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La Harpe
This unit describes the present tenses of English which include simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. The unit covers forms, usages, typical student errors and activate stage teaching i
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I have certainly reviewed many aspects regarding the past tenses usage and its combination throughout this unit. I found the worksheets very useful materials for the study phase as well as the speakin
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Lake Quivira
this unit focusses on pronunciation phonetic inscription. Phonetics is however rarely taught at school or even university. An effective teacher should consider teaching of pronunciation as an integral
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This Unit provided me with valuable knowledge about teaching. The only teaching experience I have had before this Unit was as a tutor for my college's language department. I was thrilled to learn abou
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I believe the unit provided good insight into the primary inner workings of the teacher & student roles within the classroom. I think this was important as it described the qualities required for a gr
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Despite English being my native language, this unit actually made me think a lot about the language. Just conversions brought up the topic about reading a sentence versus speaking it. I think a big pa
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The most important things a student needs to do with a new language are be exposed to it, understand its meaning and how it is constructed, and finally, be able to practice and produce it. Vocabulary
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This unit provides an in depth observation of the different methods for teaching and encouraging vocabulary, language functions and introducing grammatical structures to the students. The unit describ
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This unit gives a summary of teachers and student roles; definitions of language levels using the Common European framework and a list of some of the factors which motivate students to learn a new lan
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In this unit I learned about grammar as an area of English which usually makes students being confused while using correct form of this or that part of speech. I also learned the structure and classif
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I think this unit’s content is vital since it is the building blocks for what is upcoming with the other topics. I reviewed some important questions like: what makes a good teacher? And what makes a
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As a teacher, it would be naive to think that you would never encounter any issues/problems in the classroom, however it is important that you look to resolve them efficiently. If the teachers offers
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Le Roy
This unit has given insight on equipment and teaching aids available in the classroom environment. It has prepared us to always make the best out of what we have. To improve, adapt and do what we can
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The final unit covered common problems that may occur in the classroom and provided solutions to such issues. It talked about the importance of the first lesson and the need to establish a good rappor
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In this section, we learned about the various things to keep in mind when planning a lesson. The main point that was made, was to stay flexible, when planning and when teaching, because you never know
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This lesson gives a great overview of how and when to use the different kinds of materials we have as teachers. I always though that I should try to use authentic materials as often as I could, but no
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A good teacher is lively, kind, able to motivate and kindly correct students, as well as know the weakness of the students, and most importantly loves teaching. A love for is teaching is so necessary
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I learned a lot about how the classroom setup can influence the atmosphere. And how using students names, eye contact, gestures etc can have a big impact on what and how much the students learn. Also
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An ESL teacher can use a classroom equipment to make their lessons more effective. The main aids for a teacher dealing with a group of students are: a board or a flipchart, a computer, an overhead pro
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Unit seventeen focused on the vast array of equipment and teaching materials that can be utilized by the teacher. These include, but are not limited to, the board, the interactive whiteboard, the over
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This unit provides an insight into what to expect when in the classroom. It highlights the relationship between teachers and students and reiterates the importance of building report and maintaining r
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Because students of a second language usually do not have the opportunity to naturally learn it as they did their native language, many different types of teaching methodologies have developed. While
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I wasn't really aware of the different types of courses available for teachers to teach. I knew about business level English courses but wasn't really knowledgeable about how they worked. This unit di
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Student must be evaluated at different stages during following the course of English language. Placement test helps the teacher to distribute students into relevant group. Diagnostic test determines c
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From this unit that help me reviewed present tenses and make me more clearly about that,but still a little bit confused between the present perfect and present perfect continuous, i will figure it out
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Section 3 focuses on different types of teaching methods, teaching practices, and theories revolving around a student's ability to learn. This section breaks down the different teaching methods and th
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This section covered the 4 past tenses: simple past, past perfect, past continuous, and past perfect continuous. Each tense has their own method of formation, and each has many specific uses. The less
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Teaching English as a second language can be a difficult challenge. It is useful to have a broad understanding of the qualities that make an effective teacher. Knowing the several roles a good teache
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This unit first covered the numerous methodologies that are used to teach ESL. I particularly remembered 'Grammar - Translation' and 'Tasked-Based Learning' from when I learnt French during High schoo
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Lincoln Center
This unit provides a useful reminder when teaching new students or teaching students for the first time. The warmers listed in the text help us avoid a dull beginning of the class. I would even like t
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Before i start to study this unit that i'm still confused about the grammar, when i started to study and i learned the basic of grammar, like subject, article, noun, verb and there has many different
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Being reminded of the difference between accuracy and fluency was very helpful. Compared to the receptive skills, the students might find the productive skills more challenging. Patience and creativit
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This unit is a systematic introduction to basic grammar, and it focuses on parts of the speech. It covers nouns, articles, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, gerund, prepositions and conjunctions,
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Linn Valley
Different learners require different adaptations in your teaching methodology,,Beginners may vary considerably in background and needs. Absolute beginners have had no exposure to English while false
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This unit made me think a bit more about something I have never really focused on. I always believed that course books were forced on us more than other tools, that's why the teacher goes off of the b
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Little River
This lesson focused on teaching the productive skills: writing and speaking. It also made some points about accuracy and fluency that I never really thought about, such as teacher/student input and ou
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This unit focused on the importance of lesson planning, including how to create a lesson plan and what to include in a lesson plan. Lesson plans assist teachers in being more organized during and afte
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Lone Elm
This unit is a very helpful resource for the beginnining ESL teacher. It lists many different teaching aids which can be used to make lessons more interesting and effective. The unit gives the advanta
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Long Island
This unit identifies common problem situations and gives tips and tactics to deal with them. It emphasizes the importance of establishing rapport with the class group. It is important to treat all s
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This unit demonstrates how to deconstruct sentences and categorise the words into the different parts of the english language or as the unit title suggests, parts of speech. The unit has also given me
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This unit helped me review most of the methods I've tried before. And it seems that most of our adults students still prefer the Grammar-translation method. However, the shortcomings of this method ar
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In this section, I learned about how to manage a classroom, from where the teacher should be positioned, to the amount of time a teacher should talk in class. With an appropriate amount of eye contact
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Lost Springs
In this unit I learned a lot about the role of the teacher during the lesson, about the importance of having the balance between these roles. The fact of student-centred and teacher-centred classes ma
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This unit discussed different parts of speech, highlighting the differences between word types such as nouns, articles, verbs, as well as the sub-classifications within these types, such as personal n
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After reviewing the unit I came to the realization that phonetics is INCREDIBLY difficult to learn. The fact that the English language has so many different methods of pronunciation boggled my mind.
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Conditionals are sentences with 2 clauses that contain a word such as 'if'. Some ideas for teaching conditionals are splitting sentences, having students complete the conditional, chain conditionals,
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Teacher talk time should be reduced when possible, avoiding jargon, complicated explanations, and including mimes and pictures. TTT is necessary for language instruction, giving directions, and establ
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This unit discusses how to manage a classroom. The use of your voice, eyes and placement of your body as a teacher,including using your energy, staying positive and encouraging. The timing of when and
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This unit discussed different components of the present tense, such as present continuous and present perfect. Clearly, the present tense is the tense most used in practical situations, therefore it s
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Unit 18 is very technical in nature in my opinion. Phrasal verbs are where I feel like we need to heavily dissect the sentence to fully understand its form. I Know they can be complex for most people
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