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Strong City
It is true that some experienced teachers don’t need to write such long lesson plans to teach something. In my opinion, those teachers might be as compared as artists, because they are spontaneous a
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This unit gives a brief overview of the teaching methodologies and how they influenced the Engage, study activate method developed by Jeremy Harmer in the late 1990’s. The goal of teaching English
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This unit consists of two ESA demonstration videos. Between the two videos the same lesson is being taught twice to the same group of Thai English students by the same teacher. One lesson is being t
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Sun City
Past simple Form Regular verbs Affirmative: (add -ed or –d to the base form of the verb) I worked, I played, I hoped etc. Negative: (add did not or didn't before the base form) I didn't work etc. Qu
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After watching the videos I get to understand more about the ESA process which the teacher uses mostly in the second lesson. The teacher in the first lesson is very fast and uses sophisticated langua
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Sylvan Grove
from this unit a teacher of English should be aware of the type of group she/he has in class because each group calls for different methology and techniques. beginner group can be classfied into five
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This unit was eye-opening because I never really looked at the tools I use every day in this light. I see them as a means to an end and never really spent so much time analyzing how they could make a
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Within this unit key components for effective class managing were observed. First attention was paid to teacher's instruments to manage the class: eye contact, gestures, voice. Then it was told about
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From watching the two videos, one clearly understands what a teacher should and should not do in a class. Attitude, the way the teacher monitors the students, the way the engage phase is handled are v
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classroom management is the skill of organizing and managing the the class , having a friendly , relaxed manner and maintaining discipline in the classroom . Thus in this unit i have learnt the differ
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This was a shorter unit than the others, but it actively demonstrated and explain just what makes the receptive skills (listening and reading) important; there were also ways to make these two skills
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The different present tenses seem easy enough to a native speaker, but making sure the students understand the message that is conveyed by each sentence can pose challenges. When I study a language,
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Classroom Management as part of the whole is a key essential point in this course, since it deals with the teaching environment and classroom flow. My reflections about this topic are rather an opinio
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The content of this unit 15 taught about the importance to evaluate students' English level and progress. This unit also taught how many ways to assess students' language proficiency as well as info
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This unit looked at methodology and different techniques that can be used when teaching. Methodology is vital because it is firstly important to understand why and how students process a foreign langu
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This unit focuses on various methodologies, methods and techniques in teaching. A large portion of the content explains the Engage, Study and Activate approach in detail with examples. Also, this unit
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Reading and listening are receptive skills which we usually do for a certain purpose or just for entertainment. Detailed reading, scanning, skimming, prediction and deduction fall under the subskills
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I have learnt a lot from the parts of speech like those elements that build a sentence in English. The part I have gotten more from is the adjective order and its importance at a time of describing a
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I have talked a lot about my own experience as a language student, but this unit probably brought me back to it the most so far. I have actually done and been a student in activities and lesson plans
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This unit overviews the rules of the modales verbs; obligation, possibility/probability, Ability, Permission/prohibition, and advice. AS well as defining which verbs come off as certain, uncertain, po
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Conditionals are sentences used to estimate or predict what could happen, what might have happened and what we wish would happen. most sentences using the conditional contain the word if or similar ex
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Conditional sentences have two parts: the if conditional clause and the main clause that indicates consequence. The zero conditional uses present tenses and denotes facts. The first conditional uses
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This unit discussed lesson planning. Firstly, this is vital because it is often overlooked by teachers, so the beginning of the unit that discusses why we must focus on lesson plans is important for a
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This unit taught me to have a better understanding why teachers, regardless of the subject they teach, do the things they do in class (e.g. making class activities unpredictable and controlling their
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As mentioned in a previous unit, Unit 7 brings back the ESA teaching structures, such as the Boomerang structure, the Patchwork structure, and the Straight Arrow structure. This unit focuses on the im
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Valley Center
this has been a wonderful learning experience. I can only hope I can evolve into someone who truly exemplifies vocation when it comes to teaching English. Many of us do it for the sake of allowing the
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Valley Falls
In this unit I learned about conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are sentences containing "if" (or similar expressions such as "when"), which refer to past, present and future possibilities
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Unit 5 focuses on classroom etiquette and the building of relationships between teacher and student. In this unit, the most effective ways to address the class was discussed, and the ways in which a t
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This lesson was about teaching language - vocabulary, grammar, and language function. It went through the do's and don'ts of teaching each of section. It also provided some tips on what a standard les
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There will always be some common problems teachers will encounter with students in the class. Knowing what to do and how to handle different situations is essential. Problems that are poorly handled,
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Lesson planning is essential for several reasons - preparation and knowing what you are doing - focusing on both what you are teaching and how you are teaching it; a record of learning and as a way of
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The teacher's attitude definitely influences the way the students participate and engage in the classroom. It was evident in the first lesson that the teacher was easily irritated and the students fel
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This unit focused on equipment and teaching aids. One of the themes that has been stressed on top of the actual material to teach is the way materials should be taught in order to ensure the best comp
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This lesson presented the necessity of, and the basic components of creating a lesson plan. It provided a good template for lesson planning, and the practice that was given in the task sheet was very
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Although some might say that creating lesson plans cause lessons to become too rigid, there are many benefits to them. The help the teacher to focus on planning the lesson's aim, to keep the goal dur
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I can see where this would be a great tool to help with learning English. One of the most difficult parts of the English language is that it has different pronunciations for identical letter combinat
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Methods and techniques are very important in teaching a language especially when your students are learning the language as L2. Thus , this unit elaborates on the the teaching theories , methods and t
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In this section, we learned about how to teach productive skills, which include speaking and writing. When new students are learning to speak a new language, it is easier for them than writing, becaus
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In this unit I learned about classroom management. Classroom management is a skill of organising and managing the class, having a friendly, relaxed manner and maintaining discipline. Eye contact, gest
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There are some notorious differences between children and adult learning. Kids demand a lot of your attention and discipline, classes must be dynamic and energetic with lots fun easy games, total phys
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Present Perfect Form I/you/we/they have or he/she/it has, plus the past participle (with regular verbs the past participle is verb plus ed – worked. irregular verbs such as write – written) Affirm
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from my experience with kindergarten and primary students books are boring and too predictable they are mostly used for coloring(which is good) or giving assignment, most of the students wants to move
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This units deals primarily with how to formulate a lesson plan that is sufficient in content, as well as in utilizing the time given for each Engage, Study and Activate part of the class. It is inhere
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Teaching Vocabulary Vocabulary is very important to the students, especially at the early stages when students are motivated to learn the basic words they need to get by in the language. As a rule, a
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In unit 14, we approach the topic of the usage of course book; namely, their advantages and disadvantages. In doing so, we get to see the strengths that course books have in their transmition of teste
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This was a helpful unit for materials in the classroom, similar to a previous unit but I felt that this one incorporates more modern technology (apart from the cassette player, I haven't seen this use
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When teaching modal verbs, role play and traffic rules are two useful activities to use in the activate stage of the lesson. Transitive phrasal verbs can be followed by a direct object, but intransiti
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Unit eighteen covers a vast amount of material on the subjects of modals, phrasal verbs, and the passive voice. The modal verbs can express either obligation, possibility/probability, permission/prohi
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West Mineral
Course materials may be important, they tend to cover certain aspects and not all the needs of the class. So the teacher has to create materials that meets the level of the students, and also find wa
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course books and materials are divided into two groups; authentic and created materials. both materials are very important but the level of the student and the learning activities involved largely det
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