen provided a wealth of resources I can draw upon to aid my future students. I had not realized how much more technology has been integrated into the teaching process from when I was last
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There are many different kinds of "beginner" English students, such as absolute, fall, adult, young and beginner without Roman alphabet. Currently I am working with young, absolute beginners without R
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This unit explains and gives important information about how to use teaching equipment and aids effectively to help students` learning in a better way. For instance, visual aids are so perfect for the
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This unit was interesting for me. I learned something again, that I had no idea about. Although I found it a little bit difficult, I did however enjoy it very much. This unit was about modals, phrasal
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First impressions are extremely important and can set the tone for the future of the class and its direction, whether positive or negative. As I begin my teaching career, I always want to remember to
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This unit focused on lesson planning with an emphasis on how to structure and document a lesson plan utilizing the straight arrow ESA method. While reading this unit, I learned the difference between
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In this unit we reviewed the different styles of tests that are typically used for evaluating and grading students on their progress throughout their ESL courses. We also went over the appropriate tim
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This unit was very useful in that it introduces various concepts related to the structure of a class starting with preliminary evaluation to needs analysis, using that to create a syllabus and progres
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I felt that this unit had a lot of information to swallow so I actually read this one twice. At times it was a bit confusing, but I feel that this unit did help me understand phrases verbs and tense m
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This unit was able to provide clear descriptions and examples of authentic and non-authentic materials. It was also able to give a convincing explanation of the importance of creating a lesson plan. I
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This lesson teaches future teachers how to make a lesson plan. it warns not to be stiff and inflexible with it because it can cause classes to become repetitive and boring as well as not leaving you a
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In this unit, we reviewed the special types of students and classes that an ESL instructor may wind up teaching in their career. Young learners vs more matured learners, Business English students, mul
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This unit talks about conditional sentences and reported speech. I found it interesting, and honestly it also made my head hurt because I've never broken down conditional sentences like that, or reall
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The Modal auxiliary verbs from pages 2 and 3 wad the most helpful information in this unit, for me. It gives good examples of how to use each one. The most useful part is that it tells us what each mo
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This unit provides a clear overview of the formation and usage of the future tenses. Unlike the present and past tenses, the future includes more than four tenses. In addition to the future simple, fu
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Base on the present tense,this unit elaborates in detail on the different aspects of the present tense. When we talk of tenses,we are are talking about time which can be present,past or future and is
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This unit examined modal auxiliary verbs, the passive voice, phrasal verbs, and relative clauses. Modal auxiliary verbs are used to express ideas such as: obligation, probability, permission, prohibi
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This unit speaks of the pros and cons of having a strictly guided course outline in language institutes. There are just so many factors that an institute or as a matter of fact a teacher should consid
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Mount Hope
In this lesson, I learned that a lot of the language I use on a daily basis has a lot of grammatical aspects to it that I usually don't even think about. I just do it naturally. Having this lesson, th
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Mount Ida
This unit was very interesting and pointed out some of the positives and negatives of teaching multi vs mono lingual classes. There really are some good advantages to each of the groups. Being able to
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Mount Morris
In Unit 10 we saw videos of two lessons. In the first video, the teacher started right away with the study phase, skipping the engage phase of the lesson. He spoke fast, tried to elicit information fr
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Mount Pleasant
This unit discussed the different types of exams and reasons why we need to assess our students. Assessing students helps the instructor understand what is being learned and retained and what is still
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This unit is a basic introduction of commonly used hardware equipment in the classroom. It discusses the uses, tips are given as well as the advantages and disadvantages of it. Some equipment is dated
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Given this is the final unit, 20 was a great overview for some of the common problems teachers come across and give an intro into first lesson practices and how to build rapport with your students. Fr
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This unit is a key unit for students of English at all levels. Many of the nuances of the language are simply explained by a change in intonation or stress placed in an "unusual" place. Pronunciation
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This unit covered all of the different conditional forms and reported speech. This was valuable to me as this is something I have not covered in depth. It was useful to get the breakdown of each condi
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I enjoyed this unit as it illuminated the many ways in which equipment can influence your lesson plans in order to keep your class interesting. I thought that the test had a few questions that were di
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This unit displays the intricacies of the future tense in the English language is such a way that a native speaker is caused to have an appreciation for the complexity of the English language when it
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This unit focuses on the skills of classroom management and the effect proper management can have on the attitude of the learners and atmosphere of the classroom. The teachers objective is to get his/
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This unit offers an overview of many scenarios one might come across in a classroom: Group classes and individual classes, varied levels of language expertise, the different roles and responsibilities
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This unit covered different equipment and aids teachers often use when teaching English learners in a classroom. Basic equipment and aids were listed as well as how they are useful and examples of dif
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This unit provides general tips and sample ESA lessons on how to teach new vocabulary, grammar, and functions. The order in which to teach vocabulary is not set. Grammar typically follows a pattern, f
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This unit was extremely helpuf with all the links provided to find materials that will help us plan our lessons. Thank you very much for that. We have also learned how the board should be used, keepin
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This unit covered two rather complex and advanced topics in English learning: conditional and reported speech. There are 5 varieties of conditionals (zero, first, second, third, and mixed), and each o
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This unit provides valuable knowledge about the strategies that we may use when we encounter common problem situations in the classroom. Starting a new teaching position brings its unique difficulties
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This final unit covered some issues that teachers may face in the classroom and provided some ideas on how to overcome them. The first section on first lessons felt the most interesting to me and I wi
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I learned what should happen when a teacher first meets the students and the importance of level testing and needs analysis. These will help the teacher to group the students in a most efficient way a
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In this unit, I got a better understanding of how to teach beginners English and how a teacher should deal with possible problems with English beginners. It also listed many good one-to-one lesson act
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By evaluating the students that you are teaching you are able to understand and see where they have grown and where they still need growth. One thing that helps students is the use of practice tests,
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As an English writing tutor, I can't emphasize enough the importance of writing when it comes to long term academic and professional development. I think just like reading and listening, speaking and
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This unit is great for future teachers to really think about what sort of aids they will use in the classroom. This unit does a great job of listing the various types of aids that are out there. Some
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Understanding audience and the particular audience's respective motivation for learning English is crucial to getting off on a constructive beginning. This necessity goes without saying in any sit
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New Berlin
In this unit I have learned the significance of pronunciation and phonology. It must be treated equally with speaking, listening, reading and writing. The students benefit a lot on this aspect. For ex
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New Chester
The final unit answers some of the questions that teachers might have left. Focusing mostly on teaching techniques rather then covering more detailed subjects, this unit is very helpful if we are look
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New Denmark
Methods used to teach English are many and varied. However, some are more effective than others and these are the methods that should be used. For example, the ESA method combines the most effective a
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New Diggings
During this unit I learned the meaning of Phonology. Phonology is the study, science, analysis and classification of the properties of sound. I also learned that there are different types of Intonatio
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New Glarus
Unit 16 outlined some of the more difficult aspects of grammar for ESL students: conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are sentences containing 'if' or 'when' and refer to past, present, and
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New Haven
This unit covers the different methods of evaluating students through tutorials, by the students, and tests. Evaluating by students through surveys allows teachers to receive the students opinions on
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New Holstein
This unit demonstrated how to teach and how not to teach a lesson. It is important to build rapport with the students and ensure they are all able to contribute; however, a teacher would not want to
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New Hope
Unit 20 discussed some common difficulties in the classroom and their various troubleshooting methods. In regards to first lesson challenges, it is important to develop rapport by means outside of the
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