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Johnson Corner
Unit 2 "Parts of Speech" gives a basic overview of the most important concepts of grammar. Completely understanding this unit will make you able to distinguish every single word of a sentence and put
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From unit 15, I have learned different ways of evaluating and testing students. Firstly, there are a number of ways to assess a student’s language levels, including tutorials, evaluation by the stud
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Jones Crossroads
Future Tenses: FUTURE SIMPLE = [subject] + [will/shall] + [base form verb] [speculations] "You'll go bankrupt if you carry on." "No I won't." [spontaneous] "I'll go now." [predictions] "Forecast say
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I have benefited that ,authentic materials are real and therefore more interesting and motivating.Students gain confidence when they understand them.There is also the use of common created materials,s
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This unit presents the various possible students (children, businesspeople who require Business English to function at their job), and their characteristics, as well as the dos and dont's of how to de
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This unit focused on the use of the future tense. It is a complex area of the English language and requires careful attention to the proper meaning of the sentence. Confusion often occurs with the use
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Kenmore Park
This unit were mostly informative not practical. This was mainly made for the readers to lern not to teach. It would be better if we could see some example classes to practice what we learn. The last
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Kent Acres
The units tells about two productive skills: writing and speaking. It tells the difference in learning between two of them. There are two types of practicing speaking, one focuses on accuracy and the
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The conditions and reported speech is much other units, needs some clarity from the given text to the test. some of the answers of what we do in real life verses what a book tells is different, which
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Every teacher will face unexpected challenges in the classroom. A well prepared teacher should be able to respond to the needs of students in a professional and timely manner. It's important to estab
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I feel very lucky to be a native English speaker because, compared to other languages, English has a very complicated system of tenses, which make it extremely difficult to master for speakers of lang
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The content gave a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between teachers and students in a classroom. I thought it was useful to study both the teacher and the student and how both sides ne
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Kiamensi Gardens
Grammar, vocabulary and functions are the main blocks composing a language. Teachers must helps students expand their vocabulary, by starting with appropriate, frequent and teachable words. Grammar is
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Killens Addition
Unit 1 was very insightful. I learnt about the characteristics of a good teacher and a good learner. A good teacher will always strive to meet the needs of his or her students at their language level.
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Kings Crossroads
This unit gave me lots of ideas for better communicating with students. It also helped me how to organize classroom depending on number of students, ages and size of classroom. I've learned various me
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This unit expanded on the different types of past tense including past simple, past perfect, past continuous, and past perfect continuous. These divisions related to the previous study of present tens
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Kirkwood Gardens
This unit takes a look at teaching special groups. When you teach beginners you should consider that there are different types of beginners: the absolute beginner, the false beginner, the adult beginn
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Kitts Hummock
This unit was really important to review the key points to be a good teacher and also a good learner. The teacher's attitude towards students is essential, sometimes we can't imagine the way we act or
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Klair Estate
We have learnt about receptive skills - reading and listening and how to teach them to our students. We have learnt that there are some other sub categories that we can teach our students in ordet to
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Knowles Crossroads
THE TEACHER, CLASSROOM AND STUDENTS The teacher manages the classroom, also very important, the teacher is the real model for the correct use of language. - Organising a classroom, the students and l
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Kynlyn Apartments
The Unit 4 presents the grammar points. This unit covers the present tense system. There are 4 present tense forms: present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous.
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Lake Pines
In this unit we looked at how and why to plan our lessons. For me as a new teacher of English language is very important to plan my lessons in advance. To be able to carry out what I want from the stu
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Lake Shores
This unit represents a very important part of the English grammar and set the stage for studying the simple vs. perfect times. In my past experience with foreign language training (French in particula
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Lakeside Manor
This unit gave me a deeper understanding of how important productive skills are. Speaking and writing are both vital parts when teaching learners a new language. They are both used to communicate and
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I have learned the difference between the role of a teacher and the role of a student. I found this to be of great importance, especially on the teacher side, because it allows me to see the different
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This unit covered conditionals and reported speech, it is a quite a difficult unit, because it requires a very solid understanding of all the tenses to be able to apply the rules correctly, since the
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As I had received a very low mark on the last unit, I had decided to pay a bit closer attention to this unit. This unit was very good for a list of reasons; one being it was an example to be used as a
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Lancaster Court
The system and structure of past tenses is not too different from present tenses. All continuous forms feature some form of the verb TO BE plus the ING form of the verb. If the verb TO BE is in the pa
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Lancaster Village
In this Unit I have learned information about teaching of new language. Grammar is often said to be the tree trunk while vocabulary and functions are the leaves that add beauty and variety. There are
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Landenberg Junction
Unit 6 revises past tenses in a concise and clear format. I particularly like the comparison done with present tenses. A lot of students learn better through association so perhaps I can apply the sam
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Landers Park
The next unit 12 is about two vital skills; speaking and writing. As we all know speaking and writing are completely different in many ways, but they are both used to communicate. Therefore, there two
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There are several pieces of equipment that can greatly aid the teacher in conveying language lessons. Tools such as: DVD, cassette, OHP, boards, IWB's, and video cameras can offer a variety of ways to
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Latimer Estates
This unit was awesome. I have learned so much more about pronunciation than I thought. I have learned the phonetic script. That was a bit difficult at first, but once you try to pronounce it in your h
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There are various kinds for methodology.It's not also easy to dictate the one you choose to use will be effective when teaching.So by further saying,there are other methods which can be use to motivat
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Laurel Bend
This unit introduced equipment and teaching aids. It explained the different resources as well as things to keep in mind when using these resources such as the chalkboard or whiteboard, different typ
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The first lesson was an example of many things that a teacher could do to create a highly ineffective learning experience. The teacher did not build rapport, but instead created an environment where s
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Lauren Farms
The first video got me really frustrated even though I knew it was a demonstration for learning purposes. I could feel the confusion of the students. It was though a great compilation of DON'Ts in a c
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This unit was very eye-opening for me because I got to see two different demonstration lessons. The first lesson was clearly ineffective as the teacher was less engaging and more intimidating. I reall
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Layton Corners
There are many ways to evaluate students' levels and progress. Even if we are not willing to give tests, language schools commonly requires evaluations. At first students are evaluated with a placemen
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It is very important that the teacher or course coordinator selects appropriate vocabulary for a class or course. Appropriate vocabulary should be level appropriate and used frequently. To give the st
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Leedon Estates
This lesson was extremely effective in distinguishing what qualities make a good teacher from that of an ineffective teacher. A good teacher is involved, but also takes leadership and plays many roles
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This unit explained the options and usage of each option for technology and computer aid. These include overhead projectors, interactive white boards, dvds, cds, video cameras, and other devices that
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In this unit,i have learnt that'Modals' are: 'could,can,may,might,should,shall' and there are many which i haven't said,they are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main verb.Modal can be u
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Lewes Beach
This unit helped me to take a look on the materials I’m using during my lessons, from a different perspective. Now I understand, that careful choose and mix of reading and listening materials is ext
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Lewes Naval Facility
In this unit i learned the importance of having a good attitude towards your students. The importance of having a positive rapport with your students by taking the time to learn their names and proper
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Lexington Mill
In this unit, we have talked about the different theories, methods, and techniques of teaching. It first introduced us to the classical method which has been used for centuries. Then it talked about o
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This unit gives a guideline of the selection of appropriate vocabulary and grammar words to teach, based on the level of the students. With regards to the ESA structure, there are some tips and stru
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Unit 5 deals with classroom management and this is the skill of organizing and managing the the class , having a friendly , relaxed manner and maintaining discipline in the classroom . Thus in this un
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Lightfoots Furnace
There are various equipments and teaching aids that will help greatly in an ESL classroom. Computers, OHP, DVDs, Interactive whiteboards are great for keeping student's attention Whiteboards are grea
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Limestone Acres
The content of this unit looked at the English tense system and the different structures and usages of the present tenses. What I learned from this unit is what the present perfect continuous form is
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