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Hickory Dale Acres
The fifth course unit is an overview introduction to the classroom management, the skill of organizing and managing classes & maintaining a supportive discipline in a relaxed, and friendly manner. The
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Hickory Hill
I saw the same lesson taught twice,one with a number of the teacher's errors and the other taught effectively.I noticed various differences between lesson one and two in a lot of areas,such as the tea
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Hickory Ridge
This unit gives an insight into the use of conditionals and how direct speech is to be converted to reported speech. Both these are are complex areas in the teaching of English language and requires c
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Hideaway Acres
Methods and techniques are very important in teaching a language especially when your students are learning the language as L2. Thus , this unit elaborates on the the teaching theories , methods and t
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High Point
This lesson was helpful in breaking down how to execute an effective lesson using a blueprint. Having a lesson plan will allow me more confidence in staying organized, staying on topic and completing
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Highland Acres
RECEPTIVE SKILLS - Reading and Listening Why do we read/listen? --- To get to a specific 'function/goal' or 'pleasure/entertainment'. To gain some form of understanding of what we have just heard or
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Highland Meadows
Clearly evaluation is a highly important aspect in the classroom and it is important for both the teacher and the learner. It ensures that the lessons are effective and that students needs are been ap
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Highland West
This unit involved watching two demonstration videos on teaching and taking note of how one was representative of effective teaching while the other was not. What I took away from this unit is that as
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Highland Woods
This unit lays out various methods and theories of teaching English. I learned valuable lessons about the way teachers can organize lessons by breaking down the teaching time into phases. One phase
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From unit 11, I have learned the importance of receptive skills and how to teach receptive skills. Firstly, receptive skills, which means listening and reading skills, are equally important as product
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Unit 11 covered the topic of teaching the receptive skills of reading and listening. By understanding the motives why people are receptive to information, the different skills used to comprehend a rea
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That is a terrific unit! I’ve known about different methods such as Grammar-translation, Audio-lingualism, Suggestopaedia,Task-based learning,The silent way, Communicative Language Teaching, Communi
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Hillside Heights
The two lessons in the video are quite different .the teacher in lesson one starts the lesson without defining the concept , thereby making the students to be confused, he further stressed that the to
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Hilltop Manor
Unit 18 is about modals, phrasals verbs and passive voice. This unit finishes look at English grammar. In this unit modal auxiliary verbs and the passive voice examine in details. This unit covers the
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Hitchens Crossroads
This unit helped me understand the different types of present tenses. I understand the importance of form, usages, typical student errors, and how to properly activate stage teaching ideas. After this
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Hoars Addition
A good teacher's attitude is essential for the success of the lesson. If the teacher is not able to communicate clearly, or to introduce properly a lesson, or seems disrespectful of his class he won't
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This unit like all the other grammar units is somewhat of a challenge for me as a native speaker, because it is training me to become very conscious of what usually just comes naturally. What I find m
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Holiday Acres
In the U.S, the classic passive voice sentence, used to explain losing South VietNam to the North Vietnamese Army was, "Mistakes were made." It took many decades to learn who made the mistakes! As a j
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Holiday Hills
This section outlines proper classroom management and methods for teaching to be the most effective. Some examples that stood out the most were: using teacher talk time only an appropriate amount of t
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Holiday Pines
Unit 3 dwells on the theories, methods and techniques applied in teaching languages. I have assimilated and/or relearned in this unit the characteristics and typical applications of Grammar-translatio
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Unit 12 covered the teaching of the productive skills of writing and speaking. Initially, the most important thing for a teacher to do is to create a need or desire in the students to communicate, if
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Holletts Corners
This lesson has provided me with a thorough review of pronunciation and where the stresses are in words and sentences. It will teach the students how to phrase sentences so their audiences can underst
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Holloway Terrace
An English lesson should be divided in different steps, in order to catch the student's attention, explain sentence structures and grammar, and let them use the new language expression they are learni
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Holly Knoll
This section takes an in depth look at all future tenses: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, and also "going to" future, and two other tenses connected to as
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Holly Oak
Unit 16 is mainly about Conditionals and reported speach . Conditional are the sentences that include "if" when it is refer to the past , present and future . As well conditionals contains two clauses
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Holly Oak Terrace
In my opinion this unit is a good introduction to the teaching profession. It is vital to understand your role in the classroom clearly from the very first lesson. Of course, it can take some time to
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This unit demonstrates using videos the difference between an effective and engaging teacher and one who is not. The importance of a teacher's attitude, ability to communicate the objective of the le
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Present tense is something that is used constantly, but something native speakers do naturally rather than with any kind of thought process. This section touched on a variety of ways to use the tense
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Hopkins Corners
Unit 1 dwells on the important characteristics of teachers and learners.I have learnt that teachers must play different roles (e.g. manager, organizer, assessor, etc.) in their EFL classrooms. They sh
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Evaluation is a crucial part of the learning experience. Tests have specific purposes and are conducted at appropriate times during the student's learning journey. Placement test's are an excellent w
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From unit 9, I have learned how to make the class planning that is very important to ensure the quality of the class as it can help a teacher to think logically through the stages in relation to avail
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Hudson Pond Acres
Many lessons we are going to teach may include three main directions: vocabulary, grammar and language functions. Grammar is said to be the trunk of a tree as vocabulary and language functions are the
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Hughes Crossroads
The attitude of the teacher profoundly affects the environment of a classroom. A teacher should aim to engage students in the activity, and provide opportunities for the students to speak. During the
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Hunting Hills
Vocabulary, grammar and functions all play key roles in helping one understand a new language. This lesson taught me effective ways in teaching young learners a new language through the ESA boomerang,
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I have learnt usages of the various forms of the tenses as presented by the unit. Before reading through this unit, I knew the various forms of the tenses, but the usages were not clear. With the co
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Hyde Park
Through this unit I have gained a better understanding of how a class or lesson should flow and have started learning some of the building blocks of teaching and how to interact with the students as w
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The content of Unit 1 has highlighted the possible roles of a teacher to me, and the importance of being sensitive and flexible when teaching different groups of learners. Awareness of differences in
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Indian Beach
I was able to learn different groups of student and different approaches for them. Also, I was able to learn about different types of lessons and how they can help design a lesson plan. Moreover, the
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Indian Field
Unit 3 "Theories, Methods and Techniques" gives us an overview of the most important approaches, methods and techniques that were used in the past and today to learn a new language. I found this unit
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Indian Mission
This unit is about evolution of students. In this unite we will learn different ways of evaluating, students levels and progress. Sometimes the evolution can be given through feedback but it needs lo
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Indian River
Unite 6 is talking about past tenses, abviously about past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. As well the unit claims, that many common verbs have an irregular simple
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Indian River Acres
This unit concentrates on the productive skills of speaking and writing. While speaking is easier than than writing which is a more complex skill, both have issues that the teacher must pay attention
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Iron Hill
This unit focused on different types of special groups that you would teach english to. Beginners (whether young or older), individual learners, business people, and monolingual vs. multilingual class
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Israel Haul
Starting off the first lesson is always challenging as the teacher has to build rapport and set the tone for the class. Usually no course work is covered in the first lesson and the teacher should spe
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Ivy Ridge
This unit covered teaching special groups. This unit was particularly helpful to me as I am interested in teaching adults in a one-to-one environment so getting some insight into teaching individual
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Jacobs Crossroads
The last unit was a small unit, but a helpful one. Most other units, were about grammar, what material to use and how to teach. This one helps you to solve particular problems, how to make the class m
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Jefferson Crossroads
first a fall i got to know about brief history of teaching method. Secondly i got a zest of methodologies and their merits and demerits as well as what methodology i have to use while teaching accordi
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Jefferson Farms
Unit 7 was about "Teaching new language". It focused specifically on how to teach/introduce vocabulary, grammar and functions. I learned how to select vocabulary, what student need to know about the n
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This unit summarized the various types of tests done in schools and language institutes, and gave a brief overview of their purpose.It also gave a quick outline of some of the most internationally ren
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Unit 15 covered various test forms including placement, progress, diagnostic, and practice tests. It also introduced the most commonly used external examinations. Evaluation of students is a necessary
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