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Conditionals and reported speech are difficult for the ESL learner and for the instructor. The potential for mistakes, errors and general difficulty is tremendous due to the number of changes that are
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Today, I learned a lot about different teaching techniques and methodologies. It made me reflect on my own teaching and tutoring experiences. HAd aI know about ESA lessons, I'm sure my lessons would h
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This unit describes the roles, responsibilities and qualities of teachers and students in a classroom setting. The descriptions of the various teacher roles will help me to determine how to best cond
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I know that testing is important, but it was kind of neat to see how the different kinds of tests can help to improve students' learning. I have always kind of seen tests as a way to measure students'
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This unit has been an eye opener. I come from a culture were teachers are highly encouraged to correct the students all the time and I have always felt that this would intimidade the them consequently
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In Unit 1, Teachers and Learners, I learned about the role of the teacher and learner. I also learned about the distinctions between different levels of ability in the English language as well as the
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In this lesson We learned about the structure of past tenses seeing the different applied rules. In the simple past we add -ed or -d to the end of the infinitive form. In the past continuous we use th
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Neosho Falls
This unit highlights some of the most common problems encountered in the classroom and ways of dealing with them. In the first lessons, it is important for the teacher to establish good rapport with t
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Neosho Rapids
Through this unit, I learned the big importance of planning efficiently and in an organized way. Making sure we follow the correct procedures over the different stages of a class is just fundamental.
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Ness City
Two things stand out for me. The first is the attitude of the teacher. In both cases it is infectious. In the first lesson, it seems as though the teacher would rather be somewhere else, and this seem
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Unit 16 is about conditionals and reported speech . Conditionals are sentences containing “if”( or similar such as when)which refer to past , present and future possibilities.I learned in this un
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New Albany
In this unit, we discuss lesson plans and put the ESA structures to use. This unit takes more of a hands on approach and asks you to apply everything you have learned about ESA structures from the pre
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New Cambria
I never realized how complicated English tenses are until I started learning other languages. This unit is a really helpful overview and I’m sure I will keep my printed copy as a useful tool for tea
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New Strawn
In this unit I learned all about present tense verb usage and formations. In the total of 12 tenses, there are 4 present tenses: Present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfec
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Vocabulary is very important to the students ,especially at the early stages when students are motivated to learn the basic words they need to get by in the language . In this unit I learnt that how
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This unit covered the different modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. We learned about the basic rules for auxiliary verbs and how they change the meaning of the verb and can define formality in a
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Classroom management is one the things that luckily comes easy to me. I think that a good balance between flexibility and discipline is what I need. A controlled behavior from the teacher is often not
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After reviewing this unit I realized the importance of student participation in regards to language learning. Even though there are many different methods of teaching a foreign language, the most effe
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North Newton
This unit reflects on the many different materials and aids to bring into the classroom. A majority focuses on the use of technological aids, however there are some that can be made useful without tec
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This unit covers the verb past tenses. The past simple verbs, the past continuous, the past perfect and the past perfect continuous. Each form describing the past differently. The regular past simpl
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This unit completes the overview of basic grammar commonly taught in EFL. There is much inofmation in this unit that is confusing to me. I will do my best to follow the advice in the unit and focus
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In this unit I learned about teaching equipment. Many different teaching aids can be used to make lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on the textbook. White/black board, interactive
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Oak Hill
As opposed to listening and reading, the productive skills include speaking and writing. These two are both used for communication, but they are quite different. Writing requires more accuracy, but s
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Reading and listenting as receptive skills. I never thought about it in this way. I t seems obvious but it is not, and that is because this unite makes you focus one the different skills related to re
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This unit explores the possible ways of conducting a class session effectively. Providing large list of examples that have their proper uses as well as proper drawbacks. And then ending the lesson wi
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In this unit I learned about common problems the teacher may face during the lessons and the solutions to these problems. One of the most common problems is the first lesson given to the students. It
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This unit presents a detailed outline of phonology which is the study, science, analysis and classification of the physical properties of sounds. Intonation and stress are described along with techni
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Unit 14 discusses the importance of textbooks, authentic materials, and created materials in the classroom. As a teacher, there are many things to consider in relation to your lesson plan and your stu
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The unit covered the many different scenarios one might expect to encounter as an English teacher. Up to this point the material given has mostly been given as an example of an adult language class. H
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I found evaluating students an essential part of any language course. At some point, the teacher can ask weheter any of the concepts are understood and are clear enough. In order to move on to the nex
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In this unit, the chapter discusses the importance of testing to gauge students' current language level. By conducting specific tests, you are able to properly place them in a class that is on par wit
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The first part of this unit is mainly about conditionals, which I always have some doubts with. After learning this unit, I understand the differences between Zero conditional, First conditional, seco
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The module sets out the 12 tenses very clearly. This is the very first time that I understand tenses fully. Simple, present and present continuous concepts were very confusing, I am now able to ea
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This unit covered three tenses: present simple tense, present perfect tense, present continuous (progressive) tense, and present perfect continuous tense. Present simple is the most basic tense and is
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In this second unit we had to cover most of the bases that comprise a basic English grammar. At first glance, many of these might seem obvious, but when having to explain them to someone else, a super
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Osage City
I have to say that discovering and studying the EFL methodology was a revelation. I had my experience teaching and honestly this method gave me a different perspective, expecially a sort of "path" wit
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This unit provides an in-depth review on the course books and lesson materials commonly used in the classroom. The unit guides the teachers on how to effectively use the course books, taking into cons
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In this unit, we can see how it makes a big difference the teacher’s attitude towards the students and their learning in the classroom. The second lesson is planned accordingly with the student’s
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This unit covers the how’s and why’s of lesson planning including how to organize a lesson plan. The unit includes a sample lesson plan and the opportunity to create your own lesson plan from scr
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I understand that the grammar is the foundation of a language. To know and logically comprehend all the elements, the parts of speech, is mandatory to teach the basics of English. To deeply understand
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Unit 5 Compliments Unit 3 with more intricate information about class management and teacher-student interaction methodologies. This unit is especially helpful in establishing the advantages and disad
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This is a big unit to draw into one and it has taken close learning to achieve some of this. Conditionals are logical and methodical where direct to reported speech are more subjective. Depending on
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As a teacher your handwriting should be at neat at possible, easy to read. Through my experience with chinese students i can say the education in china focuses more in writing than on speaking that is
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Overland Park
There are many useful classroom tools, some of which are a black or white board, computer, worksheets, video camera, OHP, CD player, and visuals. The teacher should maximize his use of the board by pl
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The way vocabulary is taught has a highly impact in the student's learning process. If the teacher makes that lesson memorable, the students will always remember that word by connecting to a fun, plea
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The first unit presents the characteristics of a good teacher, which are split into personality traits and those that concern the teacher’s relationship with students. It also provides an overview o
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unit 4 is about the present tenses which can be divided into : Present simple tense ( subject+base form +(s/es)for the affirmative, (subject +auxiliary verb "do"+ not +base form ) for the negative an
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The unit provides a nice breakdown of terminology used in the classroom with regards to teachers and learners. It is nice to understand a generic breakdown of learner knowledge as well. Whilst it is
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Learning grammar as a Native English speaker is intrinsic - we don't really have to think about it, it comes naturally. However, now that I'm sitting down and actually trying to put names to certain p
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Classes come in all different shapes an sizes. I have taught some language classes that only had 3 people, and then I've had others ranging up to 30. The techniques to be used vary greatly between t
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