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This unit covers the valuable information presented in the last nine units in regards to being a good teacher and teaching effectively in the classroom. The content is presented through two videos. Th
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This unit covers classroom management skills which include organization and management of the class, having the correct attitude as a teacher, and maintaining discipline in the classroom. I learned h
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This unit is about teaching receptive skills that is reading and listening.In this unit i learnt reasons and motives for teaching reading and listening can be for purpose or for entertainment.Further
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I enjoyed this unit the most. It had such useful information and I wish the other units were this short and concise since it's easier to remember and take in. I liked learning about the different test
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a lesson plan entails the teacher's details and descriptions of the entire course or single lesson. too much planning is also not good because it limits the flexibility of the teacher. some of the ben
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This unit reviewed high level grammar structures such as modal verbs, phrasal verbs and passive voice structures. These grammar points are incredibly high level and it was quite difficult even for me
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Bird City
This unit prefaced the course well. It did not cover what to teach, such as grammatical elements of teaching English, but rather how and why teaching English can be effective. I felt the most helpful
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Unit twenty covered several different sides of troubleshooting in the classroom when working with a variety of problems. One of these addresses groups. Across the board, it is important for the teache
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Blue Mound
This lesson provided a practical and in-depth look at everything we've learned in action. The ESA teaching methodology, building rapport with the students - the dos and don'ts, the ins and outs of tea
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Blue Rapids
This unit covering the basics of English grammar is very helpful. Often we take the language structure for granted but are challenged to explain why. I am find the explanations of each section very go
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Bluff City
Similarly to a previous chapter, we as native speakers don't regularly think about verb conjugations and tenses, however I can see how they would be very confusing to a non-native speaker. Thus a good
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Students need to receive feedback to evaluate their own language skills and progress. Teachers need to continually assess their students to modify and adjust lesson plans to address gaps or weaknesses
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Bonner Springs
This unit provides a detailed analysis of the different types of future tenses. The unit helps to prepare the teachers with the knowledge needed to teach present tense to students and gives examples o
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This unit troubleshoots several problems that teachers may encounter, such as teaching a class of students of different levels, having students who have difficulties with listening texts and students
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This unit is a clear definition of what we, as teachers, must take into consideration when teaching a class. We have all types of students, with different ambitions and motivations when it comes to le
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In order to facilitate learning, the teacher must be capable of understanding the requirements of each individual student. For example, if a student often lacks engagement in the class activity, the t
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This unit spoke quite generally about various components of language, more specifically, grammar, vocabulary and function. It was worthwhile to think about not only the importance of each component, b
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Activities to use when teaching the future simple tense are 'holiday list', fortune telling, and winning 'the lottery'. When teaching the future continuous tense, some activities to use are 'getting o
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In this unit, the three aspects of phonology, intonation, pronunciation and stress are explained with techniques for indicating each aspect in lessons. The International Phonemic Alphabet chart is use
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This unit on modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice was very helpful. These are things that native English speakers use effectively without thinking, but I’m sure can be quite difficult to teach.
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Bunker Hill
Grammar instruction has been a challenge for many years, specially for ESL students. Over the years I have found that is a major issue for our students. They keep struggling with the grammar rules and
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Eachwordinasentencecanbefurtherclassified,accordingtoitspurposeandthemeaningitadds. Thisiswhatwerefer to as parts of speech. Let's take as an example a simple sentence such as The black cat sat on the
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The English language is quite different from the past tense in that there are more tenses to choose from. From a learner's perspective this may be worrisome, but at least the verb conjugation is extr
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In this Unit there were some very helpful things I learned. I liked reading about all the tips and do's / don't when teaching english to beginners and the possible problems. Always good to be prepared
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This unit covers different teaching methodologies that have been used going back to the Greeks when grammar and translation was the way to learn a new language. The ten different methodologies present
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I agree that monitoring student behavior in-class and adjusting it to maximize learning will very much depend on the student(s) involved and rules that are already in place. A classroom full of 60 mi
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Burr Oak
This unit covered the 8 parts of speech of the English language: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, articles, conjunctions, and pronouns (also gerunds and participles). It gave some gene
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Back then when I was starting to study Japanese, my mentors would always remind our class to refrain from comparing Japanese and English. They said because they know that it is one of the reasons whic
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In this unit I learned more about lesson planning. Some people suggest that lesson planning is not a good idea as it creates a more fixed, teacher-centered lesson. However, it is rather difficult for
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Unit 5 was an excellent overview of managing behavior that discussed the importance of establishing rapport, how you should talk to your students using good eye contact, gestures and the tone of your
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I certainly reviewed most of the uses of the present tenses in this unit as an English speaker, but most importantly, I learnt some useful activities to teach this topic. I found the worksheet example
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Good teachers should not be overly reliant on the course book but instead combine the aspects of the course book with more tailored exercises in order to meet the requirements of the individuals in th
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This unit discussed ways of managing the classroom. It was useful to consider how group work can be effective, but also to be aware of the disadvantages and the important of grouping students suitably
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After reviewing this unit, I have realized how difficult it can be to distinguish different grammatical constructions from each other. As a native learner of English, these sentences come to me natura
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Boomerang This should be prepared in advance Engage: Student and teacher discuss the ways to get to the Great Wall talking about transportation and orientation Activate1: Students role-play explain
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In this section, I learned about the 7 most common types of future tenses, which include two present tenses, which was a surprise. Just like past and present, future tenses have the 4 main types: simp
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Unit nineteen covers the various aspects of teaching special groups, to include everyone from beginners with absolutely no knowledge of English to those who are trying to improve their English for a p
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This unit was about conditionals and reported speech. This was very helpful as it is not something that is necessarily thought about or characterized by native speakers. The list of rules and patterns
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Cawker City
This unit didn't just help build an understanding about the classroom management, but also how to think about the possession and feelings of the student. I began thinking about the things I have witne
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This unit is about classroom management and how to best utilize the classroom space/groupings in a lesson. I found the section on teacher position the most helpful, as many schools I have worked with
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Cedar Point
. Course books and lesson materials are some important aspects treated in this unit. In which i learnt that lesson materials can be authentic materials such as magazines, newspapers etc and that sin
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Cedar Vale
This unit was an overview of the use of present tenses in English. I was not aware that there are twelve tenses. Having studied German previously, I could instantly make connections between the gramma
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This unit gave a good introduction to the different teaching methodologies and the ESA lesson plan. I agree with the authors that each methodology has a strength that can be used in the appropriate t
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This unit discussed a brief overview of some considerations about teachers and learners in an ESL classroom. We learned about the different roles of the teacher, some qualities of a good teacher, the
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Modal auxilliary verbs, passive voice and brief overview of phrasal verbs and relative clauses are discussed in this unit. modals are basically used with before other verbs to add meaning t the main v
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ESA as a model offers an easy summary to the stages of a lesson. It ties a number of theories and prior practices to a current and effective way of learning, increasing and maximising engagement and s
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To give proper feedback, teachers need a method to assess students' progress. Testing is an important part of this evaluation. There are many different types of tests, all used for different purposes
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In this unit, two videos were presented in a Thai class setting. The teacher in the first video did everything that has been advised against when dealing with students trying to learn a new language,
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This unit describes the basic parts of speech in the English language. Particularly difficult parts for students to learn were notated throughout the unit. As a teacher I will pay attention to these
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Since I am new to this field, I have done a lot of research on the various platforms, schools, and situations of ESL teachers. One of my main concerns was how to deal with disruptive or bored students
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