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Adams Crossroads
Learning about course books and lesson materials in this unit, has given us a better understanding of how teachers should approach their lessons. When materials are being made for our lessons, we have
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As an adult taking this certification course so I can travel and teach English, I appreciate the overview of what makes a good teacher, a good learner and the various changing roles a good teacher nee
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Addick Estates
Unit 20 is about troubleshooting. This unit covers the very important areas: problems with teaching different types of students, new groups and existing groups. There are numbers of activities that th
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I basically learnt about the different classifications of modals, the formation of passive voice and classification of phrasal verbs. With regards to modals, the unit presents a table of how the vari
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Airport Villa
This unit did an excellent job at breaking down modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. Modals are used to express multiple ideas such as obligation, probability, permission, ability, advice and mor
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Special groups have special needs, and understanding them and their needs is the first step to success with them. Knowing ahead of time that you will be teaching a particular business group, you coul
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Alban Park
Unit 4 gives an overview of the present tenses. These are, "present simple", "present continuous", "present perfect" and "present perfect continuous". The subject was pretty basic. However, I've found
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reading and writing come so naturally that we do not need to think about it, but we miss the challenge that it potentially presents to the new learner. Understanding the various styles of writing and
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Albertson Park
I believe that this section was extremely informative on building the proper, and effective, lesson plans. The "Engage, Study, Activate" makes the students feel at ease when learning, and having fun w
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Class Management is a chapter I found helpful and terms of maintaining order in the class as well as good relations and raptor in a learning environment. Certain factors such as sitting arrangements a
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Analine Village
This unit addresses the ways to effectively educate beginners, young learners, multilingual classes, indivudals, and business English. You want your methods of teaching to vary with each class so you
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Anderson Crossroads
This unit is about skills that help us to organise and manage the class. We had been thaught how to use eye contact, voice and gestures for to reduce a teacher talk time and that it could be very help
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Andrew's Lake
In unit 10 I got information about two real lessons. These two lessons are totally different from each other. According to the video the teacher in first lesson came late to the classroom and started
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This profession is 50 percent how to teach a lesson and 50% how to read and understand your students. What motivates them, their barriers, fears, and drivers. Have been an assistant teacher for a mont
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This unit is pretty easy for me. I’ve refreshed my knowledge about: - Phonetic script; - Voiced and unvoiced phonemes; - Vowel sound; - Intonation: intonation in statements, intonation that indicate
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Angola Beach
This unit covers conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals contain 'if' and 'when', which address past, present, and future situations. There are different forms, such as; zero, first, second, th
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Anna Acres
The unit outlines the tense system of the English language which uses twelve tenses to distinguish four aspects of the past,the present and the future.The Czech language uses three tenses only because
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Overview for Unit 12 Productive skills-- include speaking and writing Speaking skills part: 1.different between accuracy and fluency 2.speaking activities in the classroom--with some activities samp
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Arbour Park
Unit 16 is about conditionals and reported speech . Conditionals are sentences containing “if”( or similar such as when)which refer to past , present and future possibilities.I learned in this un
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This unit is supposed to help in introducing the idea of lesson planning, but I've found that it doesn't really explain any intricacies associated with lesson planning. Rather it explains that it is a
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This unit covered the forms and usages of past tenses in its simple form, continuous form, perfect form and perfect continuous form. The way the similarities of these 4 forms for the present and past
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In this chapter , I learned that there are many teaching methodologies. From Grammar-Translation to The Lexical approach there are many ways in which to teach English. There is no best method of teach
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Argo Corners
This lesson helped with defining different sentences and their usage. Now I will be able to communicate effectively to the students what each sentence means and when it is appropriate to use a particu
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Books and materials There are two kinds of materials, authentic material and created material. For Course book, I've got the advantages and disadvantages for using it. From this unit, I've got res
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This unit examined the pronounciation and phonology of each lesson. Pronounciation involves the intonation of words including the rise and fall of conversational speech; as well as the rise in intona
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Ashbourne Hills
This unit taught me about the past tenses of sentences, how/when to use them and teach them to a class as well. They are sentences English speakers use everyday, but may not have an understanding of w
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This unit gave an understanding about the role of each word in the sentences we use, with this knowledge the teacher will be able to justify to the students the reason why certain words are used inste
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The unit material focused on the present forms of the verb. What I found most helpful in this unit is the explanation of present perfect form. The present perfect tense has always been are difficult t
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The main content that I learnt is the structure of conditionals and how they are used. There is a different sort of function for each type of conditional and it is easy to identify each conditional ba
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Atlanta Estates
Authentic Materials such holiday brochures, menus, Advertisements, Posters are great way to get students to learn and relate appropriate language to their interest/purpose. The use of authentic materi
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Atlas Point
This section reviews many grammar points as in the use of modals, active versus passive voice, and also the use of phrasal verbs. Modals are very important to teach students the difference between wor
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Auburn Hills
TROUBLESHOOTING Common Problem Situations Much like the previous lesson when the teacher is meeting his/her students for the first time, the teacher needs to do a level test, needs analysis, group ne
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Course books can be a divisive topic in the teaching world. While some course books provide up to date and relevant source material, others are out-dated and stale. Course books can provide a stable b
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Augustine Beach
This unit was much like the previous one, however instead of learning about receptive skills we learned about productive skills (speaking and writing). My reflection to this one is much the same to th
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I think that the verb tenses will be my greatest weakness because while I use all of these tenses, I never remembered the names of them nor did I bother studying them by name. Maybe I learned them in
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This unit described the basic fundamentals of English grammar. We were introduced to proper sentence structure and provided with definitions of words such as: noun, verb, adverb, adjective and other n
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This unit focuses on the productive skills, namely speaking and writing. The proper application of these skills is looked at and the appropriate methods of instruction are discussed in detail. Finally
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From unit 20, I have learned some useful recommendation when dealing with a real class. In the first class, a teacher should not rely completely on the course but focus on knowing students’needs and
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Barkers Landing
Conditionals and reported speech. The five main conditionals are : zero conditional, first conditional, secend conditional, third conditional and mix conditional. The mix conditional is combination of
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This unit shows to examples of teaching a class. The first one displays a teacher who isn't invested in his students progression and is mainly teaching the class because he is tasked to do so. The sec
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Bay View Park
In this unit, the classroom was broken down and studied as not only a physical space but also a physiological space that is as much a part of the learning process as the lessons and activities themsel
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Bay Vista
It is important to only speak in English during class so the students are always immersed in the language. There are three stages a typical lesson plan; engage, study, and activate. During the engage
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Overview Three ways to assess a student's language level. Tutorials Evaluation by the students Tests 1.Placement tests 2.Progress tests 3.Diagnostic tests 4.Practice tests 5.General external tests
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Bayview Manor
This unit was very informative on the breakdown of special groups that an ESL teacher might encounter. Beginners cover a variety of levels from absolute beginner to the adult beginner. Again in this
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In this unit,i have learnt,there are two clauses,the 'If' clause and the main clause,and either can come in the first part of a conditional sentence.The 'If' clause contains the condition that has to
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This unit deals with a few things: 1. The grouping of a class. 2. The seating arrangement of a class. 3. Maintaining discipline and establishing rapport. 4. Dealing with problematic students. 5. When
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Beaver Brook
This unit described ways to teach new language including vocabulary, grammar, and language function. It gave examples using ESA type lessons and activities that would be helpful when teaching new lan
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Beaver Dam Heights
There are twelve tenses in English and it constantly makes learners very confused. Nevertheless, this rather challenging part of grammar is absolutely vital and cannot be studied superficially. This u
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Beaver Valley
Of the four basic skills involved in language learning, reading and listening are called receptive skills.Productive skills include speaking and writing. There are five special receptive skills: predi
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Beech Haven
In this unit we look at classroom management. We reviewed the do's and don'ts of eye contact, use of gestures, use of your voice, student's names and writing on the board. The unit mentions student gr
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