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JUST like unit 11, unit 12 talks about two of the four language skills but this time productive skills that is speaking and writing .I learnt that when two or more people are communicating , it is bec
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This unit examines the tense system. This is an area of the English language that can be challenging for both teachers and students. The past, present, and future are the main three phases of the tens
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Felton Manor
This unit looked over the wide variety of resources that a teacher can use when teaching in a classroom. Something I took away from this unit involved the use of videos and DVDs in the classroom. When
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Felton Station
There are a number of qualities that make a teacher "good," including a thorough knowledge of the subject; the ability to establish rapport with students; listening well; correcting with kindness and
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Fenwick Island
At the end of studying United 4,I have been able to know the types of tenses and how to make sentences. It is a very technical topic and knowing the right verbs for each tense would be helpful to make
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Fern Hook
Language is extremely complex. After reading and reviewing this unit, I realised that there are many 'rules' to the English language that I don't pay attention to as a native speaker. I've been taught
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In this unit overview it covered equipment and teaching aids to make lessons more fascinating, effective and dependent on a textbook. This lesson covered how to use the board or flip chart effectively
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Unit 9 talks about lesson planning and why it is important especially for inexperienced teachers. The three main functions of a lesson plan are to aid in the planning process, serve as a working docum
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Fireside Park
Unit 8 gives an overview of the "Future Tenses" and reviews some of the present tenses (Present Simple and Present Continuous). I learned about the usages of each future tense and how to form them. Pa
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Five Points
This section highlighted the importance of creating a good lesson plan. A solid lesson plan can be an outline to go off of while teaching, a record of what was taught, and it makes teaching easier for
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Flea Hill
This section was an excellent review of the past tenses of speech. It explains simply the use of and rules for each: past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. Some of th
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Fleming Corners
The unit focuses on formal ways of evaluating students'levels and progress,particularly tutorials,evaluation by the students and tests.1/Tutorials can take place with the whole group or with individua
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Flemings Landings
classroom management is the skill of organizing and managing the the class , having a friendly , relaxed manner and maintaining discipline in the classroom . Thus in this unit i have learnt the differ
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This unit was about teaching new language, and what needs to be taught in lessons in order for students to learn new language. The three noteworthy items mentioned in the unit vocabulary, grammar and
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Fords Corner
There are various resources that are used to aid the teacher when teaching English. The various advantages and disadvantages of authentic and non authentic materials will be useful in selecting a bala
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From this unit, I have learned a lot of fundamental concepts of how to be a good teacher in English teaching. Firstly, teacher is not a fixed role and we should change our role constantly to meet the
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Forest Brook Glen
The tenth course unit provide two video production English teaching ESA demonstration classes, one video is deliberately produced including teaching errors to illustrate & demonstrate two classes sam
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Forest Hills Park
It was interesting to see how a workbook can be tied into a lesson plan and see it's advantages and disadvantages. I had the pleasure of learning Spanish while in Spain, and can see the techniques di
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Forest Park
Unit 9 was all about lesson planning. Lesson planning is an important part of teaching because it provides a guideline that teachers can reference while teaching. This is important because it helps
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Fort Saulsbury
From this unit, I have learned about what makes a good teacher as well as a good learner. Different roles of a teacher are also explained, and this gives me valuable insights on how to position myself
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Foulk Woods
The forms of the past tenses reflects those of the present tenses, but could be tricky for students. We must choose the correct tense, taking into consideration the exact time of the action and wether
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Four Seasons
This unit deals with the qualities, roles and responsibilities of language teachers and learners.It explains what makes a good teacher/learner and warns against bad teaching/learning habits which is a
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Fox Chase Park
In this unit I learned about the receptive skills of reading and listening. How we read or listen with different motives. The motives being for purpose or for entertainment. We read and listen not onl
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Fox Hall
This was a good refresher on present tenses. It has been a long time since I've looked at english grammar this way; generally when I think of learning tenses it is in either Spanish or French, or othe
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Fox Meadow Farm
This unit covers troubleshooting in difficult situations. For example, how to teach first lessons, Warner activities, teaching students of different levels, teaching large classes, avoiding using stud
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It is amazing that we speak using phonetics, but that it is such a complex overall topic. It is layered with a lot of challenges underlying. Intonation is more difficult than I originally thought co
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Foxhall Courtside
This unit was a great add on to my information. I already know about the future tenses, but I roughly knew future perfect continuous and its usage. so now I understand the errors the usages and the di
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As a long time instructor and teacher I am always amazed at the many different methodologies there to grasp and understand. Many years ago, the simple theory of learn-do-teach was a wide spread theory
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This unit aims to examinate the roles, qualities and responsibilities of both teachers and students. When talking about teachers, this unit exposes what are the characteristics of a good teacher and p
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This unit went through various categories of present tense. This included four aspects; simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. These aspects can be further divided with affirmative, ne
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Gams Crest
In this unit we learned about teaching and learning productive skills. Productive skills are writing and speaking. We learned different techniques on teaching students to speak in English, some reason
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Garfield Park
Planning a lesson is very essential for a teacher because it acts like an aid to planning ,a working document (a lesson plan helps you to keep the target and gives you something to refer to during les
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Garrisons Lake
This unit was a really great overview of the 4 past tenses. Likewise to the present tenses, I really didn't know that much about the past tenses prior to this unit. I didn't even know about the four d
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Garton Development
Unit 14 covered the use of course books lesson materials in the classroom. I learned the the difference between authentic ( such as newspapers, magazines, poems and songs ) and non-authentic teaching
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Gateway Farms
Unit 10 vividly shows two videos of EFL teachers teaching a grammar lesson. It is evident that the first video portrays an ineffective English teacher who does not apply the sound principles/ strategi
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Generals Greene
Managing a classroom is not so easy. It requires experience and also attention to different details: the class dimension, the number of students, the role of the teacher (do we want to be dominant or
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George Read Village
This unit focuses on introducing different teaching methodologies in English, detailing the positive and negative points of each, explaining the ESA method, and finally going over the differences in d
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Unit 7 shows the application of the ESA methodology for teaching a new language. In order to effectively learn, a student needs to be exposed to the language, understand its meaning, understand how it
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Ginns Corner
In this unit I learned the correct usage of the different past tenses. To be totally honest I didn't learned that much cause it is very similar to the present tense unit. The only difference is that w
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This unit was about forming the base foundations of lessons using the ESL framework. ESL is broken up into three sections; Engage, study and activate. When engaging the student, you are essentially wa
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Glasgow Pines
In this Unit I have learned about teaching special groups. There are different kind of students: 1) Beginners. Teaching beginners is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of EFL teaching. Th
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Glen Berne Estates
Parts of speech is the skeleton of any language. Without it, we couldn't speak properly in any language. When we have a clear understanding of the grammar, we can be more specific and understandable w
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In this unit, we have talked about the importance of receptive skills: Reading and Listening. There are two motives for reading and listening and they are for purpose and entertainment. We learned tha
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In this unit it discusses the importance of lesson planning especially for newer teachers. Most newer teachers will lack the flexibility of experienced teachers so having a lesson plan that they can f
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Goose Point
According to the unit 9 a planing lessons is one of the keystone for having successful lessons with students. Although, some scholars suggests that using lesson plan is not a good idea, as it is mostl
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Gordon Heights
I found this unit the most challenging so far. As a native English speaker I didn’t realize there were so many different future tenses and that the circumstances and context often dictate which tens
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Gordy Estates
Unit 10 was a demonstration of two lessons. The video lessons should how the attitude and teaching approach of a teacher can effective student participation and understanding. From lesson one I learne
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Goslee Mill
After watching the two videos what struck me the most was how much teacher attitude can effect student participation. In the first video the teacher was critical, negative and intimidating, and a dire
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This unit covers classroom management and how that relates to the various conditions and digs further into the dynamics and the nature of relationship between the Teacher and their students and how th
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Gravel Hill
Course books are a very emotive issue for many teachers. Almost every published course book has its fans and its detractors. In the ideal world schools would have all the books and materials that you
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