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Managing classes effectively is essential for student learning. It is vital that a teacher manage and organize the class in a fair, friendly and relaxed manner. It is not necessary for a teacher to
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Teaching pronunciation can be difficult for native speakers who understand it instinctively without knowing its rules. There are many aspects to phonology, including intonation and stress. Intonatio
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In this unit I learned about teaching productive skills: speaking and writing. Speaking and writing are substantially different in many ways but they both are used for the same purpose - to communicat
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Unit 17 eloborate on the aspects of teaching aids and equipements.In this unit I learnt that the followung can be very helpful to make lessons interesting and effective , though some have both advanta
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It is always great to review grammar aspects of the language. Teachers should always do this and find out other ways to explain grammar points to students, because sometimes is hard to comphreend and
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Hill City
This unit introduced a number of concepts centred around student mentality, culture, motivation and levels. It was particularly useful to become aware of the different motivations that learners may ha
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This unit is particularly helpful for setting the overall tone of the class. By creating a positive environment, and keeping difficulties to a minimum, the exchange of information between participants
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Here we have gone through the different types of methods in teaching the language the best way of approaching a student and the way of teaching him so that he can be a best learner and how to engage a
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Being a good teacher is not just about patience and good teaching skill. It involves more, such as management skill and being a helpful resource.Since I'm currently teaching Adult learners, I always f
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In this lesson, in the two videos I could see how the teacher's behavior can affect the class for example in the first video i saw the teacher reaction when the students responded incorrectly what ges
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Teaching pronunciation is difficult as most teachers are not taught a methodology and therefore lack the confidence to teach it. However most students are very concerned with their pronunciation so a
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This unit provides the learner with an overview on how to teach pronunciation and phonology to students and lists examples of activities that can be used in the classroom to help achieve this. The uni
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English has so many modal verbs that it is likely students will be confused. Thus teachers must be precise with their explanations to minimise this confusion. The best way to learn the difference betw
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This lesson was a hard one for me. Watching the first video was really rough because even I struggled to pay attention and respond to the teacher. He did not seem prepared to teach that day and his at
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This section covers the Present tense verbs. The different forms, how to use them, the activities you can do in the classroom and typical errors students make. The present simple, the present continu
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Unit 5 provides useful instruction in managing a class within ESA structure. It covers various topics: how to group students in the classroom and arrange, how to deal with students' misbehavior and ma
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Planning a lesson is very essential for a teacher because it acts like an aid to planning ,a working document (a lesson plan helps you to keep the target and gives you something to refer to during les
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In this unit, we can see all the different teaching styles and how we have to find our own. We have to find the way to get to our students and be effective teachers. This unit suggests few classroom m
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We have gone through the tense system where the area of English language causes students the greatest amount of difficulty . Here we have gone through the different forms of tenses and the way of teac
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This unit was about conditionals and reported speech. A teacher must be able to understand and be able to explain this part of grammar. There are 5 main conditionals to understand. Some are quite diff
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Reading and listening skills are equally important. Listening skills can be more problematic for students as the language is not captured in a way that they can go back to it easily. There are a few
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The value of tenses can not be over emphasized in English Language. Tenses tells you the “when”. Did it happen today, did it happen yesterday, will it happen tomorrow? Take present tense for examp
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In the final unit of this course, many of the previously discussed topics have reappeared and been applied to a "first day of class" scenario. Overall, this unit emphasized the importance of patience,
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Teaching within the parameters of a basic framework such as a Straight Arrow ESA lesson is beneficial because it is easy to control and gives the lesson a sense of direction whilst keeping all the stu
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The elements included in classroom management is far more plentiful than I imagined and each has a vital role contributing to the classroom. Since I'm teaching adult learners, it's quite important to
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In this section we learned about course books and materials that we may use in class. Course books are very helpful and useful for new teachers because it has step-by-step guides on what to teach and
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The past tenses communicate about a time/period in the past. the sentence structure is not any different from the present tense structures only that the state of the verb changes and where have is use
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In this unit I learned about modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. The "modals" are: can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would, must, have to, have got to, need to, needn't and ought to. M
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This unit studies the classification of words in the English language, it centers on purpose and meaning of words which the unit refers to as 'parts of speech'. This unit covers the types of nouns, ad
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Similar to how there exist different receptive and productive skills for language, there exist different types of evaluation and testing for different purposes. If being given a class, a diagnostic t
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After reviewing the unit, I feel like teaching receptive skills is a much harder task than productive skills. The students growth is incredibly relient on their ability to learn individually. However
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Unit five is about managing classes and the skills of organising a class in a way that a mutual or two way relationship of respect can develop and through this a teacher can establish good rapport wit
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This unit has been very useful i learnt a lot about phonetic that i could believe. a? æm s?? ?k?sa?t?d ??ba?t ð?s ?ju?n?t a? hæv l??n ? l?t ænd a? kænt we?t tu? ti?? ma? ?n?l??. ?t w?z ?v?ri ???t
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Teachers can evaluate students through tests, student evaluation, or tutorials. Placement tests are used to find out the English level of the students and to be able to group students according to the
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After watching the two videos, It was interesting to see how much the attitude of the teacher affected the attitude of the students. By simply showing a friendlier approach to teaching, the student en
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Johnson City
In this unit I learned about teaching perceptive skills: reading and listening. Both are equally important and wherever possible we should try to include these skills in order to have a balanced lesso
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Junction City
Eye contact, gesture and the voice How can eye contact be used in the classroom? To show students that they are all involved in the lesson. To ensure that students understand what they are supposed t
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In this first unit, we discussed what makes a good teacher, as well as what makes a good learner. In addressing the different facets that a teacher may play we found that he can be a Manager or Contro
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I found that the unit provided a short but informative introduction to the tense system. It covered how there are twelve tenses in total and described how these tenses functioned within the three cate
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Kansas City
Unit 18 taught about Grammar but more specifically we learned about Modal, phrasal verbs and passive voice. The unit explained what is modals (can, could, must, have etc); passive voice i.e. how to f
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One on one classes and special groups are such a fun challenge! They push our traditional approach to presenting new information and experimenting with new ways to reach a new demographic. The Unit gi
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This unit covered methods of teaching a new language as well as ways to integrate this into a comprehensive lesson plan. What I found most helpful was which components of language are important to tea
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What I feel after I have learnt this unit is I have more clues in teaching methods, which and what kind of methods should be used in the class and for which level of English. I came to know that not
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This unit describes the two receptive language skills: reading and listening. The reasons for reading and listening are also described along with the specialist skills used when reading and listening
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English has only three tenses, but there are many aspects to each tense that make learning the differences difficult for non-native speakers. This is especially true for learners whose native languag
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I believe the lesson gave a good overview of the ESA method and the methodologies it was created from. My reasoning for this is it showed what the older methodologies were and what they achieved in ed
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This unit was about teaching productive skills. These are speaking and writing. Speaking is probably the most popular of the 4 the skills to learn English and writing the least popular. All four are e
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This was the simplest unit out of all of the units - it was about troubleshooting in the classroom. To be completely honest, I have faced some of these problems in the classroom. This lesson shed a bi
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La Crosse
This unit firstly answers the question of what makes a good teacher, then continues on identifying and explaining the roles a good teacher will need to be familiar with in the classroom. The unit then
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La Cygne
This unit focused on the various methods of evaluating students during language lessons. The use of placement tests is good for evaluating what students already know prior to starting lessons and can
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