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Central Pencader
From this unit I have learn that a good relationship between teacher and his/her students is a key for to be able to pass the knowledge from teacher to student. Possibly it is more easy to teach stude
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This unit, teaching new language is was anticipated to be a more difficult section however with review this unit was easier than expected. The real test is when I am standing in front of a class of no
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In unit 9, we are provided with a layout for making lesson plans. Before the template is given, we are explained the importance and benefits of making lesson plans and the specifics of each necessary
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The teacher should know all his student's by name, he should be able to organize the seating of his classroom regarding to the size of the classroom and also pay attention to the needs of his students
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This unit deals with grammar.I have learnt from is that,there are certain words which changes or some letters do change ,while dealing with Noun.There are also many types of noun(noun is been divided,
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Chapel Hill
Test can be both formal and informal and provide valuable information to the teacher about the students abilities, gaps in knowledge and highlights the areas the teacher has to plan his/her own syllab
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This section was extremely difficult and it did a number on me. I learned a lot about different types of verbs and how they work in certain scenarios. I did not realize there were so many ways to us
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This has been the most challenging of all units that I have studied so far. Regardless, I feel very confident that with more practice and production the level of comprehension will definitely improve
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From unit two, I learned grammar part systematically. For using English, in my opinion, the first step is to express something not with words but sentences. So after learning this unit, I got many cl
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Chelsea Estates
At this unit we took a look on past tenses. We learned how to form them, when to use them and what are the main differences between them. There are many irregular verbs that need to be study separatel
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Cherokee Woods
Unit 16 explained conditionals and reported speech. This unit was surprising because I have no recollection of learning any of this during my schooling, so it was very interesting to see the proper w
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Cherry Hill
This is a very useful unit. I haven't taught English before to classes or individuals. Although I helped friends with English, who clearly struggled with some words and grammar. This is why the unit i
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Chestnut Grove
In unit 3 I get acquainted with the methodologies and techniques that are prominent for EFL lessons. There are many methodologies for successful classes such as; grammar-translation, audio lingualism,
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Chestnut Hill Estates
This chapter looked at managing and handling different classroom atmosphere such as size, native languages, and year of students. For example, in a brand new class it would be appropriate to have gam
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Chestnut Knoll
A good teacher needs to be enthusiastic, organised, flexible and prepared to manage the classroom. Teaching should flow seamlessly, therefore, preparation beforehand and good record keeping is paramo
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This unit contained content on the different qualities that make a good teacher and student. It also outlined the roles a teacher will have to play, and the different levels of students one might expe
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In this unit grammar was introduced. The ideas of different grammar concepts were explained and examples were given. There was a good deal of terminology covered that isn't always necessary to explain
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Choptank Mills
In this unit, I have learned about what makes a good teacher and what makes a good learner. The most important take away from this unit is that the relationship between teacher and student, however co
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This unit was on teaching pronunciation, this is something that is over looked after primary school and usually is something we do not focus in our society. I have never really used IPA before so ther
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Christiana Acres
There are a range of existing teaching methodologies and they have their pros and cons. Jeremy Harmer created the "ESA" Engage Study Activate approach that incorporates all the teaching methodologies
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Christine Manor
The Teacher and Learner Overview: The teacher has to care about the learning of the student and have a desire to teach. This is portrayed in the teacher's personality and relationship with the stud
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Church Hill
This unit was really interesting because it gave me a chance to look over fully planned-out lessons, which gave me a great opportunity to see what an actual ESA lesson can look like. I felt that it wa
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Church Hill Village
I enjoyed this chapter as I was able to learn how to teach a new language to a student and how to choose the different things for students. Such as when teaching a student vocabulary knowing that it m
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Clarksons Crossroads
In this Unit I have learned evaluation and testing. There are a number of ways to assess a student's language level: tutorials, evaluation by the students, test. It is often appropriate to give tests
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In this unit we have talked about the following future tenses: The future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous, going to future, the present simple, and the
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This unit has helped me establish an understanding of classroom management. It covered the different parts necessary for TEFL teacher to manage the classroom. The over all understanding I received fr
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Claymont Addition
A teacher has to arrange each 'STUDY phase' with four componants in mind. No matter what level or phase of the lesson. STUDENTS' NEEDS: Each lesson students are exposed to the new language. They ne
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Claymont Heights
Unit 2 served as a timely sources of review for me. It helped me to recall what are Parts of Speech and the intricacies of each. Transitive verbs, countable and uncountable nouns were somewhat unclear
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This unit provided a great overview of what resources and materials that can be used in the ESL classroom and understanding how to go about using those more capably and in ways that would be beneficia
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This was a very extensive chapter with a lot of new information for me. The simple ESA Straight arrow approach was easy to understand, and even the boomerang, but the patchwork lesson plans (and quest
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Clearview Manor
This unit covered teaching pronunciation and phonology. Something I took away from this unit was the coverage of articulation and the different components of it. There are multiple speech organs invol
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Cleland Heights
This unit focuses on the productive skills, which are speaking and writing. Ensuring and accuracy and fluency of these skills is key when teaching students how to communicate the language. In the Stud
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Clifton Park Manor
I feel this unit has forced me to really consider the names of the various presents. Although I am familiar with them, the way they are presented in the unit gives you a sense of how a student of Engl
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Cocked Hat
In this unit we learned about teaching aids and different materials used in an ESL classroom. We looked more in depth at things such as cassette players, DVD players, OHPs, etc and why they are useful
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College Park
Equipment and teaching aids are part of a teacher's life as much as the course books and the knowledge itself are. I wish this module also warned a bit on the overuse of modern tools and resources jus
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Collins Beach
In this unit I learnt about the different skills required for writing and speaking. In particular, I learnt about the different accuracy and fluency based speaking activities that can be used in the E
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Collins Park
This unit went over course materials and how to apply them so that your students learn the new language effectively. Course books are recommended but should not be used too often as they may bore the
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Collins Pond Acres
In this unit I learned that when selecting a vocabulary to teach I need to consider the following/ Appropriateness to the students ,the task or the lesson, the frequency and teachability. Also the me
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Colmar Manor
During the first lesson, the teacher should try to establish a rapport between the students and find about them. It is also important to understand students' goals and needs. Every lesson should start
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Colonial Heights
This section was an excellent, in depth description of the parts of speech. I think it really took into account many things that, as native English speakers, we automatically say without thinking. One
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Colonial Park
The text of this unit looks at the advantages and disadvantages of authentic/created materials and offers sample flashcards,picture stories,role-play cards etc.,which may be inspiring for some teacher
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Colony Hills
I thought this unit broke down the Engage, Study and Activate. I understood the engage portion as to getting the student interested, involved and on the task of what is to come during the lesson. Stu
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This was a fun and exciting lesson that showed a lot of strengths and weaknesses of teachers. The first lesson was a case study in what not to do in the classroom as the teacher did nothing to really
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This was the most challenging section yet, and I am not sure that I am efficient in my own planning at using this structure to write it. I do my best to use these same principles of ESA, but I do not
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Concord Hills
This unit provides information on different aspects, that ESL teachers must be aware of when teaching different teaching groups. Each group has its own characteristics and there are various valuable t
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Concord Manor
In this unit we learned about vocabulary, grammatical structure, and language functions. This is important to understand because teaching this to non-native English speakers provides them with the bas
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I learned about what makes a good/bad teacher. A teacher that cares about teaching but at the same times cares more about the learning progression of the students. And the different roles the teacher
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Cool Spring
In this unit, we learned about managing a class. This is so important because for those of us who have never taught a class before, this information will help us prepare and understand classroom dynam
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Cool Spring Farms
The second unite provides insightful overview of the important introduction to grammar part of speech covering comprehensive fundamental of nouns, adjectives, and verbs/adverbs etc. This course unite
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Cooper Farm
The unit deals with the skill of organising and managing the class.It recommends some practical ways to help establish rapport between the teacher and students and class spirit.I fully agree that the
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