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I found it interesting that typical student errors and mistakes using the past continuous tense was the confusion with the past simple. I do think that focusing on the structure of the sentence rather
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This fourth unit introduced us to the varieties of present tense in verb forms. First and foremost is the present simple, after which the still familiar present continuous is introduced. These both ca
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This unit was really focused on how you as a teacher conduct yourself in a class and the significance of your actions no matter how big or small. As the instructor of the classroom, conducting yoursel
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This unit covered what it means to be a good teacher and learner as well as the different roles a teacher plays in the classroom while teaching. It explores the different age groups of learners and th
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Receptive skill and productive skill are two new terms for my teaching, and this unit gives me a new perspective to see these four basic language skills. For most of my students, reading exercise is m
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I am weak when it comes to tenses of the verb. I believe this is because I rarely had some time to practice it in daily conversation. This unit helped me refresh my knowledge about the present tenses
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This unit covers the basic principles of lesson planning and why it is important.. it is especially useful for a teacher new to teaching ESL to create a logical sequence of instruction for the cours
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Phrasal verbs are perhaps one the hardest topics in grammar due to their types: intransitive, transitive (separable and inseparable). Most of the time they are taught as additional vocabulary aiming t
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In order to be an effective English speaker, vocabulary, grammar and language functions is an essential art fo the development of language skills. This affects the effectiveness of one’s speech. The
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El Dorado
In this unit, I learned more than I remember learning the first time in school, but I guess that's what happens when your language is just natural after your whole life using it. I learned about the v
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This unit is devoted to two receptive skills - reading and listening. I've read about how to work with texts and audiorecords in order to make them useful and enjoyable for the students. Paricular rul
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This lesson covered the methodologies used for teaching and gave examples of activities that could be used in the classroom. The most important thing I learned is that it is necessary to include multi
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Elk City
This unit is really helpful for me because honestly I almost never use the future perfect tense and the future perfect continuous tense. Therefore these two tenses are comparatively more difficult for
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Elk Falls
This lesson made me realize what a difficult task effectively teaching English to non-native speakers truly is. I don’t think I could have told you how many future tenses there are before completing
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examines the qualities , role and responsibilties of both teachers and students in a classroom .I learnt that a good teacher should be kind and patients, really love teaching , lively and entertainin
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In this unit I found theoretical information concerning two productive skills: writing and speaking. The main point of the unit is that to be motivated and therefore absorb new skills and knowledge d
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Writing is frequently neglected in the TEFL curriculum as students like to focus on speaking. Written language is usually more formal than spoken. In addition, handwriting, spelling, layout and punc
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This unit covered the most basic grammar elements ranging from nouns and verbs to articles and infinitives. Some specific grammar points discussed transitive verbs which can be followed by an object a
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There are two types of materials that teachers can use: authentic and created. Authentic materials are anything native speakers usually encounter, and their benefits are that they are interesting and
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This unit looked at future tenses. I found this to be very helpful because it was a little more complicated than both past and present tenses and incorporated elements of both those units. What I foun
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This unit describes the use of materials and course books for teaching English. Materials are divided into two groups: authentic and created. Several examples of created material are provided in the
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I have to acknowledge that till not too long ago I almost completely disregarded the official school/class books and materials. You know that at the beginning of a teaching career course materials are
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In this unit I learned about theories, methods, and techniques of teaching English to foreigners. There are many methods to teach English, such as Grammar-translation or Audio-lingualism, but the most
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The ways to teaching English varies a lot depending on the groups of people you teach. For example, you have to be better prepared to handle behavioral problems if you teach small kids while teaching
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I find the two videos really interesting. The first video wasn’t as effective given that the teacher just jumped into lesson of the day without engaging the students. That was a bit of a set back fo
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From this unit that l learnt a lot about teaching, the progress and also when you stand different site you'll have different way to deal with it. Also i knew the elicitation is very important when yo
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This unit contains an array of valuable planning concepts. The tasks included in the module is great for reference to lesson activities, but they could have benefited from descriptions with regards to
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Unit 17 is discussing about equipment and teaching aids could be used for teachers in the class such as white/black board, OHP, visual aids, worksheets and work cards, dictionaries, etc. This unit al
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This has taken sometime to understand, to determine the differences. Writing a sentence to the format and then comparing it to the usage has made the identification of the differences easier. The rem
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Modals , phrasal verbs and passive voice are also important in Emglish Grammar . Unit 18 , not only elaborate on how the above are used in English Grammar but also gives some ideas and aids on how to
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In Unit 13, pronunciation and phonology was discussed in great detail. This section focused on how to teach and explain different types of pronunciations to foreign students, and how English speakers
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In this unit I learned about evaluating students. There are a number of ways to assess a student's language level: tutorials, evaluation by the students, tests. It is often appropriate to give tests a
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The relevance of conditionals are a milestone in every learning path. Exceptions, definitions, and applications can vary depending on the context itself. Students must find a way to structure the rule
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This unit provides the participant (teacher) with the basic knowledge needed to be able to teach and explain grammar to students wanting to learn English. It provides the foundations needed to underst
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Fall River
Thank you for this useful information. It helps me understand our qualities, responsibilities and roles in the classroom. According to my opinion, a good teacher should be able to be a perfect model f
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The range of links and resource material supplied is phenomenal. It will be so useful in the classroom setting as teaching English in this way is put into practice. Teaching aids, that are carefully
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In this unit 4 past tenses were covered: Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous. Past Simple is mainly used for past actions completed at specific time Past Continuous
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This unit explained more grammar, this time conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are obviously vital, as if statements come up a lot in normal speech. Furthermore, reported speech appears a
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While I'm still striving to understand the use of tenses without having to think about it, the subject seems to be far reaching. I'll be coming back to this over and over. For the student learning En
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Fort Scott
This unit's devoted to basic problems that can emerge during English lessons. Difficulties can be: -on the first lesson so try get to know with the students first. -on the beginning of a lesson so inv
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We learned about the teacher's characteristics and roles during the learning process. The teacher needs to love this process and also his students. We also learned about the different levels of engli
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This unit helped reinforce my knowledge of basic grammar. I have learned this material before, when I had gone through the public school system. I did enjoy how in-depth it went into with some of thes
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This unit really interesting since it depends on videos rather than written materials to explain the ESA method. everything was fine unless I reach the test some of the questions were too specific esp
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Evaluating students is one of the legs upon which teaching stands. To be able to gauge how well the information is given, is being retained, gives the necessary feedback to the teacher to adjust the l
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In this unit, I learned about past tenses, which are similar to present tenses, obviously. I found this section a bit difficult to digest due to the verbiage of each type of past tense. Comparing the
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There are 7 tenses that may be used to talk about the future.. tow of these are the present simple and present continuous.. Tue most commonly used tenses to talk about the Future are they going to f
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This unit covers the importance of the two Receptive Skills - reading and listening, and how to teach them both effectively. Underlining the fact that both are equally important along with Productive
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This section did not cover what should be taught but more so how to create an effective teaching environment. The most important thing that I took away from this was different ways to shape a classroo
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effective class management requires a lot of things. most importantly is the way the teachers present themselves before the classroom. this can be seen through the way the teacher maintains eye contac
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A lesson objective may involve language function, vocabulary, language structure, or a combination of the three. When teaching a language function, it is best to use a boomerang or patchwork ESA struc
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