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Postles Corner
Teaching equipment. Many different teaching aids can be used to make lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on the textbook. Different schools, of course, have different resources avai
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The unit was about teaching speaking and writing skills, it gave an overview on the two necessary components of speaking lessons, accuracy and fluency. The unit also talked about writing skills, the f
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Prices Corner
Unit 13 dwells on the rudiments of teaching pronunciation and phonology. I have learned in this unit that teaching intonation, stress and rhythm is quite complicated, hence EFL teachers must master th
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Primehook Beach
This section explains in detail the different types of groups a new teacher may encounter, from beginners and young learners to adults needing business English. This section is very important because
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Pusey Crossroads
This lesson covers the different mediums you can use to teach each lesson, which can keep the students motivated and attentive. These mediums can be OHP's, video cameras, cassettes, DVD's, the board,
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Quaker Hill
In this unit we took a look on another part of the grammar which were the future tenses. We went through how to form them and when we use them. We learned when to use shall or will in this lesson as w
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The overview of this unit is on the topic of course books and lesson materials. There is the option of authentic materials and created materials in which both have there advantages and disadvantages w
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This unit covered ways of effectively teaching receptive skills (reading and listening). It is important to build confidence in your students, so creating tasks that are compatible to their knowledge
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Radnor Green
There are four things that students need too do with new language. Be exposed to it, understand its meaning, understand how it is constructed and be able to practis and produce it. Webcan easily appl
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Radnor Woods
In this unit we watched two different ESA demonstration classes. One video was an effective way of teaching a class and the other was not. This was a great way to get an example, or visual, of how a c
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In this unit,firstly i have learned about how a teacher needs to be or act toward the learners,which means the teacher should be caring, be patient and helpful toward the learners.I also understood th
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Rambleton Acres
The 8nit 3 is about Theories, Methods, and techniques. It contains information about EFL methodology, feedback and mistakes. This unit has a lot of tips how to provide right feedback and avoid mistake
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This unit covers the basics of how to manage a classroom. It provides ideas for how to organize seating in the classroom depending on size of class, furniture available etc. to how to conduct the clas
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Red Lion
In this unit we reviewed the present tenses of the English language; simple present, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. In general the verb tenses of a language is an
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Unit 4 contained a breakdown of the four present tenses which are present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. At first, I though it would be a quick unit becaus
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Redden Crossroads
This section was very informative on "present tense." It clearly separates the four present forms: present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. For me, this sec
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Reeves Crossing
Teaching requires a certain skill set, which can be learned and practiced. One way to organize the students' (and teacher's) learning is via lesson planning. Lesson plans can be an aid in planning (to
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Rehoboth Beach
Unit 3 was a mouthful and it was somewhat hard to digest. I think this unit could have been divided into two because it had a lot of information to process. Nonetheless, I learnt a lot about the vario
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Rehoboth Manor
Productive skills (speaking and writing) are essential when people want to communicate. Students usually prefer to focus on speaking, but writing bus not be ignored. Teachers should take into account
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Even as a native speaker, it's very difficult to see some of the subtle differences between various future tenses, particularly: going to and present continuous with a future meaning, so it's not surp
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While viewing the video lessons in this Unit I can clearly see the effectiveness of a good teacher and lesson planning. The first video showed a very scattered and miscommunicated lesson plan and the
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Reynolds Mill
Future tenses can be broken down into seven categories: The future simple. the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous, Be going+infinitive, The present simple, the presen
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Richard Heights
Unite 5 is mainly taking about classroom management. In order to manage the class it is necessary for teacher to use eye contact, gesture and the voice. Eye contact beneficial for involving all studen
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Richardson Circle
Language production can be spoken or written. Both require fluency and accuracy, though written English e guided dialogues, drilling, probably demands the most accuracy, including attention to handwri
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Richardson Estates
In this unit I learned more about productive skills. I found it really handed that this unit is divided in a Speaking part and a Writing part, there is even a part what has a small guidance of games i
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Richardson Park
I have learnt that studying the present tense in English can be quite difficult for English language learners. It's also evident that it's something that will come with great practice. This unit has h
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In this unit, I learnt about reported speech and it’s effect on the intent of what is spoken. This includes the zero, first, second, third, and mixed conditionals; as well as direct and reported sp
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Rising Sun
This unit provides excellent explanation about the materials we are using during our lessons. I think the key to success is the balance between using authentic and created materials. Because, as far a
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Rising Sun-Lebanon
After reading this unit I made several conclusions on what does it mean to be a good teacher and to be a good learner. Now I understand that there cannot be a “STANDART SUITABLE PROGRAM” for kids.
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I have learned a lot about the different parts of speech. I have learned how difficult it could be for one who has very little to no knowledge of English to learn these various things. Gerunds and inf
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In this unit I learnt of the common scenarios that can cause difficulty in a classroom. The first issue can arrive on the first day; teachers should focus not on course work but on finding the needs
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Riverside Gardens
In this unit I have learned characteristic of good teacher and good learner, roles of teacher, which factors are important about learners, characteristic of language levels, reasons for attending Engl
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Modals are used to express a variety of ideas and come before other verbs in order to add meaning to the main verb. They can also be used to express varying degrees of formality. We also explored the
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This unit focused on 7 common future tenses, namely the future simple tense, future continuous tense, future perfect tense, future perfect continuous tense, 'be going' plus infinitive tense, present s
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This unit covered the productive skills of speaking and writing, providing a framework for understanding these skills and their importance, and identifying the major areas of those skills, being fluen
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Robscott Manor
Unit 13 taught me how to identify and pronounce phonetic script. I hardly did not know what each symbol meant but by the end of the unit I was able to somewhat read an entire phonetic sentence/phrase.
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Rock Manor
Lesson planning is very important, especially for unexperienced teacher: it helps avoiding teacher-centre lessons and balancing times and aims. Organizing the planning provides also a record of the su
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Unit 18 covers a wide range of topics that include modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. The reason this unit lumps these subjects together is because they are the last grammar points covered by th
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Rodney Square
The stress is put on the necessity of WRITING lesson plans because it has three important functions:1/an aid to planning,2/a working document 3/a record.The unit deals with basic principles of lesson
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Rodney Village
This unit talks about the most common problem situations that a teacher can face in the classroom and suggest some possible solutions. I learnt that during the first lesson the teacher might faced a c
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Rodric Village
In this Unit I have learned modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. Modal verbs are: can, could, may, might, shall, should, will would, must, have to. Modal verbs can be used such as: obligation, pos
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From unit 6, I have learned the theoretical concepts and usages of past tenses. This topic includes four different expression of past actions, such as past simple, past continuous, past perfect and pa
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Rogers Corners
The Engage, Study, Activate method seems to be a very enjoyable way to teach. Students with different learning techniques can all benefit from this method. This method also seems to have endless oppor
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Rogers Haven
Unit 15 elucidates evaluation and testing in English language teaching. I have learned/ relearned in this unit that there are different ways of evaluating students' levels and progress, and that testi
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Rogers Manor
Unit 4 covers the 12 tenses in the English language. It expounds that the twelve tenses are best understood by considering the different times (past, present and future) and aspects (simple, continuou
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Rolling Hills
This unit explained future tenses. Much like the previous units on tenses, this was a more challenging unit to understand, however with the knowledge from the previous units it was easier to learn si
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Rolling Park
This unit covers one of the most complicated topics to teach non-native speakers. Conditionals are fully explained and there are examples for each one of them. There are teaching ideas for conditional
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Rose Hill
This unit explained teaching pronunciation and phonology. It reviewed intonation, stress, the phonemic alphabet, and articulation. In addition to that, it also provided examples on how to teach thes
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Rose Hill Gardens
Some teachers tend to underestimate lesson planning because it can prevent them from being flexible or make their lessons predictable and therefore boring. This might be true to some extend but lesson
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Rosedale Beach
The best part i liked it the thinking of Young learner and Adult learner, their nature while learning language, how and what they think. On the other hand i have learnt how to be a good teacher and ac
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