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In the unit reflection it covered conditionals and reported speech and how the various conditionals are formed and the usage of them. Additionally what was useful is the typical mistakes and errors wh
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Corner Ketch
Unit 18 expounds on the basic rules in using modals, the usage and formation of the passive voice, and the basic types of phrasal verbs. I have learned/ relearned that auxiliary verbs convey a number
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Cornish Hills
This unit is about teaching receptive skills that is reading and listening.In this unit i learnt reasons and motives for teaching reading and listening can be for purpose or for entertainment.Further
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Cottage Mill
The unit tells about Evaluation and Testing. There are 3 main way to find out a student's level: Tutorials, evaluation by the students and tests. There are different types of tests: placements test (i
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Cottonpatch Hill
Reading and listening are receptive skills and they are equally important. A good lesson is supposed to include both of the, as well as productive skills (writing and speaking). It is different if we
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Country Club Estates
This unit gives us information on the four present tenses. It gives us information on the structure used to form sentences, in the different tenses in their affirmative, negative and question form. It
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This unit focuses on how to construct proper sentences using the parts of speech. It is extremely technical and teaches the basics on how to construct sentences by giving examples about what nouns, ve
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Coverdale Crossroads
This section has made me reflect on the roles of a teacher and how that impacts learning for students. A good teacher is not only a subject expert but also a motivator, has the patience to encourage s
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Covered Bridge Farms
It was great seeing the different techniques a student should learn how to use for example, predictive skills or the detailed information. These are important because we do this daily with different t
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Cowgills Corner
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I was surprised by some of the methodologies introduced in this unit.The use of colored rods in 'The Silent Way' seemed particularly odd, and the fact that the students had limited opportunities to he
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Cragmere Woods
This unit was very informative. I took 3 days to review and absorb the information due to never seeing an International Phonetic Alphabet. I did't realize that the IPA was in the dictionary. I spent
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Craigs Mill
Unit 19 was about "Teaching Special Groups". Those are "beginners", "individual itudents","children", "Business English/English for Specific Purposes" and "monolingual/multilingual classes". It was ex
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Cranston Heights
This unit explained thoroughly the different teaching methods, and how to adequately deliver the curriculum to the young learners in a way they can understand and grow as individuals. It also sparked
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Cristine Manor
In this unit, we read about the various teaching aids that might be available to us as teachers. Some of them, like visual aids, worksheets, and work cards we can prepare ourselves in order to always
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Cross Keys
When teaching English as a foreign language, it is very likely that I will have the opportunity to teach special groups. Special groups can consist of beginners, individual students, children, multili
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This Unit covered potential problems a Tefl teacher may encounter while teaching a course, problems that were covered; encountering aclass for.the first time (First lessons), different language levels
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This unit focuses on some basic concepts of classroom management. Classroom management is not an easy skill to learn without having all sorts of experiences. That being said, some main take aways are
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Darley Woods
This unit to me was kind of a collective review for all the previous units. Finally I got to see a complete lesson plan, get a visual over view on the components and understand which elements fall und
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Dartmouth Woods
This unit was, for me, a very insightful overview of lesson planning. I never really got the chance to plan out a full lesson for a class and from this unit I reviewed not only several ways of structu
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In this unit,i have learnt there consist of four basic skills in a language,which are receptive skills(reading and listening) and productive skills(speaking and writing),which are very important when
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I found the unit videos to very well drawn out demonstrations of what is and is not an effective lesson. The teachers attitude toward the students I felt was the most obvious predictor as to how the s
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Del Haven Estates
In this unit i have learned the future tenses. They are the future simple which is used for future facts and certainties, promises, predictions, assumptions, speculations, spontaneous decisions and th
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Del Shire
This unit introduced different theories, methods and techniques that are helpful to know as a teacher of English as a foreign language. I enjoyed this unit because it provided a good idea of what a t
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It was great getting an overview of some of the main theories, methods and techniques of language instruction. Of course language instruction theories like the fluidity of language itself is something
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Delaney Corner
Planning lessons is valuable for a teacher. It doesn’t mean that you need to stick to the plan and be strict with it. Otherwise, a teacher should be able to change and adapt his plan at anytime duri
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Delaplane Manor
The unit explains how to present new vocabulary,grammar,functions and other language concepts successfully in the classroom.It gives examples of suitable activities for lesson topics,as well as how t
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Delaware City
Teaching productive skills such as speaking and writing are both equally important, however writing is often pushed as homework and therefore focused less on. Accuracy activities are often controlle
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Delaware Heights
Here i have learnt following points mentioned below: 1. Using activities rather than start with the coursebook when teaching a new class 2. For easy learning, fun games and other activities accordin
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Delaware Junction
Unit 9 discussed the importance of creating a lesson plan such as keeping the teacher on track and having a record and something to refer back too. I learned what information should be included in a l
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Delaware River Pier
Future tenses are known to be very confusing for ESL learners. Despite the number of future tenses, future time is often expressed by present tenses. Therefore, it is important for the teacher to help
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Delaware State Hospital
This section focused on teaching special groups of individuals such as beginners (no english experience), business students, and private lessons. When teaching these individuals, it is important to f
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This unit examined the subsets of teaching methods and devices for each phase within an ESA type routine. This reviewed the ‘straight arrow’, ‘boomerang’, and ‘patchwork’ type organizatio
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Delpark Manor
There is a certainly a lot to dissect here and I believe I will have to go over this unit again at some stage especially in a teaching sense as it certainly isn't too straight forward. As an experienc
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Delshire-Hickory Dale
This unit focused on the teaching of productive skills or speaking and writing. Accuracy and fluency activities were discussed and the difference between them. Accuracy activities focus on producing c
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Derby Shores
Depending on the situation and location of the classroom, the resources available to teachers of English may vary. Nearly universal are blackboards or whiteboards, and photocopiers. In areas where res
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From unit 18, I have learned some detailed or fragmentary grammar information about modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. The use of auxiliary words in the modals can be used to determine politenes
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Teaching special groups 1.beginners 2.individual students 3.children 4.business english 5.the monolingual and the multilingual class Generally, it is a little difficult for an English teacher to han
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Dewey Beach
This unit introduced modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. I'll admit I was not very familiar with these concepts prior to this unit. However, I feel this unit has taught me a lot and I can more
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Dexter Corners
In total the unit gave the core information about theories, techniques and methods in teaching English.Although, I believe there were some points that could be strengthem to make the reader's job easi
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The evaluation system is complex, not because of what it entails, but rather due to the startling number of exams and tests that are used in such a massive variety of ways and to discern so many thing
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Douglas Forge
This unit looked at phonology and pronunciation. We learned about the phonetic alphabet and both manners and place of articulation. We learned about stressing words, intonation, and sound joining as w
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This unit covers pronunciation and phonology, explaining and making me aware of things which come naturally to a native speaker such as me but need to be consciously taught to EFL/ESL students. Things
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Dover Base Hospital
I realized that there are different past tenses in this chapter. I had forgotten the different forms of past tenses such as the irregular words or not that I forgot about them but that they came natur
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Dover Base Housing
In this unit, I gathered a greater understanding of how the English language functions as a linear structure through the manner in which the unit moves you across sentences, pointing out the different
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Doverbrook Gardens
This unit gave me an extremely valuable insight onto behavior in the classroom and what to expect. I feel that up until now, most of the TEFL units I have completed mainly focused on English grammar a
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Downs Chapel
There are many teaching resources available to assist teachers in preparing and delivering ESL lessons. The unit highlighted important areas to take care of when using the different materials and equi
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This unit went through the use of course materials and the various advantages and disadvantages of each type. Authentic materials are newspaper clips, part of a video cartoon, menus from an actual re
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Drummond North
The most i have grapped from this unit is the best methodology to approach in class while teaching. For instance, to expose the students more to the language and not to over pressure them, this thus r
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Dublin Hill
In this unit I have learned about different methodologies in English teaching language. For example: Grammar translation, Audio lingualism, PPP, Task-Based learning, Communicative Language Teaching, C
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