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Limestone Gap
In this unit I have learned a great deal about different methods of teaching. I have learned that you first have to warm up the students and the best way to this is by engaging them. You can engage th
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Limestone Gardens
This unit was a compelling example of how complex the learning process is. Not all methods work for all students and the theories reviewed have had different "weight"at different historic stages. I us
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This unit teaches some of the practical skills needed to conduct classes effectively - namely how to organise and manage classes, and establishing a conducive environment for learning, without comprom
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Lincoln City
This unit discusses the key points needed in teaching productive skills: speaking and writing. In the first part, the differences between accuracy and fluency activities are explained, and some tips o
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This unit examines the use of past tenses and how they are similar in structure to present tenses, except that they occurred in the past. One must pay attention to the use of regular and irregular ver
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Linden Hill
In this unit , i have come to the knowlege of a wide variety of resources that a teacher can use in teaching the English language in the classroom to enchance the understanding of his/her students.Als
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Little Creek
I have reached the final unit. Although this unit was short it wasn't any less informative. The unit covered ideas as well as potential problems with teaching your first class to a new group or an e
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Little Heaven
A good teacher should be passionate on impacting lifes and making difference in the student. A teacher should give out the best and expect the best from the student. Likewise the student should be wil
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Little Heaven-High Point
A well-managed classroom is the way to a successful lesson because the environment and the atmosphere in class should be comfortable, friendly and encouraging. Teachers can start with seat arrangement
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From unit7, I have learned how to teaching new language. It included vocabulary, grammar and functions. In the part of vocabulary, I have learned how to selecting vocabulary, a vocabulary item that st
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Llangollen Estates
Unit 1 has explained what defines a good teacher, roles of a teacher, what defines a good student, and levels of a student's proficiency in English. I have learned much about the different roles a tea
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Pronunciation is often an aspect which is ignored when teaching English. Most native speakers cant differentiate the minor nuances made in their speech such as stress and articulation. This gives them
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London Village
I enjoyed this unit and the ideas it brought for delivering English lessons. A coursebook is important for having to refer to and use in conjunction with teaching new material; however authentic and c
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Long Neck
This unit covered Present Tense. I learned about the Form, Usage, Questions and errors that students could make while trying the understand this information. I learned about some very good teaching id
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Longview Farms
I have learnt a lot of new things in this Unit. I have learned part of Speech: nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns, prepositions and others. Nouns can be countable (people,
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The unit taught me the different roles of the teacher places in the classroom. It also specified that a good teacher would use multiple roles in the class room depended specificaly on the lesson. The
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Lorewood Grove
Learning the four present tenses will present students from pre-intermediate and more advanced levels a fluidity and grammatical nuance of expression that will encourage accurate speech and writing. W
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Unit 5 Classroom Management and understanding how to be a effective teacher that inspire confidence in the students. Learning how to organize and manage the class. Having a friendly, relaxed demeanor
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Unit 13 gave a comprehensive lesson on how to teach pronunciation and phonology. It was a long chapter, and I can see why teaching this subject can be daunting to foreign and native English teachers a
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Lower Christiana
This unit covers the topic of teachers and learners and their relationship in the classroom. There are many roles of a teacher and therefore many qualities he/she should have or acquire in order to pr
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Lowes Crossroads
unit 12 talks about two of the four language skills but this time productive skills that is speaking and writing .I learnt that when two or more people are communicating , it is because of one of the
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This unit I found to be quite challenging, I myself didn't realize conditionals were such complex grammatical structures even though I use them in my everyday life. This was a very informative unit it
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Lynch Heights
This unit was easy to follow along after having just completed the unit for present tenses. The structure and rules of past tenses is very similar to that of present tenses. Knowing when to use past s
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Among the various tense lessons, this unit, dealing with future tenses was the most difficult for me. Like the other units on tenses, definitions, usages, and examples were given for the seven most co
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Classroom management is an important aspect of effective teaching. Verbal skills, such as tone and voice inflection can help to keep the student's engaged and make the experience more interesting. Non
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Overview Intonation 1.rise 2.fall 3.flat Stress-different stress in a sentence showing a different emphasis of the speaker. 1.sound joining- linking, sound dropping, sound change, extra lettering. 2
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In this section, we learned about the use of the ESA methodology. Various other forms of methodology were also presented. The use of the Engage, Study, Activate model gives both teachers and students
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Manette Heights
There are a lot of different teaching methods. Some of them are quite old but still in use, some of them work for low levels and some for the higher ones. A teacher needs to discover these methods and
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It is interesting unit. As for me I would like to find student coursebooks for professional purpose. For instance, - Biology (Game Management) - Animal Science (Animal Husbandry) - Fish Science (Water
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Manor Park
This unit tell how important listening and reading are and that they are equal. It gives a wide variety of different types of tasks. Task which is given depends on the level of english, students' inte
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Manor Park Apartments
In this unit I have learned the importance of being a good teacher. It is important that the teacher is well prepared for the lesson, in case there are students that are in advanced stages of the lang
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This unit presents various types of equipment available and their use within a classroom, as well as the pros and cons for using each piece of equipment. Additionally, there is a large amount of inte
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This unit of future tenses was a challenge, mostly because it is something one does not think about very often as a native speaker. The ability to communicate effectively is paramount to the success o
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Marabou Meadows
This is very useful for future teachers to understand and essentially I think a number of these approaches come from spending time in the classroom and observing other teachers that are teaching a cla
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Marker Estates
Unit 15 covers the information about Evaluation and testing. There are some different ways of evaluating students levels, progress and some external exams teachers may need to prepare students for. Th
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What I have learnt was primarily concerning with recognizing and classifying parts of speech in this first grammar unit. Part of speech that was cover. Where: nouns ( countable nouns/uncountable nouns
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As the units wrap us, lesson 19 provided useful instruction on teaching various levels and demographics of English language learners. Specifics for beginners, young learners, business English students
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Marvels Crossroads
In this unit I learned about he different tools I can use in the classroom. I like the why it is explained, why and how you should use a certain tool. For example, if you use a whiteboard/chalkboard,
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This was a great short introduction and primer on the importance of teaching the core principles of a new language, namely: vocabulary, grammar and functions, and how that fits in with the use of the
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This unit presents the method to follow while introducing new grammar. Although there are various steps that can be designed differently, the overall Engage, Study, Activate process is the most effec
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Masten's Corner
The unit is very detailed and it takes us in a thorough manner through the topic of pronunciation. I find the terminology heavy even for teachers, especially for beginners. I know teaching pronunciati
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This unit went through receptive skills with structural explanation and problems that can arise during the lessons. Receptive skills involve listening and reading; problems that can arise include the
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Unit 9 Planning lessons 1. Important functions we should lessons. 1.1 An aid to planning 1.2 A working document 1.3 A record. 2. How we should write down about a lesson? 3. How to organize a lesson p
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Mayview Manor
In this Unit I have learned about troubleshooting in the classroom. First of all, during first lesson you will find out if it is a new group or existing group. New group - in this kind of group the s
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Brief overview of Unit 18 Modal Auxiliary Verbs Such as may, might, need to, must, have to, have got to, should, ought to, can, could, be able to, would. Passive voice Relative Clauses Phrasal Ver
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McDaniel Heights
In this unit I got a clearer picture of what an English teacher does in the classroom. It was very useful, to see how a lesson works. The first video was very awkward to watch, but I think it was a go
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McDonalds Crossroads
There are so many different parts of speech in the English language, even more than I remember learning during my schooling. It really puts into perspective how difficult learning English as a foreig
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This unit introduces the concept of preparing a lesson plan to use as a roadmap for teaching. Lesson plans can be helpful tools, especially for new teachers. Lesson plans should not be overly rigid. F
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McKnatt Corners
Unit 12 elucidates the two productive skills: speaking and writing. I have assimilated in this unit that speaking and writing activities must be varied depending on the purpose of each activity. Furth
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Meadow Acres
Modals, Passive Voices, Relative Clauses and Phrasal Verbs 1. MODALS (can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would, ought to, etc) *** Modals express 'ideas' and are used BEFORE other 'verbs'
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