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Nanticoke Indian Tribe
I found this subject a little harder to complete get a grasp of. The reason being is that I believe it is because I use these in my daily life without thought. So to realize the differences which to m
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I did learn a lot about present tense! It is the most useful tense we use in our daily life, but I did not understand all of the usages until I learned this unit. Such as present simple tense, I've
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New Castle
this unit gave detailed explanation of the productive skill which comprises of speaking and writing. the speaking skill, in my own acquired knowledge has rules and regulation that will be followed to
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New Castle Manor
Building of a house usually begins with a solid foundation. Parts of speech presented in Unit 2 are undoubtedly the foundation of English. The first sentence is a good example of their usage and conju
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New Market
Past tenses might be confusing for the ESL learners. Usage of these tenses has some difficulties: you need to understand when the action happened, if it was in progress, if there was other action in t
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From unit 19, I have learned how to teach special groups. With beginners, it is important to help them form a correct direction of their future learning and for individual students the class will be m
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Newkirk Estates
The chapter give a wide variety of ESL techniques. The unit is not only theoretical, but also full of examples. There are many games and activities which I am gonna use in my teaching ESL students. I
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In this unit reflection it looked at modal, phrasal verbs and the passive voice. With Modal Auxilary verbs there are some basic rules to understand and make sure students understand for the variety of
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Newport Heights
In this unit, we learned about putting together a lesson plan and its importance. As someone who is going to be a new teacher, organizing myself and my lessons is going to be a great help. Lessons pla
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Nonatum Mills
This section gives several suggestions on troubleshooting. There are many good ideas here about how to begin a first class and build a rapport with the students. I like how the material suggests to ma
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North Claymont
This unit covered many types of equipment and teaching aids. Not only were several examples used but suggestion of proper usage and training were also discussed. Some good recommendations of white boa
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North Hills
This unit covered implementing coursebooks and lesson materials into teaching. It described the advantages and disadvantages of each type of material, as well as providing some good examples and idea
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North Ridge
First a fall i would say this unit is really important as well as tough. Here i have tried my best to learn the Modal Auxiliary verbs their uses with present and past tens. Apart from that i have trie
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North Seaford Heights
This unit covers a difficult yet important area of English language learning and teaching. It is difficult because the spelling of words and their sounds are different. The learner needs to perceive d
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North Shores
This unit helped me understand how to overcome various troubles within a classroom. Examples of a few troubles in the classroom can be, getting the students to establish rapport with one another or al
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North Star
To summarize this unit, I feel that I have learned about the basic relationship between students and the teacher. Within that relationship, a teacher must learn to take on many roles: a manager who ta
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This unit explained how to evaluate students using different tests with varying functions. These include placement, diagnostic, progression, practice, and external examination. Placement tests are u
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Thank you for very interesting approach! I’d like to share my opinion about topic “Culture and first language” It’s seems to me that learners from Asian countries are very attentive listeners
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Northwest Dover Heights
I enjoyed this unit just like the last. The reason being is that it is getting me to understand different techniques to help a student specifically in their productive skills. In speaking you can see
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It was very interesting! I think you want to place parts of second video at the ESA explanation lesson. Sure, teacher should have brilliant pronunciation, excellent knowledge of grammar, pretty huge v
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Nottingham Green
Course books and lesson materials are some important aspects treated in this unit. In which i leart that lesson materials can be authentic materials such as magazines, newspapers etc and that since
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Nottingham Manor
Vocabulary is very important to the students ,especially at the early stages when students are motivated to learn the basic words they need to get by in the language . In this unit I learnt that how e
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Oak Grove
Unit 13 is about the teaching of pronounciation and phonology .This unit treats detailly English phonology like intonation, stress , rythmn. Intonation is generally considered to be the variation in
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Oak Hill
In this unit we review the basics of how the English language is broken down into the various components such as nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs and prepositions. This unit also takes a lo
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Oak Lane Manor
This unit shows two videos that show a successful lesson and ineffective lesson. In the first video, the teacher is not friendly, speaks two quickly, doesn't explain things clearly, and is quite deme
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Oak Orchard
In this unit, we review English pronunciation and phonology. A good teacher should consider pronunciation and integral part of the lessons. Students usually are concerned with proper pronunciation. We
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Unit 1 is about teachers and learners. This unit covers qualities, roles and responsibilities of both teachers and students. This unit explains what the good teacher should be. It is very important fo
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A good teacher should have a thorough understanding of the english language. Understanding the fundamental parts of speech, and possessing the knowledge to adequately apply them, is essential in teach
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I appreciate the lighter unit was the last one. This was one of the more common-sense type units than the others, which were more specifically catered to teaching and sometimes re-teaching skills. It
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This unit introduces the types of tests that a language centre can give in order to assess a student's ability, as well as to determine his/her ability to pass external tests (which are also presented
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Oakwood Hills
This unit really helped me understand the different ways to deliver a lesson. In addition, it gave me ample ideas to use in the classroom to execute lessons in the most effective way. I enjoyed this l
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Ocean View
In this unit we learned about a lot of grammar related things. We learned about modal auxiliary verbs and when to use them, we learned about the passive voice, and we learned about relative clauses. A
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Ocean Village
This unit introduced classroom management. This unit was helpful because it provides useful information about different ways an instructor can manage aspects around the classroom to create a producti
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From unit 12, I have learned another important skill in language learning, called productive skills including writing and speaking. Although speaking and writing requires different degree of fluency a
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Odessa Heights
This section reviews both conditional phrases and also direct with reported speech. I am glad this was included in a section, because I can see how the conditionals can be very confusing for students.
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This lesson was a challenge, but one worth trying. I learned a lot about reading and listening in the classroom, and the various ways to implement it, especially in the ESA methodology. There was no
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Old Furnace
This unit was informative from many aspects. I personally liked the part where it gibes us some sources for learning, dictionary etc. Also there were links on them which makes it easier to access. On
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Old Mill Manor
The course first unite provide a clear step by step guidelines an overview quality, roles and responsibility of both teachers & students in classroom. The course content illustrate what makes a good t
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Old Shawnee
It may happen to teach English to special groups. They can be beginners (adult people who have no English at all or younger beginners, lacking motivation). We might hold also individual lessons, which
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In this unit, I have learned about classroom management. Knowing how to manage a classroom is one of the most important things of having a successful classroom. If students misbehave, it can delay the
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This unit covers actions associated with the future timed how they should be structured. Future facts, promises and predictions uses the future simple tense. to say something will be in progress at a
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Overbrook Shores
This unit was on conditionals and reported speech. Both of these are concepts I'm not particularly familiar with. I use them both in day to day speech, but don't really think of them as grammatical co
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Classroom management is and has always been the make or break it for teachers and instructors throughout the years. As a long time teacher I understand the importance of getting class rules, establish
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Overlook Colony
Although I can use English grammar as a native English speaker, I have an unconscious knowledge of it. I know what is correct, but I do not know why something is correct most of the time. In this unit
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Overview Gardens
This unit elobarate on the ways of evaluating and testing students .Thus, to assess students language level we can use the following ; tutorials, test and evaluation by students .Also tests can furth
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Names of student should be used at the end of the question,not at the start.Pair work also allows stronger students to help and support weaker ones.I have learned about the pros and cons of a group wo
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Owls Nest Estates
It was great being able to see how ones attitude and presence as a teacher in the class can have an effect on the students. It was clear in the first activity the teacher seamed uninterested in the st
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Oyster Rocks
Unit 1 is about teachers and learners, qualities, roles and responsibilities of both teachers and students in the classroom. This unit has some tips to help teachers to improve themselves, keep standa
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Paden Corner
I think that this chapter was really helpful in helping me understand how a lesson plan could be made. I have never had to make one yet because the materials and lesson plans are handed to me by the s
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Palm Spring Manor
It was great learning about all the different aids that can be used while teaching. For example, overhead projectors or videos. One thing that is important is that you don't want to just have students
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