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Palmer Park
This unit covers in sufficient detail the features and roles of a teacher and describes potential students from every age range and language level. Understanding the mindset and background of possible
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Paris Villa
This section highlighted the importance of teaching reading and listening skills. These are both vital to a students learning and the teacher must pay close attention when creating their lesson plans.
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I have taught English in my home country before (Singapore). However, the grammar rules in this unit are more concise than what I have learnt and they have helped me to codify some of my previous unan
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Pearson Grove
This unit talks about eight parts of speech which should help us to understand how sentences are made in English language. Those parts are: Nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds, pronou
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This unit has helped to clarify my own doubts about the four aspects of the present tense. The four aspects are the present simple tense, present continuous tense, present perfect tense and present pe
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This unit helped prove the importance of attitude, structure, and explanation in a classroom. The first video included a teacher who showed poor attitude, little enthusiasm, and other traits such as
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Unit 14 talks about the role of course books and lesson materials in the classroom. Books offer a great resource for teacher to have structure since they offer a syllabus and a progression of tested l
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Pendrew Manor
In this unit, we review receptive skills of reading and listening. We read about the two wide-ranging categories that the reasons and motives for the use of the receptive skills. One is for a purpose,
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Penn Acres
I am always intrigued by the content of this course. Even though I am a native English speaker, I have always been fond of the English language; how it is developed, how it is used, and how it evolves
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Penn Rose
Unit 14 is talking about course book and lesson materials, which are the main resource for teaching especially for inexperienced teacher. The experienced teacher shoul use only extra materials. There
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From unit 14, I have learned that it is very important for a teacher to prepare the learning material either from authentic materials or from created materials, which have their own benefits and limit
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I consider myself an advance english speaker. In school I could say I was an average learner, not the best in the class and grammar was always the pebble in the shoe. Although I have been speaking and
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In short , I have learned that there is a a push and pull between teachers and students. It is important for the teachers to recognise their students abilities as well as to be aware of their teachin
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This unit focuses on receptive - reading and listening skills. It is important for a teacher to know how to balance developing specialty skills, enhancing vocabulary and keeping the students motivated
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Pennyhill Terrace
In this unit we learned what are the four things that students need when they are learning new language - they need to be exposed to it, understand its meaning, understand how it is constructed and be
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From unit 16, I have learned the grammar concepts of conditionals and reported speech. The most obvious characteristic of conditionals is the use of ‘if’ or ‘when’in the sentence. It can expre
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This lesson had a lot of important stuff to say, especially since I need to nail down a methodology of my own to use in my teaching. It talked about breaking down the need for certain methodologies a
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In this unit, we have talked about the following past tenses: Past simple, Past continuous, Past perfect, and Past perfect continuous. The past simple is used to express completed actions in the past.
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Perry Park
This unit was quite useful. Interesting idea. Most of all I liked that every time I get the same information about forms of the lessons. I’ve read already about “ straight arrow”, “boomerang
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This unit provided an overview of conditionals and reported speech. The first segment introduced the five variations of conditionals: zero, first, second, third, and mixed conditionals. Along with eac
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The most detailed portion of the lesson was the parts of speech and their identities. The lesson discussed how to recognize the need for a certain one in a sentence as well as knowing the characteris
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Phillips Heights
The unit introduced teaching the productive skills speaking and writing. Similar to the last unit about listening and reading, it provided good examples on how to teach students these skills and a br
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Phillips Hill
From this unit, I feel that while I didn't learn much about becoming a better teacher or understanding how to work with students or children, I learned a whole lot about English grammar, which without
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Pickering Beach
Grammar is the structure of a language. Each word can be analysed as basic parts of the speech in a sentence. Basic Parts of Speech are: Nouns: Nouns are names of people, animals, things, place... S
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This unit is about course books and lessons materials. This unit has a lot of ideas for choosing materials and books. All materials and books have to be chosen correctly, according lesson objectives,
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Piermont Woods
In this Unit I have learned about lesson planning. Lesson should be planned or not is decided by the teacher. But it is difficult for inexperienced teachers to be able to be as flexible as this would
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Pike Creek
In this unit we learned about conditional and reported/direct speech, We learned the five different forms of conditional and how to they are used, and we also learned the difference between direct and
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Pike Creek-Central Kirkwood
The ninth unit is an introduction to the course ‘lesson planning’ an overview management strategy & guidelines in ‘planning lesson’ preparation to reduce some language problems that may arise
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Pilgrim Gardens
Pronunciation is one of the most difficult aspect of English language, mainly because English words are written and pronounced in different ways. Intonation, stress and rhythm are very helpful for stu
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Problems are a part of any job, but working as a teacher, you can deal with more problems than in a standard day to day job, and knowing how to deal with them, or head them off at the pass, is an idea
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Pine Swamp Corner
This unit covers the two productive skills: speaking and writing. It discusses how fluency and accuracy are equally important but need to be emphasized and focused on during different phases of the le
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Pine Tree Corners
It was great learning about what to do in the first lesson. I had an idea that you wouldn't just start teaching right away but knowing the different activities one can do is very helpful. Also how to
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There are common challenges that teachers may face in the classroom. Of these challenges are how to approach a first class lesson, either with a new group or an existing group, how to incorporate warm
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I have learnt for the two videos,when the lesson beings the teacher needs the greet the students and do a self introduction.Asking the students to do the same,telling their names.The second video the
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This section hit on the key points of past tenses, and it made great use of the pages to show how the tenses should be used, how easily they can be misused, and how to spot a particular type of past t
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Piney Grove
Teaching vocabulary is important to students especially in the early stages as it provides them basic ways of expressing themselves in a new language. While selecting the type of vocabulary to teach
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Piney Grove Manor
The eight unit course introduces the ‘future tenses’ grammatical structures system is not too different from ‘the present & the past tenses’ however all three tenses system compliment the over
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Pleasant Hill
In this unit, we learned about the future tenses. This is the most complex of the tenses and has 7 different ways of using it. We went into detail for each one and learned their structure and usages,
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Pleasant Hills
I found this unite quite challenging and I think that a number of ESL students will find this difficult as well. It is very important to have a solid grasp of the different future tenses as they can b
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Pleasanton Acres
Teaching special groups and different types of classes. Special groups: Teaching beginners; Teaching individual students; Teaching children; Business English/ English for specific purposes; The monoli
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This unit covered phonology and pronunciation, both important areas to understand if students wish to develop fluency. Phonetics covers the different properties of sound such as intonation, stress and
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From this video class, I have watched two completed different ways of teaching, which indicates that the teacher’s attitude is very important in a way of affecting the learning in a class. Firstly,
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Point Breeze
This unit was very informative on how to troubleshoot common problem situations with students. It also gave me a lot of ideas on how to make a first lesson exciting and fun! For example, I can establi
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Polly Drummond
From this unit I learned about the many roles a teacher can take in any given teaching environment. I realize that different situations in the classroom may call for a different teacher role in order
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Polly Drummond Hill
This unit covered the relationships between teachers and students, as well as the types of interactions between them. We also looked into student motivation and where they can and will stand in terms
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Ponders Siding
Unit 17 covers the common equipment and teaching aids used in EFL classrooms. I have learned / relearned in this unit that several resources (i.e. white board/ black board, IWB, OHP, worksheets, CD pl
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Port Mahon
It was certainly difficult to watch and even from a distance watch the first lesson as it was a lesson I would hate to be a part of and hope I never deliver a lesson like this, it was however a valuab
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Port Penn
This unit covers parts of speech and their classifications. All parts of speech can be divided into eight groups (nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns, prepositions, and conj
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With the growth of technology the equipment and devices that can be employed to help students learn a language has grown tremendously. All equipment brings the cost that the teacher needs to understa
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It is astounding how much technology and equipment goes into teaching classes these days. It is something that has undeniably evolved over time, and is not hitting a peak. There is more equipment th
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