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Graylyn Crest
Unit 17 was about "Equipment and Teaching Aids". It was explained how to use boards, such as blackboards, whiteboards and flipcharts effectively. Then there a complex section about the interactive whi
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Greater Newark
After doing an initial read-through of Unit 1 and doing it many more times, this information has definitely opened my eyes and made me a little more consciences as to how classrooms operate, whether i
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Green Acres
As stated in the unit, classroom management involves managing and maintaining a friendly environment that is conducive to student's learning. This unit has addressed various aspects to consider when m
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Green Bank
Modals are used to express a variety of ideas. Passive Voice: the focus on the agent is much less important Active voice: the focus is on the agent An independent clause is a complete sentence. It
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Green Briar
This section outlines the importance of creating productive writing and speaking lessons. Speaking lessons should get each student involved and first focus on accuracy, ending the lesson with fluency
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Green Hill
This unit focuses on different types of tests and examines evaluation system during students’ language studies. For example, at the start of a course a learner usually takes a placement test. It hel
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Green Meadow
This unit was on testing and evaluation. It was pretty straightforward for the most part, however I was having difficulty distinguishing the differences between diagnostic and placement tests, at leas
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Green Spring
The future tense is one of the most complex areas of English language and Unit 8 provides the various future tenses , forms and usage . The future simple ( I shall/will ,you will ,he/she/it will,we sh
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I have learned the different parts of speech from reading and studying the unit material. I am glad to have this knowledge so that I can better help students understand the reasons we use certain word
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This unit overview is on the evaluation and testing of students. It covered the number of ways that you can assess a students language level. Such as, the initial start of the class with a placement
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Greenleaf Manor
Unit 19 focused on the different group of students that often enter English classes. Each group has special needs and the approach of the teacher may vary base on the language level of the students. T
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This unit deals with the future tenses in English. These grammatical structures can cause a good deal of confusion to non native English speakers as there are many rules to follow and the differences
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I am currently a teacher and thus have been taught many teaching methods before, but what this unit has provided me is a broader and more explicit view of different teaching methods of which some are
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In this unit, I learned the specific roles of teachers and students. As I teacher, I am responsible to maintain a healthy balance of leading, assessing, and prompting, among other qualities. Additiona
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In unit 10, two videos were provided that showed an teacher giving an esa demonstration. The first video showed the teacher was doing a poor job at communicating with the students, as well as with get
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Greenville Manor
Unit 9 was a mixture of both unit 3 and unit 7. I like the fact that all the content covered thus far was plugged into the current unit. I learnt that it is possible to use the ESA structure when crea
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In terms of tenses units done so far, this one was more difficult to digest and absorb. There are overlaps with using the future tenses for predictions and that can get confusing in making sure how to
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Grendon Farms
This unit gave me an important overview of what and how to teach English to non-native learners. I now understand that there is much more to teaching vocabulary, grammar, language functions, or any ot
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I have learnt ,there are three ways to evaluate student's language level,which are Tutorials,Evaluation by the students and Test.Teachers can use the last ten minutes at the end of the week reviewing
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Gum Crossroads
This unit on Conditions and Direct and Indirect Speech was a little confusing for me at first but when it was broken down into time frames or specific conversation types, such as the first conditional
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Loved the activities for each stage, they make clear and now have new options/exercises to bring to class. Something pop up my mind, even there are different ESA strutures, and you can arrange them as
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For the future there are many kinds of tenses which we can use with future meanings. There are 7 options: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going + infini
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This unit includes the structure of a lesson plan and the various elements within the plan. It is useful so that teachers can have an idea of what to teach, when (approximately) to teach it, and predi
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This unit covers various teaching methods theories and techniques from the traditional to more modern approaches. It is the most useful unit thus far, since it includes many methods that can be used o
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Hall Estates
In addition to ongoing feedback and (when time allows) tutorials, there are many ways to test student progress and competency in English language learning. In the school or class, these can include su
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Hambys Corner
There are four structures of past tense: Past simple, Past Continuous, Past Present, Past Present Continuous. Past Simple: Form is based on regular or irregular verbs. Regular verbs extend an "ed" a
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Hamilton Park
Unit 11 was about "Teaching Receptive Skills". There are different motives while listenin and reading, such as doing for fun or for a purpose. Then there are several ways in which one can read and lis
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In this unit, we have talked about the two productive skills--speaking and writing. Both are equally important, but the only difference lies in the ways of teaching each productive skill. When it come
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Hanbys Corner
The content of this unit contained information on the past tenses. Something I took away from this unit concerns the past continuous form. This form almost always requires some sort of time reference
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This unit covers speaking and writing skills. It provides the new teacher guidelines on how to engage the students with topics that will interest them so the students can then be given activities to s
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From unit 2, I have learned the basic structure of English grammar, also known as parts of speech. Firstly, sentences are formed by different types of words, such as definite article, adjective, noun,
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This unit deals with the qualities , role and responsibilties of both teachers and students in a classroom .I learnt that a good teacher should be kind and patients, really love teaching , lively and
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Harmony Hills
What I learned from this unit is that by constantly correcting every small error students make in the classroom can actually make them very nervous about answering questions in general. Therefore, I s
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In the speaking and writing skills,the the teacher much create the need and desire,in the students to communicate.I have also learnt that ,with the fluency activities are concentrated on allowing the
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From unit 3, I have learned the theories and techniques of teaching. Currently, there are different kinds of methods a teacher can use with different advantages and different disadvantages, and what w
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Haven Lake Acres
This unit covered methods of teaching which include the following, Engage, study and activate . And the different methods of applying them. I have learned it is the most effective and the most logical
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In this unit on teachers and learners it allowed me to reflect on the aspects of an exceptional teacher. First of all the role of the teacher and how depending on the level of the students and the act
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Hayden Park
Unit thirteen pronunciation and phonology and how to teach it. After going through the unit, I understand why teachers have such a hard time teaching it and it can be tough for students to get a grasp
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What I learnt: The basic framework of a ESA structured lesson. In order to get students to participate in the lesson, you need to Elicit the class, then you can proceed on to either Study or Activate
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From watching the two videos it becomes apparently clear that the attitude of a teacher will directly influence the outcome of the students learning during a class. In the first video the teacher is c
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Hearns Crossroads
I have studies French grammar year ago, and have always been fascinated by the structure of the sentence and all the exemptions of the rules. Similarly, in reviewing English parts of the speech here,
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Hearns Mill
The use of these aids and equipment is essential to an engaging and inspiring lesson, I think that it is essential that teachers take the time to prepare their lessons with these aids so that lessons
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Heather Valley
This unit covered the different tests used to gauge a student's language level and skills at the beginning, continous progress, and the appropriate tests to ensure they move to the next level. For exa
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Henlopen Acres
Unit 16 was very challenging.The combination of Conditionals and Reported Speech in one unit made the information difficult to process. However, I learnt about the rules that govern each conditional a
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Henry Clay
I enjoyed this unit because it gave me a deeper understanding of all the different aids that are used to teach English. It helped me understand which aids would be more effective and which would not b
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Phonemes are hard to learn and teach, but are very important for effective English usage. Some languages have a different intonation pattern, but English conveys a lot of information by the rising an
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It was useful lesson. Frankly speaking I have never thought about an intransitive (Type 1) phrasal verb, transitive separable (Type 2) phrasal verb, a transitive inseparable (Type 3) phrasal verb. Thi
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Heritage Village
Unit 5 covers classroom management principles, from how to arrange the physical space, to various types of group work with their advantages and disadvantages, managing disruptions and building a solid
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Herring Landing
This unit explained teaching reading and listening as receptive skills. I learned that a lot goes into teaching reading and listening, like things native speakers of English wouldn't really think abo
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What a difficult unit. This explains modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. Although you hear them quite commonly it's difficult as a native speaker to define exactly when and how to use them. Th
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