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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

In terms of tenses units done so far, this one was more difficult to digest and absorb. There are overlaps with using the future tenses for predictions and that can get confusing in making sure how to distinguish and remember in which situation which is used correctly, and learning how to convey that to students correctly. Obviously, first learning how to properly process and remember for myself will be the key to having the ability to do that in the classroom. The struggle of the new native English teacher mirrors somewhat the non native learners struggle in the sense of how to engage in learning these language structure in a way that is meaningfully attached to its common usage in real life, and thereby being able to remember and appropriate that learning naturally into ones use of the language everyday. Using the future tense as an example for instance, I would do this by becoming more conscious next time when I am in certain situations talking about the future, to notice the language and structure I am using, and associate that with the forms I have learnt in this unit. The non native most likely depending on their level and when initially exposed to their L2 language learning, will be referencing their First language when trying to situationally or mentally place these, but that is why the Activate stage of ESA and maximizing their talk time is so important, so that they can build and work towards placing these forms effortlessly into their everyday consciouness. For me the understanding of L1 and L2 language processes fascinates me, but I understand that this is something that I have to work hard to be educated in further in this field before I can make form judgements and use it to try to teach more effectively. But I am trying to link it to what I have been given glimpses of in the previous units, just how ESA is geared to creating such a dynamic process for students and effective teaching for Language instructors.