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Putting yourself into the same position of your learners, in learning a new language yourself, enables you, as the teacher, to gain a deeper understanding of these elements. Linking vocabulary to you
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I've acquired important practical knowledge about why and how to plan lessons. Main principles of a good lesson plan are: it serves for creating well-balanced lessons but mustn't constrain flexibility
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Westwood Hills
Classroom Management is vital in organising the class to ensure effectiveness of teaching and desirable behaviours of students. The importance of eye contact, gesture and the voice, grouping students,
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Special groups in teaching English as a foreign language are: beginners, children and clients who learn business English. Each category requires different approach. Beginners require patience, constan
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Breaking the four elements of English learning into receptive and productive skills brings a logic to the teaching and learning of a new language. It gives a process to the obvious. The discussion t
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White City
This unit covered the conditional sentences as well as reported speech. There are 5 conditionals that we regularly use, this unit provided the forms as well as the usage and teaching techniques. It al
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White Cloud
This unit describes modal auxiliary verbs and how they are used in English language. A few ideas for teaching modal verbs are also described. The unit also describes the differences between the acti
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This unit summarises the tense system and dissects it into simple present, present continuous, simple past, present perfect and present perfect tenses. It talks about how the tenses are used respectiv
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This was a helpful lesson on conditionals and reported speech. It’s something I have never thought about how I would teach before, and it can be complicated, so I’m glad to have a concise overview
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The differences between the lessons in the two videos were striking. The teacher's main differences were his attitude and organization. In the first lesson, he was incredibly dismissive of the studen
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This unit teaches in detail all four types of conditional sentences and the reported speech, alongside some teaching activities that students will be able to apply what they've learnt in a context sim
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.The future tense is one of the most complex areas of English language and Unit 8 provides the various future tenses , forms and usage . The future simple ( I shall/will ,you will ,he/she/it will,we s
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For teachers new to teaching, many of these issues are very real and can derail and disillusion a very skilled and talented teacher. Thinking carefully about lesson content as well as approach is imp
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This unit covers the teaching of grammar, vocabulary and functions using the ESA method of teaching English as a foreign language. Vocabulary selection, teaching techniques, and lesson examples are d
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Tests are a key tool for a teacher to monitor the progress of their students. It is important to utilise tests in the correct manner in order to efficiently monitor the students. For example, at the s
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The teaching resources are as important as all the tips, advice and information learnt so far in this course. Resources make a class vivid, varied and more visually engaging as possible, allowing the
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This unit covers the present tense system. The Form, Usages, Typical student errors and activate stage teaching ideas are presented for each of the present tenses. The present tenses are the Present S
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Lesson Planning 1 An aid to planning Writing down what you expect the students to achieve by the end of the lesson, and how you intend to make that possible, helps you to think logically through the s
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Modal verbs are only only used both with a main verb and emphasise its meaning (obligation/ability/permission/prohibition etc.). The base form of the main verb is required after major part of modals.
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Before studying this unit, I only knew that present simple tense can be used only in routine actions. And now I know that it can be used in many other situations, such as facts, commentaries, instruct
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Fruit vocabulary ESA method Engage: Ask the students name of some fruits after show them some flashcards with names and pictures of the fruits. And discuss with the students some fruits shape. Stud
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This unit describes and provides examples of the present tenses, the present simple, present continuous, and the present perfect. Allowing the student with solid examples of the usages of each and how
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The attitude of the teacher is so important to the greater objective of successful learning. If the teacher is clear with their instructions and friendly to the students, the students will react much
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Yates Center
Teaching is about the students. Although a teacher can fill many roles, we need to choose the appropriate role based on the needs of the lesson, situation, and student. Students themselves have vari
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From this unit, I have learned all the different methodologies and techniques that are having the best results with Learners of English. The unit gave us more information about the “ESA” approac
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This unit showed me once again the importance of doing the right things at the right time. Teaching fuctions, structures and vocabulary is an everyday thing in our classroom. The challenge? Make it si
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