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Similar to the previous grammar course. I found it interesting to see how much my knowledge of English grammar was lacking. However I found that studying the past tense grammar to be much more straigh
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In Unit 2, I learned about parts of speech that I was not so familiar with even though I am a native English speaker. I remember learning basic parts of speech like a noun, adjective, adverb, pronoun
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While there is some useful information is how to teach different specialized groups, there seem to be some common threads in regards to having success teaching English. While younger students will ha
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In this unit, I reviewed the key aspects of teaching vocabulary and grammar with more tools involved than just writing the unknown word on the whiteboard. There are several ways to introduce new words
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his unit is very useful i could learn so many ways to teach, to make the students to understand and to get their attention on the work and i have learnt how to give exercise , to control a full class
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In Unit 7, I learned about he importance of vocabulary, grammar and functions in teaching English to non-native speakers. It was interesting to read about the typical 'straight arrow' structured ESA v
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This unit brings about an understanding on the conditionals (sentences containing If or When) and explaining the five different uses of the conditional. Following this the unit flows into how to repor
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Maple Hill
form this unit it is evident that grammar is the basis of English language although it cannot exist independently. other features of the language have to be incorporated in order to produce and use En
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Past tense was always my weakness, especially past perfect tense and past perfect continuous tense. The past perfect tense emphasizes an action occurred before other actions in the past. Whereas the p
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The past tenses of verbs have four tenses: simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. These tenses all convey a different meaning to an action in relation to time. Similar to other verb t
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In unit 18, modals, passive voice, and phrasal verbs were discussed. This section placed great emphasis on phrasal verbs, such as intransitive, transitive separable, and transitive inseparable; there
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Present tense is a great building block to begin learning the tenses and their usage. It introduces positive, negative, and question statements to others and how to properly form verbs in a sentence s
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Matfield Green
Planning a lesson was never a priority, not because it was boring to me. I am an experienced teacher and I like to be more free in the way I teach everyday. But I guess I went the other way. I now see
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This unit is an exhaustive list of teaching resources that can be used in EFL lessons. Additional details are provided for particular resources such as the interactive whiteboard (IWB), computers, a
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As students become more experienced in their study of English, their accuracy and fluency will both improve, but these 2 factors must both be addressed throughout their study. Both are equally importa
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After reviewing this unit. I believe my grasp on the grammatical constructs of the English language has definitely improved. It is quite difficult to grasp all the different grammar changes that are m
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This unit was about the roles of teachers and students in the classroom. In addition, information was given about the abilities of students at each level of language learning, and about the European F
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In this unit I learned about teaching special groups, such as beginners, individual students, children, English for specific purposes (known as ESP), multilingual or monolingual classes. The major adv
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Over the course of my schooling, I have only been asked to identify specific grammatical usages and structures during elementary and university schooling. Unit 2 did a great job of breaking down the s
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Tenses are hard! This is one of the first things that I thought of when I started this unit. There are quite a lot of tenses - present simple, present perfect, present perfect continuous - I could go
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Even for a native English speaker, the many different tenses surely boggle the mind, and the past tenses were no different. It was very helpful to review the four different past tenses and their uses
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There are several teaching methods to be considered and used based on culture and student level. Regardless of which method you choose, each lesson should consist of an engage, a study, and an activat
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Medicine Lodge
Past verb tenses for this unit include past simple, past perfect, past continuous, and past perfect continuous. Past simple differs from past perfect in structure because past simple uses the basic fo
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English has many defined parts of speech. It is important to understand our own grammar if we are to teach English. Even if an English teacher is a native speaker, that does not mean he automaticall
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This unit elaborate on the ways of evaluating and testing students .Thus, to assess students language level we can use the following ; tutorials, test and evaluation by students .Also tests can furth
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In this section we learned about how to teach pronunciation and phonology. Both go hand in hand, in teaching how to say words basically. There are only so many sounds that make up the English language
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This unit caused some confusion as we have to create meaning for the student in several angles for them to understand passive voice and verbs. I believe this is one of those items that must be explore
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This unit describes the past tenses of English which, as with the present tenses, include simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. The unit also covers forms, usages, student errors and ac
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In this unit, I have learned which are the expectations for good students and specially for good teachers. All the different ways to facilitate instruction for our students using a variety of strategi
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In Unit 6, I reviewed the past tenses in the English language. Once again, as a native English language speaker, I automatically use the various forms of the past tense but never learned the names of
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This unit really grew on me. I found it a little overwhelming at first. When it comes to the equipment, there were a few things that stood out to me. The potential problems that may come with using an
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In this unit we observe two videos of the same teacher and same students in a classroom. The first video is an example of how the teachers body language, overall attitude of not supporting but giving
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This lesson was about theories of language learning and methods for conducting effective methods. I learned about ESA and different activities that can be used to maximize student learning during each
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After i finished this unit that i know more about how to be a good teacher and what's kind of students can be called good student. I thought the most important to be a good teacher which is you should
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Mission Hills
the productive skills include writing and speaking and they are purposefully used to communicate. many times much attention is not given to the writing skill because some teachers consider it as a was
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Mission Woods
The future tense can be expressed in may ways including present simple, present continuous and going to with infinitive and the other four ways (future simple, future perfect, future continuous and fu
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In this unit, I learned about present tenses in the English language. There are 4 types of the present tense: present simple tense, present perfect tense, present continuous tense and present perfect
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If I'm honest, I prefer these classroom management/teacher training bits a lot more than the actual "language learning" bits, but that just goes to show how important it is to make language learning f
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As a teacher, it is important to be familiar with your equipments and teaching aids. Find the equpment you are very comforable using. Learn how to operate equipments before class time to avoid fiddlin
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Very interesting section covering the different teaching methods. I've studied languages on and off for many years and now see how all those previous teachers may have used all, some, or none of those
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In this lesson we learned about the different methodologies used to teach a new language. We focus on the ESA methodology, which motivate the students, expose them to the language and give them the op
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Speaking is challenging and the more effort that the teacher puts into creating a safe learning environment, where they feel confident, the greater the chance of speaking with fluency. When criticis
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The seven most common are as follows (not in any order of frequency): 1.The future simple e.g. I'll pick you up later. 2.The future continuous e.g. I'll be getting on the train at five p.m. 3.The futu
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This unit describes the two productive language skills: speaking and writing. The reasons for communicating are also described along with the differences between accuracy and fluency. This unit also
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Mound City
When teachers teach new language, they can use the ESA methods previously learned to effectively teach this new language. New language includes grammar, vocabulary, and functions. When we teach gram
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Mound Valley
Unit sixteen covers conditionals and direct and reported speech. There are five forms of the conditional,all of which start with if. Zero conditional is used for irrefutable facts, marked by the use o
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This unit was about how to structure a lesson plan. What I learned the most was how to observe and make the plan around that. For example: Engage and see what needs to happen next. If the student does
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Mount Hope
Teaching is not rigid. Teaching different groups of people may require teachers to change. Teaching beginners comes with its own set of challenges. Lessons should be simple and unhurried with a lot
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I've learnt from the Unit 1 that teacher plays different roles at the same time. They can be a manager, assessor, model and main resource for students. Therefore a good teacher must consider all the r
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This unit was another one which focused a lot on the specifics of the grammar items that it was meaning to test on. It is interesting in the way that it lists everything almost like a science. There a
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