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From this unit I learnt about the role that formal and informal testing plays in the ESL classroom. In particular, I learnt about the roles of diagnostic testing, placement testing, progress testing,
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Unit 9 is about Lessons Planning. As for me, this unit is very important. The good lesson plan is the key of the good lesson. In this unit l learned how the lesson plan should be written down, what sh
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It is very important to have the lesson plan written down, or some notes and enough material well organized to avoid any confusion during the lesson. The teacher should be in the classroom before the
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Bellevue Manor
The content of this unit covered the theories, methods, and techniques to teaching English. Something I learned from this unit is that there is a difference between students who make mistakes in the c
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Common problem situations First lessons Warmers Different levels Large classes Use of native language Reluctant students Difficulties with listening texts After learning unit, I became more confiden
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This unit was very brief and didn't really cover anything more than the idea that material varies a lot and is up to the teacher to balance the book work with individual lessons that will benefit the
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This unit focuses on how to teach various aspects of a new language. The 3 aspects of language are the vocabulary, grammatical structures, and language functions. This unit is a good revision of the d
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This unit focuses on expressing actions in the present. There are four aspects to the present tense; simple, continuous, perfect, perfect continuous. Each aspect can have an affirmative, negative or
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This unit taught me the many different methods of TEFL teaching that exsist but it also taught me a new method, it taught me the ESA method, and the different ways to assemble the ESA method into a le
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The seven forms of the future tense are identified, and the usage and formation of the various tenses are established. Since the formation is quite specific, it will eliminate quite a bit of errors in
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From unit 8, I have learned the theocratical concepts and grammar rules of future tenses or how to express future situation in different needs. Firstly, there are future simple and future continuous t
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Bethany Beach
In this Unit I have learned Teaching Pronunciation and Phonology. Pronunciation is probably the most neglected aspect of English language teaching. Most pronunciation tends to concentrate on individua
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In this unit reflection it covered the teaching of pronunciation and an overview of phonology. It was noted that pronunciation is one of the most neglected aspects of English Language teaching as a re
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This lesson did a fantastic job of centering on future tenses, and the variety of ways that they can and should be used. It was interesting to see how many different ways that we can say something is
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Bicentennial Village
This video really put into perspective on how to accurately engage your students, provide them with appropriate study activities, and initiate proper ways to activate their knowledge. Giving clear exp
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Big Oak Corners
I found this unit very useful in broadening my knowledge in the personalities of what makes a good teacher and what makes a good learner. I always felt that the most important quality a teacher should
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Big Pine
In this unit we first read about the diverse methodologies available to teach language. It can be difficult to decide which is better suited for the task. For the most part, your choice depends on the
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Big Stone Beach
This unit was a bit harder for me. The phrasal verbs were a part for me that were hard to grasp. I didn't really know what the differences were and the examples weren't really clear to me. That being
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Binns Village
My list selection of EQUIPMENT & TEACHING AIDS in priority order and why: ---1 Board - Start and end off lessons with a clean board. Plan my lessons beforehand and organise them on a piece of paper
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Birchwood Park
In this unit i had the chance of learning some very helpful information about the seatings, tone of voice, group or pair works their pros and cons. We have covered lots of practical information which
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Bishops Corner
Just like unit 4 which elobarated English tenses ( preset tense ) , this Unit also gives an elaborate knowledge on another tense Past tense .The simple past tense form for regular verbs: (add -ed/-d t
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I watched two videos from this unit, and compared the two lessons, and I have learned a lot. When I was watching the first one, it reminded me what I did in my early teaching career. The lesson was b
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This unit covers lesson planning. Lesson planing is important specially for a novice teacher to ensure the class flows smoothly. The challenge is allowing enough flexibility and not getting too rigid
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There are twelve Tenses in all.How and under what circumstances the tense is use.I have also learned that in a negative form, don't (do not), doesn't(does not).When using the third person singular som
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Blackwater Beach
As we learned in Unit One, becoming a "good" teacher of English as a foreign language requires, among other things, a solid knowledge of the English language. This includes parts of speech and grammar
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From personal experience, I have found that often the most difficult part of being a teacher is not necessarily the teaching, but in fact the management aspect of being a teacher. I've learnt that bei
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It's important for a student at an early age to start learning or teaching them vocabularies.I have learned that their is problem when teaching vocabularies to students,by solving this issue,the teach
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Blue Ball
Unit 14 expounds on the relevance of course books, authentic and created materials in the EFL classroom. I have assimilated that course books have a few limitations and disadvantages, and that careful
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Blue Rock Manor
This unit covers the different types of future tenses: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, present simple (for future), and present continuous. This unit cover
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Bottom Hills
I have learned what makes a good teacher and a good learner. It is important that good teacher should be kind, patient and have good object knowledge. A good teacher has to be aware of how to manage o
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The tense system in English grammar is really difficult and confusing for foreigners as I've been experiencing with my students in the past. It's important to help them understand the system, that in
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Bowers Beach
There are multiple ways of referring to the future in the English language. There are seven different tenses that may be used when referring to the future. Future simple, future continuous, future per
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This unit discusses a few of the reasons for testing students and some of the common test ESL students would take in order to be accepted into a school or a job in an English speaking environment. I d
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Basically, this lesson focuses on classification of characteristics of learners (beginner to advanced as well as the European framework of English Language Proficiency). Additionally, it gives some in
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The three main topics which were covered are Teaching Vocabulary, Introducing Grammatical structures and Teaching Language functions. The main takeaway from what I have read in this unit is that as te
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Brackenville Woods
This course helped reminding me basic grammar and structure. I believe that basic grammar and structure are most people make mistake. This section also helped me finding myself teaching in the future.
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Watching these two videos one after the other was entertaining and eye-opening as they demonstrated what successful and unsuccessful teaching looks like. It is evident that a teacher must come to clas
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This unit has helped reflect on the need for me to have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the ESA, Boomerang and Straight-Arrow structures and how they are applied. Vocabulary, Structure and
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This unit covers modals and it's uses to do with expressing certainty, requests, obligations, ability and permission, Phrasal verbs;the intransitive and transitive, separable and inseparable types, an
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Brandywine Estates
In this unit, we read about evaluating and testing our students. We review the various kinds of tests that we use to test our students based on the different types of situations and the purpose of the
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Brandywine Hills
From this unit I learnt that when teaching grammar, vocabulary and functions there are certain types of ESA lessons that are more/less appropriate. The key is to plan effectively and be flexible in pi
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Brandywine Springs
This unit covers methodologies of teaching English and suggests preferrable ESA methodology, created by Jeremy Harmer. It consists of three main blocks: Engage, Study and Activate. These are the main
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Brandywine Springs Manor
I found this part a little bit difficult since it has been the first time where I have had to really see how to put a lesson together. The lesson plan given was helpful though. It really brought toget
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This unit was on future tenses, I was surprised by the fact that there are seven forms of future tenses. I was clear on three to four forms of future tense usage. This unit was eye opening and helpful
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This unit elaborated on various forms of past tenses. First, past simple was explained, followed by past continuous, past perfect, and finally, past perfect continuous. This lesson was quite straightf
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I learned about different methods and outlines involved in teaching an ESL class as well as well as games and activities to supplement each stage and concept. The basis of planning a lesson comes thr
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Briar Park
There are different kind of teaching, according to the situation we might be going to face, the students we will meet and their personal aims. A good teacher is supposed to be prepared, motivated, kin
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Brick Store
Teaching new language includes introducing vocabulary, grammar, and other language concepts. Learning language requires exposure to words and usage, understanding word meaning, understanding how usage
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On reflection of the video unit, I was able to observe from a students perspective how with out planing and structure it can be confusing to students. Additionally, the attitude and how the teacher ma
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This unit helped me to better understand both grammatical structure and different categorizations of verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc. The subject-verb-object structure, for example, may be a helpful sta
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