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This unit explained the present tenses and their uses. I appreciate how the unit had a concise breakdown of the 4 present tenses along with example sentences, common usages, and common errors associat
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Dunlinden Acres
This section reviews the use of workbooks, authentic and created material. I think that all of these are important when teaching and the use of each one has its place according to the lesson plan. I r
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Unit 5 addresses the skill of organizing and managing a class by having a friendly relaxed manner with one's students and maintaining discipline in the classroom. For this what is needed is for a tea
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Dupont Manor
This lesson taught me how to engage with the students in an appropriate manner. Whether I am correcting them, they are correcting each other, or I am simply giving them instructions on a particular ac
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Duross Heights
Theory is always helpful if you can apply it immediately or already know it from your experience. In this case you can feel that your actions are met with approval by the reputable source. This unit s
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Dutch Neck Crossroads
This unit covers the two receptive skills, reading and listening. Reading and listening are equally important skills. This unit covers different types of reading such as reading for a purpose, pleasur
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East Lake
Modals , phrasal verbs and passive voice are also important in Emglish Grammar . Unit 18 , not only elaborate on how the above are used in English Grammar but also gives some ideas and aids on how to
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East Lake Gardens
The eleventh course unit is an introduction to ‘teaching receptive skills’ based on four basic skills in any language; receptive – reading & listening, and productive skills – speaking & writi
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East Minquadale
Unit 16 was about "Conditionals and Reported Speech". The unit gave an overview of the five conditionals which are "Zero Conditional", "First Conditional", "Second Conditional", "Third Conditional" an
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East Side Village
When I used to be an English language student, I've seen many different teaching techniques. I was born in 1987 and in 2010-2011 I studied for the CAE exam. And I remember our teacher using the ESA me
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Eastburn Acres
This section reviews the importance of testing, when to use it, and which types of testing to use. The placement testing is done in the beginning to find out which level the students would be placed a
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Eastburn Heights
Four present tenses: Present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. Subjects are: I/You/We/They and He/She/It PRESENT SIMPLE = 'to do' Using the subject 'I/You/
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Eastman Heights
This unit explained past tenses. This unit was helpful in explaining the different types of past tenses and much like Unit 4, it was a little more challenging for me than the other units. However, ha
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Eastover Hills
VIDEO 1. Teacher was grumpy, had little empathy for the students, and gave the impression he just wanted to get the job/teaching done! Cutting corners/stages and reducing value of the lesson. Student
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Unit 19 covered special groups which can range from teaching beginners, individual students, young learners, business english, monolingual and multilingual classes. For beginners it is important to d
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Eden Park
In this Unit I have learned future tenses. The future is one of the most complex areas of the English language. Future Simple refers to a time later than now, and expresses facts or certainty. Will+ve
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Eden Park Gardens
This unit gives valuable information on how to structure a single lesson or sequence of lessons while keeping a range of factors in mind. The lesson plan acts as a guide which helps the prepare for th
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Eden Roc
Unit 11 focuses on the factors considered in teaching the receptive skills: listening and reading. I have learned / relearned that there are a number of specialist skills employed when reading or list
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Usages of the various past tenses (past simple, past continuous and past perfect as well as past perfect continuous). I found the usage description specific enough; I should be able to describe them
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Edge Hill
PRODUCTIVE = (words that students know and use) [Speaking & Writing] A. SPEAKING SKILLS Accuracy activities (controlled) = [study phase] to concentrate on producing the correct usage of the languag
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Edge Moor
There are four different language skills that students need to practice in class. These are receptive skills (reading and listening) and productive skills (speaking and writing). All of these skills a
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In this topic it talks about the 7 different forms of Future Tenses. 5 of those being actual Future Tenses and the other 2 being Present Tenses which indicate things which happen in the future. Each
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Edgehill Acres
Unit 6 elucidates the different forms, usages and typical student errors/ mistakes with regard to the past tenses: past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. It also prese
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This unit was a simple and concise summary of what makes up good teachers and learners, though I have had some teaching experience, I found the the breakdown of the teacher into many roles very helpfu
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Edgemoor Gardens
Unit 20 was the icing on the cake! This unit provided ways to approach new students and how to manage large group classes.Some students may be reluctant to speak because they are not confident using E
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Edgemoor Terrace
Pronunciation is probably the most neglected aspect of English language teaching. Confidence is often lacking in foreign teachers to teach it methodically, and English teachers sometimes also lack the
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Edgewater Acres
It is not compulsory to use a course book, during English lessons. Some teachers loves course books, some hates them. The right answer is the balance. We can rely on a course book (previously well cho
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Edgewood Hills
In this unit, I learn about the form of the present tenses (simple present, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous), including the grammatical rules on how the tense is ma
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Vocabulary and correct sentence structure are essential elements in the skill of acquiring a new language. Students should be exposed to new vocabulary that will be relevant to their common use and si
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WOW! as a native English speaker phonetics that was taught in the unit is something that is not taught in the US. However as I have travelled the world I have used this when teaching ESL for non nativ
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Elliott Heights
This unit involved watching two videos of a teacher approaching the class with a different attitude in each video. It was clear that in the first lesson the teacher was not engaged in his teaching, a
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In this lesson it covered theories, methods and techniques for learners of English. I learned more the most common methods that teachers have used in the past as well currently in practice. Additional
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This unit provided a solid overview of the many different parts of speech within English grammar. By organizing the various parts of speech into concise categories, this unit serves as a practical res
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Elsmere Junction
The content od this units were really inf?rmative. It was giving some brief but useful information about the types of classes. There were suggestions about some class types and these were helpful. I h
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English Village
The teacher has to evaluate her students to know how well they understood the course lesson(s). To note their strong and weak points of the study course, if there's a need to touch-up, or review. The
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Everetts Corner
In short, unit 7 is about teaching vocabulary, grammar and language functions by answering the when/why/how questions about it and by giving different ESA models of a lesson plan. I particularly like
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Evergreen Acres
This unit focused on future tenses. Much like the past and present we have interpretations of simple, continuous, and perfect; however, we have introduced "going to", as a future tense. As well, it is
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I have learned about methods and methodologies that will most likely be crucial to my career as an language assistant.When reading about the different ESL teaching methodologies I was able to draw con
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This unit examined modal verbs as well as extended further variants of tense into active and passive. The difference between active and passive voice is the passive voice changing around in order wit
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Fairfield Crest
Overall this unit has given me a general sense of various types of teachers and learners, and how to approach a classroom. It also gave an overview of how to effectively keep the attention of your stu
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Fairfield Farms
Tests are necessary parts of a course from the beginning to end. At the start of the course, it could be helpful to run a placement or diagnostic test to assess a student's language ability and help c
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This test was difficult only because of the vagueness or weird sentence of some of the questions. Examples of oddly worded questions are: 9, 12, and 13. It was one of the chapters that I found very ni
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Unit 13 is a very difficult unit, as it indicates the techniques of teaching pronunciation and phonology. The first thing should be taking into consideration of teaching pronunciation is intonation, t
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I like some teaching ideas. For instance, Future simple: Fortune telling/ palm-reading Future Continuous: Trying to get out of the date from hell. Illustrative situations. Future Perfect: Invention of
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I have learnt some tips for teaching beginners ,which only a few i will put down.Teaching beginners requires special skills and psychology.Teachers need to be aware of their students' need and the tea
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I have learnt about effective structure of a lesson as well as the importance of flexibility, problem prevention, objectives, and consistent structure. The class must be formatted in order to sustain
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Evaluation and testing is a very important part of the teaching process and it enables the teacher to know how much the students have and have not understood. It also gives the teacher the opportunity
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Faulkland Heights
In this unit, I learned about teaching methodologies used in the past and the present, Engage, Study, and Activate (ESA) methodology, elicitation, and correction. I find that the flexibility that the
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This unit examined the productive skills of speaking and writing. Though speaking is a dominant interest in the views of students, it is important to include a sufficient amount of writing exercises
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Similar to the previous lesson, unit 12 focused on speaking and writing - the two productive skills. Here we are introduced the differences between accuracy and fluency. This is an important distincti
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