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This unit covers the two Productive Skills, reading and writing. It highlights that accuracy activities focus on producing correct language and occur usually in the study phase of a lesson. Fluency ac
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Garden City
from this unit, the forms, uses, typical student errors and activate stage teaching ideas for the four present tenses have been discussed. it is clear that the teacher needs to be well informed on the
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Garden Plain
In Unit 16, conditionals and reported speech was discussed. In this section, we discuss the proper way to report direct speech by transforming it into the proper tense. The past and present tenses dis
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This unit provided visual evidence of the effectiveness of the different modes of teaching previously discussed in the other units. We were able to witness the same teacher and students participate in
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This unit was by all means expected. A good percentage of my students, through the years, experienced a lot of problems trying to understand the reported speech and expecially conditionals. It has som
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In unit 19, the different types of students and how to appeal to their language needs was discussed. Different types of learners require different approaches to teaching and, by analyzing and observin
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Conditionals and reported speech are some common for native speakers that I hadn't thought about them before. Going through one-by-one to make sure students understand the material, and then highligh
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This lesson was very helpful and interesting and complicated/dense. In my experience so far, pronunciation has been a big task for students. And even for me, having spoken english for 10+ years, it's
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This unit covered many different parts of speech and explained each one as well as showing examples of how to apply them. I learned that it is rather difficulty to understand some of these as well as
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In this units I learnt all four language skills are as equally as important in English. They are grouped in: receptive skills and productive skills, and as it indicates, one group is for the input of
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Geuda Springs
This lesson discussed several (though I think not all) aspects of classroom management, including physical presence (eye contact, gestures), voice, classroom arrangement, organization of activities (i
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After reviewing this unit, I believe the true importance of lesson planning comes from it's ability to give students a more structured and well thought lesson. I believe it is crucial to lesson plan i
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Unit 3 covered an array of interesting lesson principles. It provided concise, yet detailed guidelines for constructing lesson plans. While this unit refreshed my existing knowledge about lesson const
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This unit was not that helpful. A lot of repetitive stuff or not new. It did tho highlight the many different equipment and aids. I often mainly focus on the white board and laptop, but there are so m
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Glen Elder
Lesson planning is a significant part of teaching. The purpose of a lesson plan is to not only provide a record of topics learned or reference while teaching, but also to ensure there is a clear objec
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Balancing use of authentic and created materials along with a course-book can lead to great outcomes for students. Created materials are great for learning specifics as they can be tailored, and for
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Be able to manage a class well is vital for the learning process. A well managed group is more likely to understand better and perform better as well. A teacher must know and must follow all the advic
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This unit covers how to be aware of the course material and choose wisely which materials to create or use and which to omit from the class entirely. This unit explains the importance of a course book
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In productive skills I checked out the importance of guiding this process through the straight arrow ESA in order to achieve the goal key vocabulary of the lesson. Visual aids like a newspaper’s tem
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This unit introduces the relationship between student and teacher, the way the classes may be able to flow well and may not flow well. To take on the responsibility of teaching, one needs to fully co
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Gove City
This unit was about, models, phrasal verbs and passive voice. It’s the last unit about grammar, and as with all grammar it’s something a teacher should learn and be able to teach to his students.
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In this unit I learned about such a specific topic as pronounciation and phonology. A teacher should consider the teaching of pronounciation an integral part of the course. Phonology is the study, sci
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Grandview Plaza
This unit provided a good basic insight into teaching English to foreign students, taking into account the different categories of students (adults and young learners) and outlining the stereotypical
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Great Bend
This unit taught me the importance and functions of a lesson plan. I have written a lesson plan for my tutees before and from my experience, having prepared lesson plan saves time compared to having n
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After learning the past tense and the present tense it is like a must to add more vocabulary items to our student’s dictionary. I believe it will be easier for the students if the teacher could spea
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This unit explains 3 main parts of a language, vocabulary, grammar and functions. When teaching these 3 parts, we need to pay attention to how vocabulary is selected, the reasons why students need to
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Just like unit 4 which elobarated English tenses ( preset tense ) , this Unit also gives an elaborate knowledge on another tense Past tense .The simple past tense form for regular verbs: (add -ed/-d
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Discipline and interaction are the keywords here for me. The rules one sets in a classroom is key. It helps you monitor the students, recognize the ones with weaknesses, and do more to help them. The
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In the modern day, there are so many different forms of technology that can be used to assist the teacher in the classroom. When used in the correct manner, they can be a very effective tool in the ed
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When teaching a language it is important to focus on all four receptive and productive skills: reading, writing, speaking, listening. If a learner lacks one of the areas then they will have much dif
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This unit discussed the topic of various teaching aids used in the classroom to assist teachers to effectively teach students English. The use of the aids provided will engage students, peak their int
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After reviewing the unit, I have reflected on the different methods of teaching both grammar and vocabulary and how different approaches are necessary for success. When teaching English, it's very im
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There are several advantages and disadvantages to both authentic and created materials. Authentic materials include magazines, programs, and newspapers. They give students real life exposure to the L2
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Testing is a critical tool to gauge the level of students. I have had to go through some testing before for course placement when I have studied abroad before. I have been a terrible test taker when g
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This unit divided language learning into two groups: receptive skills and productive skills. It only discussed the two receptive skills in depth, reading and listening. These two skills have several d
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This unit describes three different ways of evaluating students’ progress and language levels. Tutorials, student evaluations and tests are described including several specific tests that a teacher
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Unit fifteen offered information about the various testing and evaluation methods for learning English. There are several different types of tests that address different levels of English fluency. One
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I enjoyed the review of the prepositions as I remember that those can be hard for students to learn. I do not know about prepositions in the Chinese language, but I remember that English has more tha
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Unit 19 discussed about teaching groups which consist of adult and young learners (children). It also taught about english for business, what expected from the teacher and what it needs to meet the c
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In this unit I got a solid grasp on various teaching methods and strategies with a high emphasis on ESA system (engage-study-activate), which is the most popular in language schools nowadays. I was in
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The two lessons in the video are quite different .the teacher in lesson one starts the lesson without defining the concept , thereby making the students to be confused, he further stressed that the to
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In this lesson we learned about the best ways to teach new vocabulary, explain the grammar structures and also the functions of the english language. We learned how to select words to learn new vocabu
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With regards to learning a language, I found it useful to break down the passing on of information into subgroups. By identifying the difference between receptive and productive skills, it becomes ea
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This unit brought me back to the stress of taking a college linguistics course. Reading phonetics is like having a fever dream while saying the alphabet to me. Phonetic symbols are very strange for me
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This unit felt more of a review or a combination of the other 'teaching-focused' units. Discussing topics from the first lesson to tools used in the class. The unit was short but a nice way to end it
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Many behaviour issues can be addressed when teachers put an equal amount of time and thought into planning 'what' they will teach and then 'how' they will teach it. When these are considered students
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This unit reveals some of the more popular teaching methodologies and in particular the methodologies pertinent to teaching english to non native speakers. The main aim of this unit is to demonstrate
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These two videos demonstrate a very good example of how teacher's behavior and attitude can influence student's study effect. From Video 1, we can see that the teacher used ungraded English and made s
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This course provided a good understanding of reading and listening skills being taught in the class. This is a highly important lesson plan in my opinion, considering these skills need to be taught in
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This unit on receptive skills covered the different ways in which students receive and process a language. The differences between reading and listening are always vital to consider, because usually s
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