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Bridgeville Manor
The unit introduces teaching methods and techniques explaining which of them have most influenced current TEFL practice.It examines engage,study and activate stage activities recommending their use fo
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Broad Acres
Grammar is an important part of the teaching process. A teacher, probably, will not be expected to be a "walking grammar reference book" but, showing a lack of grammar knowledge might be concerning in
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Broad Creek
As I was growing up, I would spend most of my outside time right after school in my father's classroom, he would always be filling these sheets out - sheets in the exact same format, I did not underst
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This unit covered the future tenses, which comprises of 7 different types; future simple (subject + will + verb), future continuous (subject + will + be +verb+ing), future perfect (will + have + past
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Broadkill Beach
The use of equipment and teaching aids can really help us in class: they help gaining students' attention and they make the lesson easier to understand and more interesting. From the black/whiteboard
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In this unit past tenses was covered and understanding the structure and the similarities to present tenses. Overall understanding the rules associated with the tenses and the challenges for students
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Brookdale Heights
This unit covered modals, passive/active voice, and phrasal verbs. Modals are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main verbs. For example, "I can play 3 different sports." Furthermore, modal
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I have learned that a good teacher is kind, patient, knows their material well, is lively and entertaining, can create good teacher-student relationships, and will be able to correct and encourage the
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This unit dealt with the present form of grammar structures, such as present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. These structures seem normal to a native speak
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Brookhill Farms
Unit 3 provided an overview of the many teaching methods since the 17th century such as the Classical, Natural, Silent and Suggestopedia methods. I have a very good understanding of Jeremy Harmer's En
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Brookland Terrace
This unit provided a wealth of information on setting up and conducting glass. I found the ideas for the the classroom set up beneficial. I have not seen a horseshoe set up for a long time. I appre
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What I have learnt: Ways and methods to involve the student to improve his/her pronunciation and writing. Accuracy and fluency activities are two different skillsets in spoken language proficiency and
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Brookside Park
As a teacher, I know how important is the classroom management. Every time I read or review ideas, suggestions, etc. I find them extremely useful. I really enjoyed this chapter since I love to establ
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Brookview Apartments
This unit highlighted to me the value of really putting your mind into the mindset of the learner. It is important to clearly understand their starting point and how they will be able to be benefited
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Browns Corner
This unit explained how to effectively teach vocabulary, grammar, and functions through the use of Straight Arrow, Boomerang, and Patchwork structured lessons. These cater to each of the different kin
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This unit has been very insightful. I have realized that tenses are very important and often times we use them wrongly in our daily speech. However, this has also helped me to reflect on that which I
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Bryan Park
Unite 7 is about teaching the new language, vocabulary, grammar and functions. There are four things that students should take into consideration on learning new language; exposing to it, understandin
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Bryans Store
Unit 16 elucidates the types of conditionals as well as the rules in changing direct speech to reported speech. I have learned in this unit the different teaching ideas that may facilitate students'
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Buckingham Heights
This unit looks into grammar and the different forms of conditional sentences along with the differences between direct and reported speech. The difference between the first and second conditional for
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Many different styles of teaching are possible. For example, some more charasmatic teachers may prefer to spend more time in front of the class instructing the class, whereas others prefer to take a m
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I always felt that classroom management was a strength for me as a teacher, but this lesson showed me that while I do use quite a bit of what is in the lesson, there is so much that I did not realize
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Unit 16 goes over the basics of conditionals and reported speech. I had always thought that conditionals were quite straight forward and their structure to a native English speaker like myself intuiti
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Bush Manor
This unit covers the topic of Lesson planning. There are full explanations and description for each recommended stage provided, which is helpful for non-experienced teachers. There is an example of a
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From unit 4, I have learned the theoretical concepts of present tenses, and this topic covered four different types of present tenses, including present simple, present continuous, present perfect and
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I have learn,there are common problem situations that exist in classroom as we have ,new group(the students don't know each other)then we also have Existing group(already likely to know each other and
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Canby Park
This unit has helped me to review basic concepts and remember some rules that sometimes, we know how to use them properly but we are not able to explain to our students, who are learning the language,
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Canby Park Estates
The sixth course unit is an introduction to the ‘past tense’ system which complement the ‘present tense’ from the previous unit covered. The same supportive main principle structures used; sim
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I learned how to identify the purpose of each word in a sentence from a grammatical perspective. The unit started with nouns, describing various types including proper, abstract and collective which
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Unit 4 covered the present tense system. There are three different times in the English; the present, the past and the future but linguistic can argue that there is only two tense exist - the present
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I feel that this unit focuses mainly on establishing a general idea behind positive cultural and moral traits important to a teacher/student relationship. Additionally, this unit emphasises the import
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Canterbury Hills
This unit covered a variety of classroom scenarios that could be encountered while teaching and how to handle them. It also looked over techniques and activities that can be used when teaching specifi
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Capitol Green
In this unit we cover the four present tenses: the present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. And in this course we cover the four areas. Form. This shows affi
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Capitol Park
Unit 6 continued the "Tense" lessons by covering Past Tense. The lesson discussed the usage, definition, and sentence structure of Simple, Continuous, Perfect and Perfect Continuous Past Tense. I lear
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Caravel Farms
The unit defines conditionals and lists the five main ones:zero conditional,first conditional,second conditional,third conditional and mixed conditional.It presents their forms,usages, typical student
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This unit gave an overview of how to manage an actual classroom.Personally,I have enjoyed this lesson the most so far.I have learned that there are some things that I may have thought was acceptable t
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Carlisle Village
overall it was an informative unit about tests in general. There were also some explanations about some spesific labguage tests such as Toefl anf Ielts. Althoug, from the information about toefl test
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In this unit, it mentions the importance of teaching receptive skills and the methods of teaching said skills. Reading and listening are equally important to a person who is studying the English langu
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Sadly, once again, questions in the test were not covered in the text. This has happened several times. I took the initiative and attempted to find in other sources however, did not find. Alas, as a w
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Carrcroft Crest
There are a lot of different methodologies and techniques in EFL teaching today and sometimes it can be difficult to decide which one to choose because each of them has their own advantages and disadv
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I enjoyed this section because it relied on a lot of examples to make its case, and it did a lot to relate the use of books and materials to real life and the need for them in a classroom, but also hi
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Carter Development
This unit covered evaluation and testing of students. It broke down the different kind of tests students may have to take during their English learning experience and also any external testing they m
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Castle Hills
Modal verbs are used before other verbs and they add meaning to the main verbs. They can express different "shades" of possibility, obligation, permissions, abilities and advice. The passive voice doe
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Catalina Gardens
The tense system of the English language may be a source of difficulty for ESL learners. The English language considers three periods of time (past, present, future), and 4 sub categories under each p
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Cave Colony
Most native English speakers use conditionals as they begin to express themselves about plans and various activities, without having to consider sentence structure for expressing these conditionals. T
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Cedar Heights
Unit 17 is mainly about teaching equipment and aids . Teaching aids help students to use their books less and make the lesson more interesting for them . To the list of teaching aids we can include th
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Cedarbrook Acres
This unit elaborates on the parts of speech . Reading through this unit I have learnt alot on the various parts of speech ( that is kinds , usage etc) .I leanrt that teaching grammar will be very easi
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In this unit I have learned the 4 different forms of present tense which are the Present simple,Present Continuous,Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous. Each of the forms have specific rules
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Centennial Village
I found this unit quite difficult. I was never really aware of all of the variations that the future tense entailed, and it took me a while to get my mind wrapped around all of them. However, I am rea
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Center Green
It was nice to watch videos of classes being taught in this unit, and seeing the content of the past units in effect. It was reassuring and inspiring to watch the videos and actually be able to pinpoi
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Central Kent
This unit focused on lesson planning and the basics of setting one up. What I took away from this lesson was that when it comes to planning a lesson for a class, there a number of special issues that
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